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Location: China China, Anhui Citizenship: China China
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Mar 19, 2010

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出生於迷之黃金850day(大量高登強者當天出生,我是例外),原本一開始不是用這個名的,因為當時開acc隔day就醫改,回血不能,只好重開,記得當時是武士總統的新人信及有10cny,之後到處add friend及開了個org做走私生意,得閒在報紙發冷笑話,記得v1是日日打5槍q1堆牆,不久就潦寧和黑龍江大戰,戰後就進入v2,我是完全唔知v2玩什麼,只記得當時分兵種,無頭雞話會有屬性相克,9up,坦克玩能晒,戰爭改即時狀態,要花好多時間,當時無頭雞又取消力量,好多人離開sad,失敗的無頭雞回到現在的v1.5,懷念堆牆,射了就走,平民都可以出一分力。2254


  • Freedom Fighter

    Freedom Fighter

    Liberate occupied regions by fighting in Resistance Wars.

    More info

  • hard worker

    Hard Worker

    Worked 30 days

  • congressman

    Congress Member

    Win the Congress elections

  • president

    Country President

    Win the Presidential elections

  • media mogul

    Media Mogul

    Reach 1000 subscribers to your newspaper

  • battle hero

    Battle Hero

    Reach the highest war influence in a battle

  • sky hero

    Sky Hero

    Reach the highest war influence in an aircraft battle

  • campaign hero

    Campaign Hero

    Reach the highest war influence in a campaign

  • resistance hero

    Resistance Hero

    Start a resistance war and liberate that region

  • super soldier

    Super Soldier

    Advance 250 strength points

  • society builder

    Society Builder

    Invite 10 people to eRepublik and help them reach level 10

  • mercenary


    Defeat 25 enemies for 50 different countries

  • Top Fighter

    Top Fighter

    Have one of the highest daily influences in eRepublik for 30 different days..

    0/30 days in Top Fighters

  • true patriot

    True Patriot

    Fought for the country of citizenship.

    Inflict damage for the citizenship country. You can view the current progress in the True Patriot section below.

  • prestige hunter

    Prestige Hunter

    The Prestige Hunter achievement was awarded for completing the Weekly Challenge.

Military Attributes

Division 1
Available for level 1-34 Features:
  • You fight in Division 1
  • Deal 75,000 damage with Small Bombs
  • Add 10,000 damage to Bazookas with Bazooka Boosters
  • Get 2 Gold when winning a Battle Hero achievement
Division 1

Skill distribution

Military Rank Полковник *** 576,511 / 660,000 Полковник ***
Aircraft Division
Available for everyone Features:
  • You fight with Aircraft
  • Get 30 Gold when winning a Sky Hero achievement
Perception 0.00
Aircraft Rank Airman 1st Class *** 78 / 100 Airman 1st Class ***


Top damage in a campaign


130,336 for Peru

 Achieved while successfully conquering New South Wales from Australia on day 3,388

Guerrilla fight history

You can join a Guerrilla match after defeating 5 opponents on the battlefield