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21 Day 939, 04:05 Published in Australia Australia

My Fellow Australian Independents,

It is a sad day that I message you as the Founder of the Australian Independents.

INDO PTOers have PTOed the Party.

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New Party President of the AIP

4 Day 512, 23:30 Published in Australia Australia

As the Outgoing Party President, I, Xavier Griffith of the Australian Independents Party, would like to congratulate the new incoming Party President, lancot.

The AIP has been around now for the last couple of Senate Elections, and as promised,

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Vote AIP in the Senate Elections

9 Day 490, 02:13 Published in Australia Australia

Greetings Fellow Australians,

We, the Members of the AIP, remind you that the election of your Senators will be occurring again soon.

The AIP has Candidates for this Senatorial Election. The Candidates for the March/April Senate elections are:

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0 Day 485, 22:30 Published in Australia Australia

Can ALL members of the AIP PPPPlllleeeeaasseee join the New Forums at:

Once you have done that and been given approved access, please go to the AIP Private Forums at: http://

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AIP Party President and Senate Nominations

5 Day 482, 00:54 Published in Australia Australia

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank those few members of the AIP that voted, and specifically those that voted for me, Xavier Griffith, as the Party President again.

I mentioned that the runner up for the nominations

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