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A vote for National Pride

2 Day 763, 17:13 Published in Australia Australia

Greetings my fellow compatriots. I, harriesan, have decided to run for the South Australian seat of congress in order to put forward several key ideas and input that you and I share alike in order to improve our great and beautiful nation.

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7 Day 762, 18:08 Published in Australia Australia

Push them back! Push back I say! Drive them into the sea! Impale their bodies on lances standing upright on our shores, as grim monuments, as a sign to those that will think less of us and bring war to our beautiful nation.

Do not stop there!

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Populate or Perish!

13 Day 727, 20:47 Published in Australia Australia

Currently eAustralians (of which there are some 3200 of) make up only 1.34% of all citizens of the world with an average citizen level a point below the world average.
Our nation is large and limitless in potential power however due to our

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