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Day 2,049, 16:00 Published in USA Pakistan by Zeng999

My Fellow Americans,

I am writing to you today to officially announce my intention to run for PotUS ( President of the eUnited States of America ).

- The President of American Freedom AIIiance has decided to support me for the next Presidential elections.

Review of the current situation in the eUSA

The current situation in the US is terrible in every aspect. We are under attack from seven countries. We are facing an inevitable disaster. The eUSA will be wiped out from the map.

On the domestic political situation: Two weeks ago, current President of the Team America Party, Stewy, promised free elections without UNITY, in his campaign for PP elections. Whether it was just another political lie in order to gain more votes, we will know soon.

It is crucial in this moment to have free elections.

You can all see that Tenshibo is our biggest fail of a President so far. You can all judge his mandate just by looking at the map of the eUSA today.
I play this game for two years and this is the first time I see a country attacked by seven others. Even when ePoland was wiped from the map last time in ONE, this was not the case.
This only speaks of the BAD foreign relations that UNITY established with the other countries. Because of that, every country wants USA gone from the map.
The reason? Just for fun, because none of the countries that invade us have any benefit to gain from our resources.

That's why this month we don't need another UNITY (USWP) candidate to become President. What we need are new fresh people in the government. They will return America to the right path.


My primary goal as President will be :

-Firstly and most importantly, regaining all US territories from the invaders.

-Establishing good foreign relations (even with TWO countries) to prevent this situation from happening ever again.

-More bonuses if possible, because we will need at least two weeks to regain all home territories

-Giving a chance to new people in the government to prove themselves.

We need politicians with well planned policies towards the enemy alliance, not suicidal dictators like we had so far. Their negative approach to most embassies in other countries resulted with hatred towards eUSA.
Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we should be brothers with TWO. I am just saying that we need to establish good foreign relations, in order not to be invaded in the future.

We need to be realistic, TWO is stronger than CoT at this moment, so we need good relations in order to be safe.

I already contacted the Hungarian, Serbian and Polish Presidents, in order to negotiate for a ceasefire. I am waiting for their answer. I will tell you in my next article, which will contain my proposed Cabinet and Economic program, what their demands are.

My cabinet is not filled yet, so if you want to help eUSA and be a part of my cabinet, just message me ingame in which department you want to be part of, regardless of your political party, or RL nationality.
This game is for everyone, not just a select few!!!

We have had enough of the same old people leading eUSA.
It is time to end this era of old politicians without no idea or strategy.
It is time for CHANGE.

Want to see eUSA again like this on the map??

-I sure do!!!

For a new, stronger and LIBERATED (NOT WIPED) America!!!


-Vote Zeng999 for PotUS


For shout:


Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 2,049, 22:04

HA-HA-HA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA its funny, puppet for potus HA-HA-HA 😃

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,050, 07:09

Go have a congress or something...

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 2,051, 00:46

Гласајте за Србију! Гласајте за Женг!

Амерички цхеесебургер масти идиоти не знају!Vote for Serbia! Vote for Zheng!

American cheeseburger fat idiots will not know!

SrbiNarodNajstariji Day 2,051, 02:28

Google translate does not always translate very good, you know..

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 2,051, 07:58

Are you filling in for RGR?

Zeng999 Day 2,051, 08:26


LordRahl2 Day 2,053, 04:46

How do you feel about RGR supporting the institution of slavery Zeng?

Will you openly repudiate RGR or will you allow his flagrant racism define you?

Rep. RonPaul
Rep. RonPaul Day 2,053, 19:37

AFA the PTOers... Support of eUS invasion.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,049, 16:14

Z4P o/

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 2,049, 22:10

this is a mistake, ... Zeng 4 porter 🙂

Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 2,049, 16:14

Z4P o7

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 2,050, 07:19

Zeng is a Serbian 🙂 They atack us, how we will rise with him ? 🙂

Syz2 Day 2,050, 09:53

No, he isn't a Serbian. He's like RGR, a traitor.

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 2,051, 11:22

you right

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 2,049, 17:30

So you claim to be supporting the United States in the battle against our occupiers, including Serbia.
If you were an enemy of Serbia, then why did you approve Serbians during your congressional term, many of whom has thus returned to Serbia once their usage for votes was over

SS's and Serbs:

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 2,049, 19:02


theAbsynthius Day 2,050, 05:48

you obviously seem to be an expert of photoshop- nahhh, no doubt- most certainly you heard only of photoshop doing miracles!!

so mr hanibal, do yourself a favor do not frustrate yourself by trying to achieve what is not yours. go to your country and contribute there... why are you f***cking up the game for other true Americans!!
Serbia is strong enough, go have your kicks there, let us have a fair battle--- so you and your company of hypocrites move away!!~

leave only RGR, he is a lot of fun!

Viarizi Day 2,050, 01:27

mad paint skills bro, get back to school

Norbengo Day 2,050, 01:57

What a lame attempt, I'd do better photoshop with my atari 😃

WhydoIbother Day 2,050, 03:14

page 1510 of the Approved Citizen list. Go look for yourself if you don't believe CA.

Viarizi Day 2,050, 06:50

sorry i can only ready cyrilic serbian

n4n0 Day 2,050, 20:53

Then maybe you should change your cit back to Serbian

Poncho Warrior
Poncho Warrior Day 2,049, 18:41

For a new, stronger and LIBERATED (NOT WIPED) America!!!


Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 2,049, 22:08

he dont know how to do that

supersob Day 2,049, 18:45


Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 2,049, 22:09

z4 porter 🙂

K1tho Day 2,049, 20:05


Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 2,049, 22:07

its realy funny, RGR puppet for potus 😃

dante1988 Day 2,049, 20:44


Chopp Day 2,049, 21:48


Norbengo Day 2,050, 00:04



Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,050, 00:06

"We need to be realistic, TWO is stronger than CoT at this moment, so we need good relations in order to be safe."

Yeah solid plan, COT is losing so let's become friends with TWO[/sarcasm]
Abandoning ship when it gets hard just makes USA seems (even more) like worthless allies.

Zeng999 Day 2,050, 02:24

I said it in my candidacy too, not to become friends, only to make good diplomatic moves that will bring the end of this war.
They have no benefits from it, they do it just for fun.
Who said about abandoning COT?

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,050, 07:14

I seriously doubt we can lose any more dignity, cause the unity in the past year has lost it all. Before joining CTRL we betrayed pretty much everyone we could. Remember the EDEN? Alliance we were once a member of?

Talostastic Day 2,050, 01:16

There are so many factual inaccuracies in this article that I almost had a stroke reading it.

- We didn't get invaded by TWO because of anything Tennishoes did, we got invaded due to our beating-back of Serbia under Artela.

- Hard to establish good relationships with enemy alliances, Unity or not.

- There is no USWP candidate for PotUS this month.

- We could have forgone Unity elections had you not moved Parties after Stewy was elected.

Also, way to run for PotUS under the promise of beating back the invaders, from a party that has openly cheered the invasion. Makes perfect sense.

Not voted. Not subscribed. Am sorry I read.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,050, 01:48

That is like telling a victim of S-Assault not to report it.

Dillan Stone
Dillan Stone Day 2,050, 01:54

Whereas electing Zeng is like marrying the person who committed the assault afterwards.

Talostastic Day 2,050, 10:12

Pointing out factual inaccuracies is like telling a victim not to report a crime?

Interesting world view.

Zeng999 Day 2,050, 01:57

lol, no USWP candidate this month wtf?!?!
It was about time

Delyruin Day 2,050, 04:51

Sorry we have the best.

Zeng999 Day 2,050, 04:53

hahahahaha "THE BEST", i loled, just look where you bring eUSA with your "BEST" presidents

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,050, 14:40

Last I checked, I've never been in the USWP. Certainly not dissing them, just you know, facts and stuff. ^__^

Viarizi Day 2,051, 22:17

Talostatic go back to ure masters, ure comments arent needed here.

Talostastic Day 2,052, 00:17

>ure masters

You're/Your. You can't even fail properly while failing with our grammar.

I have no masters. 100% of what I do is at my own behest. You will never be able to say the same.

Viarizi Day 2,052, 00:59


ElReyPitufo Day 2,050, 01:30

Z4P! o7 my friend

Vladimir M. Vasiljevic
Vladimir M. Vasiljevic Day 2,050, 01:59


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