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YUUVA: Knock, Knock

Day 1,858, 04:19 Published in India Canada by Alias Vision
"If it's a knock, knock joke I'm not answering!"

He didn't just attempt to start an election for Congress article with a knock, knock joke did he? Yes, yes he did. It's just one of those days. It's also what happens when you haven't done one of these things for a long while.

Many of you still don't know me, some of you are starting to get a good feel for who I am and how I go about doing business.

Why should you vote for Yuuva and allow me in to your Congress? Experience. Right now India is going through potentially transformative times. Any event that forces a nation to rethink their alliances and friendships represents chaos, uncertainty but also possibilities and hope.

I've been to Congress... a lot. Mostly in Canada, the last three times in the US. I've also been Speaker for Congress. Finally I've been CP of Canada. None of that makes me special, just means I've been to this dance before. I have international experience, I know how to talk to others and establish a dialogue. I believe that going forward, those skills and that experience is what the Indian Congress will need most.

I'm also a concensus builder and if India continues to suffer the military setbacks we have experienced so far, unity and singularity of purpose will become that much more important.

I am Yuuva but I will always extend my hand to those in other parties.

Full disclosure... I am pro-Eden but believe India needs a different diplomacy and alliance structure. I am pro-taxes but accept the proof provided by others that playing with taxation levels brings only marginal benefits. I am pro-immigration but will be guided by my PP, CP and the will of Congress when it comes to allowing citizens in.

So on the 25th, Yuuva needs your vote, I need your vote so that we can build something sustainable together.

Thank you.


Lonqu Day 1,858, 04:29


BrknSword Day 1,858, 05:19


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,858, 05:21

Build india, vote for YUUVA...xD

Fighter100 Day 1,858, 08:32


Graf Velheor
Graf Velheor Day 1,858, 09:04


Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,859, 08:06

Alias has a "vision"..a new Yuuva

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,859, 14:24

Voted... and you should vote for Alias also!!

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