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Hello Australia

13 Day 950, 23:55 Published in Australia Australia

Australian version:

This is my first post in months. It doesn't say very much. eAustralia will prevail! Have a good day.

Versi Bahasa Indo:

Gw gak mau boal panjang. Tapi gw gak mau mengaku alah jg. Maju eAustralia! Salam sejahtera.

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RE: the ad, Why you CANNOT TRUST the ANP

10 Day 765, 05:13 Published in Australia Australia

I like to state for the matter that the ads are not from the PaPP, at least not that I know of. Whoever is doing this:

1) does not know that Timeoin is not part of the ANP,
2) did not properly check their grammer on the ad, shame on you, and

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eSA, here is a chance to redeem yourself!

0 Day 755, 15:24 Published in South Africa South Africa

If you feel guilty and felt that you have betrayed your former allies, fight!

If you feel that Brazil has betrayed your trust despite signing a contract with you, fight!

If you feel that you should take back the land that was

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Arfman for Senate in Victoria

9 Day 736, 04:48 Published in Australia Australia

Hello eVictoria,

(beware, I might randomly bold texts for no apparent reason)

Today I start my first campaign in eVictoria for Senate. To be honest, I did not see this coming last month. I personally thought I'll hold back from

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