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Press Release from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs

20 Day 914, 13:02 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

Good evening gentlemen,

It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Domestic affairs that there are certain individuals within the state of Pakistan trying to fuel hate between Pakistanis. Those who are doing this will know who they are and

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Press Release from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs

9 Day 903, 01:43 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

Ladies and Gentlemen,

as newly appointed Director of the Department of Dioist affairs I find it is necessary to rephrase my aforementioned article in this newspaper to a more fitting phrasing according to my stature:

Dear Pakistanis of

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To All Pakistanis

9 Day 902, 04:07 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

Grow up.

That is all.

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18 Day 887, 03:36 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

Hello gentlemen and gentlemen.

I have brought forth this simple check-list for you to see who you should vote for:

Are you pig-disgusting?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of the aforementioned questions, then get out of

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Harmony Harmony oh love

3 Day 831, 01:49 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

<strong>Open your eyes, I see
Your eyes are open
Wear no disguise for me
Come into the open

When it's cold (When it's cold) outside (outside)
Am I here in vain?
Hold on to the night
There will be no shame

Always, I wanna be with you

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