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Rise of the Samurai

22 Day 966, 04:14 Published in Japan Japan

The Reiji Mitsurugi Museum of Reiji Mitsurugi, 30 Mitsurugi Pl., Matsuyama (pending rename to Mitsurugi), Shikoku

Ten thousand years of life to our Emperor

I haven't been … read more »

The Emperor's Birthday

25 Day 919, 21:10 Published in Japan Japan

Ten thousand years of life to our Emperor

That is our typical chant before going into battle, opening a session of congress, cooking breakfast, or what have you. 『天皇陛下萬歲』 as it goes … read more »

Mitsurugi Steps Down

54 Day 909, 10:59 Published in Japan Japan

Here I am, every day, buried in paperwork, with a very unpleasant expression on my face.

Friends, I don't write in this newspaper very much anymore. And that's just too bad. I love the … read more »

If I could do it all again, I'd be a farmer

14 Day 862, 23:26 Published in Japan Japan

Reiji Mitsurugi wears many hats, but speaks to you today as a private citizen.

Today is April Fool's Day. In just a month or so, it will have been one year since I published my first article … read more »

A Mitsurugi Announcement

9 Day 798, 12:29 Published in Japan Japan

No pictures or fancy prose today. Just a quick announcement that my aforementioned unforeseen circumstances will be lasting unfortunately

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