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Pakistan will return after this short message

12 Day 923, 06:19 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

It appears Pakistan has fallen to the Indian menace. But fear not, my brothers, for this is only the beginning. The beginning of the end of India. I foretell you my brothers, by Dio Brando, the holy and immortal god emperor,
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Retract har103's citizenship

18 Day 922, 04:50 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

I hereby propose we start a petition to retract har103's citizenship of Pakistan.

Why? Here we are at war with India, and what does he do? Run to Canada! Why isn't he fighting for Pakistan? Why isn't he here? Because he is a coward and a traitor

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har103 gives up on Pakistan

9 Day 921, 05:42 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

>Canada Canada, Quebec

Would a true Pakistani leave his country? I leave this decision to you, brothers.

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3 Day 917, 03:58 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

You don't have to guess to know what D-Day means. We are on the verge of destruction from the inside and the outside and many people have been trying to fuel hate and differences between our people. Some have even been successful and instead of

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Appeal Before D-Day

11 Day 916, 04:06 Published in Pakistan Pakistan


The Ministry of Domestic Affairs will give Pakistan a short lecture about free will and freedom of speech. First, let us look what free will is per definition of Wikipedia:

Free will is the purported ability of agents to make

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