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[Aus PM] Do not fight in Papua.

39 Day 1,140, 05:19 Published in Australia Australia

Due to the game laws involving NE, the game has caused Australia to auto-attack Papua. I wish to tell you to hold back from participating in the battle and instead to fight in one of the other MPP battles we have access to.

We have currently come

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PaPP candidates to vote for in your state

3 Day 1,101, 07:46 Published in Australia Australia

My fellow Australians,

The Senate Elections, otherwise known as the Congressional Elections in eRepublik, is upon us. As I've mentioned in my

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Vote for PaPP Candidates this elections

8 Day 1,100, 20:05 Published in Australia Australia

Hello my fellow eAustralians,

I've thought long and hard about writing a wall of text on how you, my fellow voters, should vote for PaPP candidates. Of course, the response I'm going to get will be "tl😉r". Therefore, I will show a just show a

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Thank you PaPP

6 Day 1,092, 02:03 Published in Australia Australia

Dear members of the Procreate and Populate Party,

Thank you for choosing me to be the party President.

I will release the policies for this month tomorrow. Until then, good night.

PP of PaPP
Senator for South

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Short Message Service 2806

6 Day 951, 06:42 Published in Australia Australia

(Australian version)

Hello again,

Another short message from Yours Truly. Here are today's special highlighted names:

Goering, Ostin, Bambang, Lokesh, Origami, Kirkzy,
Snayke, Indigo,
Iriniadi, Nomlah, Discrate1, OfficerMike, Nonok.

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