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Day 2,621

Resource Wars

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is the most resourceful of them all?


As you might know, we asked your opinions about shuffling the resources on the Forum in December. As some of you noted, a random shuffle of the resources could end up so that some countries get a significant advantage over others purely out of good luck. We believe that good luck has to be earned!

In Resource Wars event countries will have a chance to win resources for their historical (core) regions. The resources of the New World will be re-distributed based on the country's military performance and diplomatic efforts during the event.

Each country will be able to select and prioritize resources they want for each of the country’s historical (core) regions. The responsibility of the selection will fall on the shoulders of the President.

Selection itself is not enough, as the country also has to win the resource. There is a limited amount of resources available (the list can be found at the bottom of this post), so careful planning and good strategic decisions are required if you are to succeed in the future.

Resource selection

Starting now, and during the Resource Wars event, countries will be able to choose the resources they’d like to have on their historical (core) regions (with the exception of the historical capital region). The President will arrange the resources in the order of importance, so the one they want the most comes first et cetera. The selection will be done by the President on a special page under the My Country menu. The page can be viewed by everyone. While the President is technically fully in charge of the selection, it’s obviously recommended to discuss and plan the selection carefully with the government, Congress and allies of the country.

All the historical capitals of all countries will have a food resource which cannot be changed. The resource for all historical capitals will be Fish, as it’s the most common resource of the New World.

All the historical (core) regions are listed on the selection page, and have a default selection based on the rarity of the resource. The President will be able to change the selection at any point during the event. Resources which were already won with Resource Tokens during the event cannot be changed afterwards.

When the country gets its first Resource Token (read more about how below), it will be assigned to the first region picked by the President. The first resource picked by the President on the list will be selected, assuming it’s still available. If the resource is no longer available (all of them were taken by other countries already), the second resource on the list will be picked and so on.


President’s view of the selection screen. On this example, 2 Resource Tokens were used by Portugal on Azores and Algarve. The next region on the list is Lisboa and the first priority as a resource is set to be Grain.

How can a country gain resources?

In short, there are 3 ways to gain resources:
1. Country wins a Resource Token from a campaign and it’s used for a region according to the list made by the President
2. Country receives a Resource Token as a donation from another country which already had new resources on all of their regions
3. Country spends Event Points to bid for a Resource Token in a Bidding Phase at the end of Resource Wars

The final way to get resources is after the event ends, during the Bidding Phase. When all the Resource Tokens and Event Points have been spent, the remaining resources will be distributed to the remaining regions. The country with the lowest amount of Country Power will get the first picks, and this will be continued until every region has a resource.

The amount of regions and resources is unchanged, so no region will be left without a resource.

Resource Tokens

Resource Tokens are used to obtain a resource to one of the historical (core) regions of the country. When a country gains a Resource Token, it’s automatically used on the first prioritized region in the list made by the President. If resources have already been assigned to all the regions of the country, the President has the possibility to donate a Resource Token to another country.

Resource Tokens are gained by winning a campaign in a direct fight between 2 countries. Defending a Resistance War won’t give either of the countries Resource Tokens, but liberating a region in a Resistance War does give one for the country which liberated a region. Airstrikes are counted as normal campaigns so the winner will get a Resource Token.

1. France liberates a region from Serbian occupation in a Resistance War. France gets 1 Resource Token.
2. France fails to liberate a region from Serbian occupation in a Resistance War. Neither side gets Resource Tokens.
3. Bulgaria attacks a Hungarian region and loses the campaign 80-96. Hungary gets a Resource Token, as they won the campaign.

Resource Tokens are used automatically the moment one is received. They are used according to the list prepared by the President. The only exception to this is when the country already has all resources for all regions. In this case, the Resource Tokens are kept and can later be donated to another country by the President. When a Resource Token is donated to another country, it will automatically be spent according to the priorities set by the President of the receiving country.

Event Points

Event Points are received when a side loses a campaign in a direct battle between two countries, or successfully defends a Resistance War. 1 Campaign Point equals 1 Event Point. A campaign ends when one side reaches 94 Campaign Points.

Event Points can be spent at the end of the event (see schedule below) to bid for Resource Tokens in the Bidding Phase.

Event Points cannot be transferred to another country.

Bidding Phase

The Bidding Phase happens at the end of the main event, so more information will follow later. Here’s the basic idea explained:

At the end of the event, countries which didn’t get enough Resource Tokens to secure their selections for the historical (core) regions can spend Event Points to bid for resources on specific regions. If two countries bid the same amount of Event Points on their regions, the order will be determined by the Country Power. The country with less Country Power will have a priority.

The bidding is done for regions, not for a specific resource. For example, USA can bid 50 EP on Alaska, 25 EP on Texas and 25 EP on South Carolina. If a smaller country with less Country Power also bids 25 EP on some regions, they will receive a resource according to their list before USA.


Day 2,621 07:00 eRepublik time - The specifications of Resource Wars are published and countries can start preparing their lists.

Day 2,625 00:00 eRepublik time - Resource Wars event starts and campaigns started after this moment will award Resource Tokens and Event Points.

Day 2,638 23:59 eRepublik time - Resource Wars event stops. Campaigns ending after this moment won’t award Resource Tokens or Event Points.

Day 2,639 0:00 eRepublik time - The Bidding Phase starts and lasts for 2 days.

Day 2,640 23:59 eRepublik time - The Bidding Phase ends.

Day 2,640 - Remaining resources are assigned to remaining regions.

Day 2,642 - The latest possible day when the new resources are added.

Please notice that the schedule, especially towards the end, is subject to changes. Stay tuned for updates!

The list of resources

The amount of resources will remain the same. Here is the list of industries and the amount of resources available:

Food industry
- Deer, 29
- Grain, 53
- Cattle, 67
- Fruits, 80
- Fish, 84 (please notice that 74 will go to historical capitals of countries, so only 10 can be won in Resource Wars)

Weapon industry
- Rubber, 17
- Saltpeter, 25
- Oil, 30
- Aluminium, 39
- Iron, 53

House industry
- Granite, 7
- Limestone, 14
- Clay, 21
- Wood, 23
- Sand, 32

Questions & Answers

Q: All the core regions of my country are currently occupied. Does my President still get to choose the resources for these regions?
A: Yes! All the resources for the regions are picked by the original owner country’s President, no matter who currently has control over the regions.

Q: If a President doesn’t select any resources for any regions, what will happen?
A: In this case, the default selection will apply.

Q: My country has all the resources already, and it has some extra Resource Tokens. However, we’re feeling selfish and we don’t want to help anyone. Are we forced to donate them?
A: No, the country is not forced to donate Resource Tokens.

For questions, comments and feedback, please visit the Forum. We will keep the Q&A section updated according to your questions!

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Day 4,104

Spread the Love! Join the Team!

Dear Citizens,

For this year’s Valentine's Day Plato has prepared a 3 day event that includes the famous Love Button, the popular Strength Switching and hunger, Love Hunger.

Love hungry

For those of you who missed last year Valentine’s, the Love button appears on all battles and when pressed it gives an extra Prestige Point to all fighters as long as the battle is not epic (or contested).

This year, during the event for each 100 energy you spend you will get back one special gift worth 100 energy to recover. When gifted, the recipient becomes love hungry and can recover 100 energy by eating food. Each Citizen can receive up to 100 gifts during the event.

All gifts expire at the end of the event, on Day 4,107, at 23:59 eRepublik time.

In the same spirit, we are looking to extend you an invitation to join the team. If you are a Citizen who likes to help others or if you want to show off your translating skills, we are ready to welcome you in our two awesome teams:

Game Moderators Project

The Game Moderators Project has started in June 2009 with the main objective to ensure a fair environment for all Citizens. As time passed by, for many the Moderators Team turned into a second family, so we hope you will find good friends here as well.

Currently, our Game Moderators support us with the following:

- Act as a communication bridge between the community and the eRepublik Team.
- Moderating content posted in eRepublik
- Assisting citizens on the Forums and Discord
- Dealing with various support requests sent via the ticketing system

To find out more details about the project, what we offer, what to expect and the minimum requirements, please visit our wiki.

We are currently looking for Game Moderators speaking: Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian but anyone willing to help is more than welcome to apply.

Game Translators Project

The most important role of the Game Translators is keeping the local versions up to date with all the changes implemented in eRepublik. Each new feature is bound to come with new texts that need to be translated by native speakers of each language.

You can find more about this project here.

How to apply:

If you wish to be a moderator, all you need to do in order to apply is to fill in this form.

If you think you are more fit to be a translator, apply by filling in this form.

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Day 4,074

Scheduled Maintenance

Greetings Citizens,

Please note that tomorrow (Day 4,075) at 01:00 eRepublik time, we will perform a scheduled maintenance. During the server downtime, we will deploy an update aimed at optimizing the battle servers and collect more data, while adding some more insights on the battle console.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

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Day 4,023

Combat Orders temporarily disabled

The Combat Orders have been disabled as a significant number of third party scripts are creating disproportionate load and affecting the overall performance of the servers.

We are sorry for the inconveniences this might cause and we'll do our best to address the problem and re-enable them as soon as possible.

In regard to Round 6 of the battle for Llanos (155776), please note the following rules of War:
- The battle is automatically closed after 2 hours, even if the sides don't reach 1800 points.
- The winner of each divisional battle is the side that first reaches over 1800 points, or the one who has more points after 2 hours of battle.

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Day 4,000

eRepublik Day 4000

Dear Citizens,

Today we celebrate 4000 days of heroic deeds, drama, treachery and most important of them all friendship. You, the citizens are the ones that made it all happen.

During Day 4,000 some special prizes are up for grabs.

Battle Hero medals are rewarded with more gold (40 gold for Sky Heroes, 200 gold for Campaign Hero and 4 times the regular gold for the Battle Heroes), the contested battles are back for both ground and air battle. Battles with the top cumulative damage at any moment become instant super epic battles that award an extra 2 prestige points per hit.

Also, if you kill enough enemies to finish in Top 5 Damage of any battle, you'll receive a number of energy pumpkins.The number of pumpkins received is based on the numbers of kills done in that battle and the position in the Top 5 Damage at the end of the battle.

Each pumpkin recovers 50 energy units. Be sure to eat them all before the end of Day 4,012!

Rewards for Top 5 Damage placement:
1st place 2 pumpkins every 10 kills
2nd place 2 pumpkins every 12 kills
3rd place 2 pumpkins every 15 kills
4th place 2 pumpkins every 18 kills
5th place 2 pumpkins every 20 kills

And just to mark the event Plato pulled out a couple (actually 3) missions from the drawer that i’m told are not bad.

Happy Day 4000!

PS: I almost forgot to mention that all battles ...
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Day 3,979

Natural Enemy Law Clarifications

Dear players,

We would like to clarify some aspects about how the Natural Enemy Law (NE) works in terms of timers. For example, let’s take these two cases:

Case 1: If a country has no NE, a NE can be set at any time via a "super majority law" which requires 66% of the Congress votes to pass, as long as the countries share a common border, as stated here.

Case 2: If a country has a NE set and wants to choose another NE (or unset) they can do so if 7 days (7x24 hours) have passed since the original NE bonus has become active ("set" implies that the law has passed and NE bonuses became active). This is mentioned here.

If a war with a NE closes because no common borders are available, the NE is also canceled, as stated here. After the NE is canceled, the country can choose a new NE, as per Case 1.

While the NE mechanics have not changed since it was initially introduced, the "days ago" proposal date format on the laws listing, along with the fact that the 7 days interval is computed since the law has passed and the NE is set do create confusion. Until now, this was solved by providing answers to the tickets sent by the country presidents who were inquiring about the inability to set a NE .

In order to remove the confusion and enable players to accurately compute the 7 days interval, we have added a “proposed at” timestamp on the laws page, as well as the timestamp showing when the current NE was set in the country/military pages.

If you want to share your opinion on this change or if you feel that other timers have similar problems that need to be addressed, we would love to hear about it on the Forum .

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Day 3,968

Server Maintenance

Dear Citizens,

We have started a background server maintenance which will last for approximately 12 hours.

Please be aware that during this time you might encounter delays and desynchronization between actions, as well as delays in visual updates.

Thank you for your support and apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Day 3,923

Resource Concession: Clarifications & Updates

Dear Citizens,

The Resource Concession law is now available to Country Presidents and Dictators.

Resource Concession is a Trading Relation and, as such, a country cannot have Resource Concession agreements with Hostile Countries. A Hostile Country in this context is defined by an existing War or Embargo between the involved parties.

Existing Resource Concession Agreements between countries will be stopped if/when either party Declares War or Embargo.

Concession Fees will be paid every day after Day change for the previous day, based on Gross Domestic Product. The Existing Resource Concessions will be stopped if the country does not have enough money in treasury to pay the fees.

Currently, a country cannot take more than 3 resources in concession at any given time. Resource Concession agreements can be extended before their expiration date.

Excerpt from the Forum Q&A:

Q: Will I rent just one particular resource from a region or do I have to rent every resource in that specific region? Am I conceding by territory or by specific resource?
A: Territory is not conceded. Concession is done per region and per resource. In order to rent all the resources in a region (let’s assume 3), 3 different concession laws will have to be passed.

Q: What happens when the country renting a resource also occupies the territory that the resource belongs to? Do they get 100% of the rented resource and 50% of the other resources on the territory or does everything go down to 50%, assuming no border?
A: You cannot concession resources to/from countries you are at war with, nor can you give into concession resources from conquered regions.

Q: How is GDP calculated?
A: Gross Domestic Product is calculated based on manufactured goods * average price. The GDP is country-specific.

Q: What is the resource concession limit?
A: A country cannot take more than 3 resources in concession at any given time.

Q: Is the concession limit applied to the country which owns the region or the country which receives the concession?
A: The concession limit is applied to the receiving country. As an example, France can give in concession all of its food resources, but France will only be able to receive 3 resources from other countries.

Q: Can the Concession Fee be affected by any other circumstances?
A: Yes, the Concession Fee will be affected by Tribute to other countries (which occupy their core regions) AND Dictatorship Upkeep. Eg: If a country under dictatorship rents a resource for which it has a 100,000 daily fee, dictatorship upkeep will consume half of the amount destined for the treasury.

Factories and Holdings

Considering the impact these changes will have on global and national economies, all citizens will be able to relocate their previously owned companies with no charge. Each company can only be moved without costs once. Based on the previous events, we do recommend not rushing into relocating, as you have a 30 days time frame to make your decision.

Also, for a period of 30 days (starting day 3,926) you will be able to dissolve previously owned (created before day 3,926) holdings for a full refund.

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Day 3,898

Determination & Resource concession

As eRepublik has entered its second decade of life we are working on a number of projects that, with your help, will disrupt the current status quo and increase the excitement and fun.

While we have been working hard over the last months on the internals of eRepublik and the mobile app, we are aware that from the players’ point of view there was little to be excited of in terms of changes and events.

For the next months we are planning the release of a number of new features that we believe, together with your support and feedback, will transform the eRepublik universe for the better.

All the features aim to solve some of the most frequently raised issues by you, with a focus on game ballance at both the country and the citizens’ level.

The first 2 projects are being deployed gradually to allow the community 1 month to offer feedback and adapt to the new changes.

Determination in Resistance Wars

Currently the determination is computed based of consecutive days under occupation since the last liberation no matter the occupant. Starting Day 3,929 determination will be computed for each occupant individually, based on the total number of days it held the region in the past 250 days.

The more a region is under occupation, the more its population gets the determination to overthrow the specific occupant. Once the liberation occurs, the natives will hold grudge against the former occupant for a while. This will allow the newly freed region to have a standing chance against the former occupant for a period of time. The determination in Resistance Wars will no longer reset when the region is re-conquered via MPP battle.

Example: Using the current formula, the Determination on day 3,750 will be 1.32 (computed for the last 60 days since the last liberation) against any country holding that region on day 3,750.

With the new formula, the determination against Invader A will be computed for the 140 days Invader A held that region over the last 250 days, resulting a total of 4.45. The determination against Invader B (valid if Invader B manages to conquer that region) is based on the 45 days the latter managed to hold the region over the target interval resulting a total of 1.14.

Against all other countries the determination factor will remain 1 as they did not hold that region in the interval.

All other mechanics regarding determination under occupation will remain unchanged.

Determination after liberation

Determination after liberation will be computed based on the occupation determination factor the region had when the liberation battle started.

All mechanics regarding determination after liberation will remain unchanged.

The determination update will become effective on (23rd of August, Day 3,929 of the New World).

Natural Resource Concession

Before the new determination rules become effective, a new law will be made available to Country Presidents and Dictators: Natural Resource Concession.

The new law will act as a contract between countries - it will allow countries to increase the production bonus or to supplement the country income by renting regions and will require a 50% + 1 (simple majority) to pass.

A country will only be able to concede resources from its original regions that are not under foreign occupation. Once accepted by the congress of the Conceding Country (Country A), the law will then require approval by the Concessioning Country (Country B), just like the Peace Treaty law.

Once the Concession Contract is accepted by both countries, the resource will no longer count towards Country A’s productivity bonus and will be added to Country B’s resource pool as if connected to the Capital (full bonus). The Natural Resource, however, will not be uprooted from the Region and will still count towards the Region’s bonuses.

Every day the Resource Rental is in effect the Concessioning Country will be charged for the concession directly from treasury and the fee will be added the the Conceding Country (Country A)’s treasury.

The cost for concession (rent fee) is determined based on the rarity (bonus) of the resource concessioned and impact it has on the economy of the country holding the concession.

The concession fee will be additive and concessioning two or more resources from the same industry branch will increase the GDP fee accordingly. Example: renting Cattle (3% fee) and Deer (5% fee) will result in a total of 8% daily fee from the Food Industry GDP for the previous day.

A country holding a concession on a resource will benefit from the extra productivity bonus as long as the original country owns the region for which the concession is valid. Losing the region by the original owner will not break the concession (as they might be able to recover it by the end of the duration of the concession) and the Concessioning Country (Country B) will still be charged every day.

The number of resources a country can have under concession at once is limited. The regions under occupation will still grant productivity bonuses as previously. Companies established in a region where a concession is valid will still benefit from the region productivity of the concessioned resource but the country bonus will no longer apply.

Considering the disruptive potential of the changes all the players will be allowed a one time free relocation of their companies and holdings.

Let us know what you think of it on the eRepublik Forum.

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Day 3,895

Scheduled Maintenance

Dear Citizens,

Please note that today (Day 3,895) at 22:00 eRepublik time, we will perform a scheduled maintenance. Our server hamsters need to be fed, which should not take more than an hour.

Thank you for your understanding (and patience)!

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Day 3,787

Spring Weekly Challenge

Dear Citizens,

The Spring Weekly Challenge is back!

You will get 50% more energy as you advance on the Weekly Challenge and collect the carrots the Easter Bunny left behind. With every Energy Bar earned, you also get a carrot to keep you active on the Battlefield!

The Spring Weekly Challenge started today, Day 3,787 and ends on Day 3,793.

Have a wonderful and energized spring!

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