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Day 2,121

Epic Warfare Tournament

UPDATE Day 2,121 Server time 0:00 - A player will have a spot in the Rankings based on the citizenship of his Military Unit Citizenship country.
- If the player has changed his Military Unit during the competition, he will remain in the rankings of the country from this first Military Unit that he was in at the start of the competition.
- If a player is not in a Military Unit at the start of the event, his country citizenship at the start of the event will be considered.

Epic Warfare Tournament - Description

- The tournament will take 7 days (168 hours) and it will start on Day 2,122.
- The purpose of the tournament is to win Prestige Points.
- Collecting Prestige Points unlocks individual rewards for every player.
- Countries will be ranked based on the average number of Prestige Points won by its active fighters and will be rewarded based on their final position.
- The top players in each country will receive decorations for their efforts.
- The citizens who fight in Epic Battles (read below for more details) will receive bonus Prestige Points

How to win Prestige Points

- For every hit done in a battle, a player will receive 1 Prestige Point.
- It’s important not to confuse “hits” with “kills”. One hit awards 1 Experience Point and consumes 10 Energy. Usually an opponent is defeated using 1 to 4 hits in average, depending on his Energy level and weapon quality.
- The Prestige Points will be received immediately after every hit.

Example: if a player killed an opponent in 3 hits, he will instantly receive 3 Prestige Points.

- Fighting in a Guerrilla Fight awards the player with 10 Prestige Points at the end of the fight, regardless of whether he wins or not.
- The use of a Big Bomb, Small Bomb or Rocket will award the player with 1 Prestige Point immediately after using it.
- A player will be able to win more Prestige Points for reaching the Top 5 Fighters in a battle
- Depending on the position in Top 5, he will receive the following bonus at the end of the battle, taking into account how much damage he has done in that battle:
- 1st place: 100% extra Prestige Points for every hit he has done in that battle
- 2nd place: 80% extra Prestige Points for every hit he has done in that battle
- 3rd place: 60% extra Prestige Points for every hit he has done in that battle
- 4th place: 40% extra Prestige Points for every hit he has done in that battle
- 5th place: 20% extra Prestige Points for every hit he has done in that battle
- The bonus Prestige Points will be awarded only after the end of the battle, when the Battle Hero Medal is also awarded

- Example: If a player has earned 100 Prestige Points in a battle where he is ranked 1st, he will win 100 extra Prestige Points at the end of the battle, along with the Battle Hero medal.

- Players will earn 3 Prestige Points per hit (instead of 1) by fighting in Epic Battles

Epic Battles

- A battle becomes epic when a certain amount of damage is dealt
- Epic Battles will be signaled with a special icon in the War (Campaigns) Page and a different background on the battle page

- A battle becomes epic if the damage done is:
- more than 10 000 000 damage dealt in that battle for Division 1
- more than 30 000 000 damage dealt in that battle for Division 2
- more than 100 000 000 damage dealt in that battle for Division 3
- more than 3 000 000 000 damage dealt in that battle for Division 4

- The player will receive 3 Prestige Points for every hit he has done in that battle AFTER the moment the battle has become epic
- The bonus Prestige Points will be added instantly but ONLY AFTER the moment the battle has become epic

- The bonus Prestige Points will be added also in case of a Guerrilla Fight, where the player will receive 30 Prestige Points at the end of the fight. - The bonus Prestige Points are also awarded in case the player uses bombs, rockets or bazooka, resulting in 3 points gained for each use of these weapons - Example: If a player has done 100 hits in an Epic Battle (after the battle has become epic) he will win 300 prestige points instantly

- The bonus for placing in Top 5 also applies to Epic Battles

- Example 1: If a player has done 100 hits in an Epic Battle (after the battle has become epic) and also won the Battle Hero he will win 100 * 3 (from the epic bonus) = 300 points instantly and at the end an extra of 300 points because of the Battle Hero bonus

- Example 2: If a player has done 300 hits in a Battle, before becoming epic, he will receive 300 points for those hits. If in the same battle, the player has done another 100 hits AFTER the battle has become epic, he will win another 300 points so in total he will reach 600 points for that battle. If the player will manage to win the Battle Hero in that battle, the 200% bonus prestige points will double the total points obtained by the player: 600 points * 2 = 1200 points

*Glossary clarification: whenever we use the term “battle” we refer to what the community largely calls “round”. 1800 Domination Points leads to winning a Battle, which leads to winning Campaign Points. 83 Campaign Points lead to winning a Campaign.

Individual Rewards

- After reaching a certain amount of Prestige Points players will be able to collect rewards as below:

- 500 Prestige Points -> 10 Strength
- 550 Prestige Points -> 50% Damage Booster for 8 hours
- 625 Prestige Points -> Recover 20 Energy every 6 minutes until the end of Day 2133
- 750 Prestige Points -> 50 Energy Center for 7 days
- 1 000 Prestige Points -> 20 Strength
- 1 250 Prestige Points -> Recover 30 Energy per 6 minutes until the end of Day 2133
- 1 500 Prestige Points -> 100 Energy Center for 7 days
- 2 000 Prestige Points -> Recover 40 Energy per 6 minutes until the end of Day 2133
- 2 500 Prestige Points -> 50% Damage Booster for 24 hours
- 3 000 Prestige Points -> 150 Energy Center until the end of Day 2133
- 4 000 Prestige Points -> 40 Energy Bars
- 5 000 Prestige Points -> Recover 50 Energy per 6 minutes until the end of Day 2133
- 6 250 Prestige Points -> 200 Energy Center until the end of Day 2133
- 7 500 Prestige Points -> Recover 70 Energy per 6 minutes until the end of Day 2133
- 8 750 Prestige Points -> 250 Energy Center until the end of Day 2133
- 10 000 Prestige Points -> Recover 100 Energy per 6 minutes until the end of Day 2133
- 12 500 Prestige Points -> 50 Energy Bars
- 15 000 Prestige Points -> 60 Energy Bars
- 17 500 Prestige Points -> 70 Energy Bars
- 20 000 Prestige Points -> Recover 150 Energy per 6 minutes until the end of Day 2133
- 25 000 Prestige Points -> 80 Energy Bars
- 30 000 Prestige Points -> 90 Energy Bars
- 35 000 Prestige Points -> Recover 200 Energy per 6 minutes until the end of Day 2133
- 40 000 Prestige Points -> 100 Energy Bars
- 45 000 Prestige Points -> 110 Energy Bars
- 50 000 Prestige Points -> Recover 250 Energy per 6 minutes until the end of Day 2133
- 62 500 Prestige Points -> 120 Energy Bars
- 75 000 Prestige Points -> 130 Energy Bars
- 87 500 Prestige Points -> 140 Energy Bars
- 100 000 Prestige Points -> Recover 300 Energy per 6 minutes until the end of Day 2133
- 125 000 Prestige Points -> 150 Energy Bars
- 150 000 Prestige Points -> 150 Energy Bars
- For every 25 000 more Prestige Points -> 150 Energy Bars

- The rewards can be collected from the homepage up to 48 hours after the tournament has ended
- Prizes such as Damage Boosters, temporary Energy Centers and extra recoverable Energy per 6 minutes, are activated when the citizen clicks on that reward in the homepage banner

Individual Rankings

- The ranking can be accessed through the homepage by clicking on the number in front of the citizen name. The number represents his standing in the national rankings
- Each country will have its own separate ranking
- Citizens will be ranked based on the total Prestige Points obtained

- There will be 2 type of rankings:
a) Daily Ranking
b) Overall Ranking

- The top 10 players in the Daily rankings will receive a decoration (which will be customized for the top 3)
- The overall top 50 players from every country will receive a decoration (which will be customized for the top 3)
- All decorations will be awarded after the end of the tournament
- The rankings will be updated every 20 minutes

Country Rankings

- The countries will be ranked based on the average Prestige Points per active fighter (active fighter = a citizen who won at least 1 Prestige Point during the tournament)
- Formula: Total Number of Prestige Points gathered by the active fighters of a country divided by the number of active fighters
- New accounts made 24 hours before the launch of the event and during the event will not enter the individual or country rankings

Country Rewards

- At the end of the tournament countries will win a Defence Shield + an amount of Gold delivered in the Treasury, depending on the place the country is positioned at the final of the tournament:

- 1 - 10 - Quality 7 Defence Shield + 5 000 Gold
- 11 - 20 - Quality 6 Defence Shield + 3 000 Gold
- 21 - 30 - Quality 5 Defence Shield + 2 500 Gold
- 31 - 40 - Quality 4 Defence Shield + 2 000 Gold
- 41 - 50 - Quality 3 Defence Shield + 1 500 Gold
- 51 - 60 - Quality 2 Defence Shield + 1 000 Gold
- 61 - 70 - Quality 1 Defence Shield + 500 Gold

*Defence Shield capacity:

- Quality 7: 10 billion damage
- Quality 6: 8 billion damage
- Quality 5: 6 billion damage
- Quality 4: 4 billion damage
- Quality 3: 3 billion damage
- Quality 2: 2 billion damage
- Quality 1: 1 billion damage

- If a country already has an active Defence Shield, the capacity of the new shield will be cumulated with the old one.

Country A still has 4 billion damage left in their Defence Shield and wins a new Quality 5 Defence Shield. The new 6 billion damage will be added to the existing 4 billion, making a total of 10 billion damage. This will mean the current Defence Shield will become a Quality 7. Note: In some cases the cumulated shield capacity could exceed 10 billion damage. The result will still be a Q7 Defence Shield, but one that has over 10 billion damage capacity (no damage will be lost).

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Day 4,361

Shadow Challenge

Dear Citizens,

Are you dying to have fun this Halloween?

All Hallows' Eve is right around the corner so to celebrate we have prepared a very special Weekly Spooky Challenge. No need for you to go trick or treating from door to door - you will get all sorts of treats for your efforts as you advance in the challenge.

A special new BOOster is introduced for the occasion: SHADOW FIGHTER!

When in need of extra damage while hunting that elusive medal or while conquering the last stronghold of the enemy a friendly spirit will give you a hand by doubling your damage.

The Shadow Fighter boosters are up for grabs during the special Weekly Challenge together with those delicious Pumpkins.

The booster can be activated for your current side and division in a battle and lasts until the end of the round. While active, it doubles the damage dealt when you fight or start a deployment, but not when using Bombs.

The ghost damage coming from the Shadow Fighter is not added to the citizen True Patriot progress nor their military rank.

You can have more than one booster active simultaneously in different division battles (rounds).

The fang-tastic news don’t stop here: during the Halloween weekend, squash your enemies on the Battlefield and prove you’re among the very best, because in every battle, the Top 6 Citizens from each side (ranked by damage dealt) will receive Pumpkins based on their effort.

Let’s have some skele-fun!

PS: Shadow Boosters and Pumpkins will expire after the eRepublik’s 12th birthday, on Day 4,387 at 23:59.

TL;DR: New Booster that doubles your damage. Lasts one round. No True Patriot/Rank Bonuses. Pumpkins. Rewards for Top Damage in Battles.

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Day 4,354

Fight Deployment

Dear Citizens,

We’re updating the fight system on the web version to match the Deployment mechanic on the mobile version.

Fight Deployment

The deploy allows Citizens to choose the amount of resources (weapons and energy) they want to spend on the battlefield and just enjoy the fight without the tedious clicking.

For a limited time, the deploy feature will run in parallel with the classic fight system, so we can iron out any bugs and usability issues that might occur. You can switch between “Classic Fight” and “Deploy Mode” while on the battlefield page.

In the deployment preparation phase you need to select your weapons (1) and the energy to fight with (either by using the slider (2), typing in the energy amount or using the shortcuts Food & Max).

Starting a Deployment (3) will commit the selected resources (Food, Weapons, Energy Bars etc) and they will no longer appear in your inventory.

During the deployment, your resources will be gradually consumed to deal damage over time. As the deploy is in progress, your Citizen will fight either until the deploy is finished or the Citizen cancels the deploy (even if the Citizen leaves the battle page or closes the browser). In case the deployment has been cancelled earlier (either by the Citizen or because of an external factor, like a battle ending), any unused resources will be returned back to the storage.

You can only deploy in one battle at a given time.
While you are Deployed you can activate boosters but you cannot travel, eat, fight or use any bombs.

The duration of a Deployment depends on the total amount of energy committed.
Any energy gained from level-ups will automatically be added and consumed (before other energy items committed, such as energy bars) in the Deployment.
At the end of the Deployment, you will receive a Deployment Report and all unspent resources will be added back in your inventory.

Puzzle Captcha & Wall Influence of new accounts

As part of our efforts to ensure a fair gaming environment for all Citizens, we will also be testing a new anti-script protection together with the deploy.

New accounts will gradually be able to convert their damage into influence, as they gain military ranks (progress is available on the respective wiki pages: and

As usual, we'd love to hear your feedback on Discord or on the eRepublik Forum.

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Day 4,329

Multiple Aircraft Rounds

Dear Citizens,

We're starting to roll out new (and old) features that have been quite requested by the community.

Multiple Aircraft Rounds

Starting Day 4,328 and until the end of Day 4,339 Aircraft Rounds will get an extra strategy layer and allow previously anonymous pilots to distinguish themselves in acts of valor.

The Aircraft Rounds beginning after day-change will be divided into 4 distinct Sectors, similar to what the Divisions are for Ground Battles. Every citizen can fight in one or more Sectors of an Aircraft Round.

You can choose at any time the Sector you are fighting in using the Sector Switcher, the same way you can Switch Divisions in Ground Battles.

Campaign Points and Sky Hero Medal Updates:

Each Sector will award 5 Campaign Points to the Winning Side. The citizens who deal the most damage in Sector Battles (for each of the involved sides) will earn the Sky Hero Medal and 8 Gold as the Reward.

Time to put those Stingers to good use.

Stay tuned for the new things we'll be releasing next week and, as always, we're keen to hear your feedback on Discord or on the eRepublik Forum.

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Day 4,272

Game Tokens

Introducing Game Tokens
We are releasing a feature requested by many of you over the time. Citizens will now be able to safely and quickly exchange currency for packs previously only available via purchase in the Gold & Extras shop.

In order to facilitate this exchange, we are introducing eRepublik Game Tokens. Game Tokens can be obtained from the Game Token Packs available in the Gold and Extras section and carry a fixed value of 0.1 € per Token.

Game Tokens can be traded to other players for Currency using the new Game Tokens section of the Marketplace.

Game Tokens can also be exchanged for Selected Packs & Items for oneself at a later date or one can acquire them as an investment and sell them at a later date for profit.

Game Tokens cannot be used to send Packs & Items using the “Send Gift” mechanic but you can send a Game Tokens pack as gift.

There is a Global Limit of Total Game Tokens in Circulation and once this limit is reached, Game Token Packs will no longer be for sale until the Total Game Tokens go below the limit.

There are, however, several differences in the Market mechanics:

- The Seller’s identity is not disclosed
- Only the best 5 Price Points are displayed
- A citizen can only purchase from the current Top (Best) offer
- A citizen can have up to 3 active offers on the market at one time
- A citizen can have up to 10,000 Game Tokens (in his inventory and market offers combined)
- Today (Day 4,272 until 23:59) the market only allows posting and changing sell offers so that the citizens can familiarize themselves with the feature. Buying offers will be enabled at daychange ( Day 4,273 00:00)

In order to address the currency inflation, all Transactions made through the Game Tokens Marketplace will be subjected to a 5% Buyer Tax. The currency collected via this tax will be removed from the economy.

1 Game token is put on market for 100 currency.
The Buyer will pay 100 Currency (what is displayed on the Market Page)
The Seller will receive 95 currency (100 - 5% Tax)
Note: The Seller will be able to see Tax/Unit when placing an offer on the Market, as well as the Net Price.

Influence of new accounts in air rounds
Until further notice all new accounts will have their wall influence in air rounds significantly reduced. Individual damage and everything else will remain unchanged.

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Day 4,165


Get ready to spring into action, as we have prepared an exciting new Event in which you will collect Tokens, that can then be redeemed for valuable rewards.

The Event starts on Day 4,165 00:00 eRepublik time and lasts for two weeks, ending on Day 4,178 23:59 eRepublik time.

Collect Tokens:
Every Daily Task completed during the Event will award you 2 Tokens.
Every Daily Order completed during the Event will award you 2 Tokens.

In addition, every time you’re ranked in Top 3 Kills of a Battle (aka “round” of 90-120 minutes), you will gain Tokens based on your position. The position is registered at the end of the Battle.
- 1st place will award 4 Tokens
- 2nd place will award 2 Tokens
- 3rd place will award 1 Tokens

Please notice that:
- The same amount of Tokens are given in all Divisions.
- The Battles ending after the Event has finished (Day 4,178 23:59 eRepublik time) won’t award you any Tokens.
- The Battles which start before the Event, but finish after the Event has started, will award Tokens.

Exchange Tokens:
The rewards can be viewed and claimed in exchange for Tokens by clicking the Event banner on the homepage.
There are 3 categories with different prizes:
- A prize from the 1st category costs 4 Tokens
- A prize from the 2nd category costs 10 Tokens
- A prize from the 3rd category costs 20 Tokens

Each category has 1 main prize and 4 secondary prizes. You are guaranteed to win the main prize on your first try. You can win the main prize only once per category.

After the main prize of the category has been won you will be able to win secondary prizes. Every time you spend Tokens you will gain one of the secondary prizes. Each prize has certain odds and the odds will change based on what you have already won. Win Gold, for example, and the odds for winning the other 3 rewards are higher the next time you claim a reward from that category.

Special Mentions:
- Once the Event ends, you will have 24 hours to spend the rest of the gained Tokens.
- The Weekly Challenge will be active alongside the Event.

The Spring Weekly Challenge is back!
You will get 50% more energy as you advance in the Weekly Challenge and collect carrots the Easter Bunny left behind: with every Energy Bar earned, you also get a carrot to keep you active on the Battlefield!

The Spring Weekly Challenge will last for two weeks, back-to-back: Part 1 starts on Day 4,165 and Part 2 starts on Day 4,172.

All temporary event items (Carrots, Stingers, Boosters etc) will expire on Day 4,195, 23:59.

Have a great and energized spring!

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Day 4,104

Spread the Love! Join the Team!

Dear Citizens,

For this year’s Valentine's Day Plato has prepared a 3 day event that includes the famous Love Button, the popular Strength Switching and hunger, Love Hunger.

Love hungry

For those of you who missed last year Valentine’s, the Love button appears on all battles and when pressed it gives an extra Prestige Point to all fighters as long as the battle is not epic (or contested).

This year, during the event for each 100 energy you spend you will get back one special gift worth 100 energy to recover. When gifted, the recipient becomes love hungry and can recover 100 energy by eating food. Each Citizen can receive up to 100 gifts during the event.

All gifts expire at the end of the event, on Day 4,107, at 23:59 eRepublik time.

In the same spirit, we are looking to extend you an invitation to join the team. If you are a Citizen who likes to help others or if you want to show off your translating skills, we are ready to welcome you in our two awesome teams:

Game Moderators Project

The Game Moderators Project has started in June 2009 with the main objective to ensure a fair environment for all Citizens. As time passed by, for many the Moderators Team turned into a second family, so we hope you will find good friends here as well.

Currently, our Game Moderators support us with the following:

- Act as a communication bridge between the community and the eRepublik Team.
- Moderating content posted in eRepublik
- Assisting citizens on the Forums and Discord
- Dealing with various support requests sent via the ticketing system

To find out more details about the project, what we offer, what to expect and the minimum requirements, please visit our wiki.

We are currently looking for Game Moderators speaking: Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian but anyone willing to help is more than welcome to apply.

Game Translators Project

The most important role of the Game Translators is keeping the local versions up to date with all the changes implemented in eRepublik. Each new feature is bound to come with new texts that need to be translated by native speakers of each language.

You can find more about this project here.

How to apply:

If you wish to be a moderator, all you need to do in order to apply is to fill in this form.

If you think you are more fit to be a translator, apply by filling in this form.

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Day 4,074

Scheduled Maintenance

Greetings Citizens,

Please note that tomorrow (Day 4,075) at 01:00 eRepublik time, we will perform a scheduled maintenance. During the server downtime, we will deploy an update aimed at optimizing the battle servers and collect more data, while adding some more insights on the battle console.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

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Day 4,023

Combat Orders temporarily disabled

The Combat Orders have been disabled as a significant number of third party scripts are creating disproportionate load and affecting the overall performance of the servers.

We are sorry for the inconveniences this might cause and we'll do our best to address the problem and re-enable them as soon as possible.

In regard to Round 6 of the battle for Llanos (155776), please note the following rules of War:
- The battle is automatically closed after 2 hours, even if the sides don't reach 1800 points.
- The winner of each divisional battle is the side that first reaches over 1800 points, or the one who has more points after 2 hours of battle.

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Day 4,000

eRepublik Day 4000

Dear Citizens,

Today we celebrate 4000 days of heroic deeds, drama, treachery and most important of them all friendship. You, the citizens are the ones that made it all happen.

During Day 4,000 some special prizes are up for grabs.

Battle Hero medals are rewarded with more gold (40 gold for Sky Heroes, 200 gold for Campaign Hero and 4 times the regular gold for the Battle Heroes), the contested battles are back for both ground and air battle. Battles with the top cumulative damage at any moment become instant super epic battles that award an extra 2 prestige points per hit.

Also, if you kill enough enemies to finish in Top 5 Damage of any battle, you'll receive a number of energy pumpkins.The number of pumpkins received is based on the numbers of kills done in that battle and the position in the Top 5 Damage at the end of the battle.

Each pumpkin recovers 50 energy units. Be sure to eat them all before the end of Day 4,012!

Rewards for Top 5 Damage placement:
1st place 2 pumpkins every 10 kills
2nd place 2 pumpkins every 12 kills
3rd place 2 pumpkins every 15 kills
4th place 2 pumpkins every 18 kills
5th place 2 pumpkins every 20 kills

And just to mark the event Plato pulled out a couple (actually 3) missions from the drawer that i’m told are not bad.

Happy Day 4000!

PS: I almost forgot to mention that all battles ...
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Day 3,979

Natural Enemy Law Clarifications

Dear players,

We would like to clarify some aspects about how the Natural Enemy Law (NE) works in terms of timers. For example, let’s take these two cases:

Case 1: If a country has no NE, a NE can be set at any time via a "super majority law" which requires 66% of the Congress votes to pass, as long as the countries share a common border, as stated here.

Case 2: If a country has a NE set and wants to choose another NE (or unset) they can do so if 7 days (7x24 hours) have passed since the original NE bonus has become active ("set" implies that the law has passed and NE bonuses became active). This is mentioned here.

If a war with a NE closes because no common borders are available, the NE is also canceled, as stated here. After the NE is canceled, the country can choose a new NE, as per Case 1.

While the NE mechanics have not changed since it was initially introduced, the "days ago" proposal date format on the laws listing, along with the fact that the 7 days interval is computed since the law has passed and the NE is set do create confusion. Until now, this was solved by providing answers to the tickets sent by the country presidents who were inquiring about the inability to set a NE .

In order to remove the confusion and enable players to accurately compute the 7 days interval, we have added a “proposed at” timestamp on the laws page, as well as the timestamp showing when the current NE was set in the country/military pages.

If you want to share your opinion on this change or if you feel that other timers have similar problems that need to be addressed, we would love to hear about it on the Forum .

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