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Day 1,901, 01:34 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ullok

Erepublik (eRep) is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game in which people from around the world play as a citizen from one of 70 different countries. These people work and fight side by side against those who would take their regions or to increase their nations or allies’ access to resources, whilst shaping the policy of their country on everything from tax rates to which Mutual Protection Pacts (MPPs) to sign.

But once you've signed up,

How do you get more involved?

That depends on what role you want to play. There are 6 main roles, and none are mutually exclusive.


Getting to know the wide variety people of that play this game can be done in game, but each country has its own IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel where multiple people can talk in real time, and forums where more involved discussions are open to anyone who signs up.


Anyone can follow the Campaign of the Day (CotD), or MoD orders but Military Units (MUs) allow you to meet more people and completing a Daily Order (DO) rewards you with a Bazooka (30,000 damage) and an Energy Bar (100 energy), daily.

There are lots of MUs, each with their own identity, community and supply (food, weapon, wage) schemes. Some run by citizens, whilst others are linked and usually reward membership of their political party. Units are obviously looking for soldiers, but also distributers (people to hand out supplies) and regimental captains (who help ensure orders are up to date and encourage activity).

The Legion is the eUK’s official MU and controlled by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).


Working a job to earn a wage to buy food and weapons, or employing people to work in your companies is nowhere near as profitable as it once was and most people work “commune” jobs for minimum wage but pay over the odds in weapons and/or food.

Today’s more experienced players are looking to get self-sufficient, producing enough food and weapons themselves to replace the ones they use. This however requires a lot of gold (so save it).


Every citizen has the opportunity to decide both the Country President (CP) and Congress members, but to become one yourself you have to be the member of a political party. However these are not the only roles, parties need help being run; from deciding policy to recruitment each party has differing methods, cultures and aims. Enthusiastic party members could become either of the above roles or lead their party themselves.


A CP cannot run a nation alone; they accept applications from the best people from across the political spectrum to run the different departments or “ministries” that take responsibility for such things as Defence, Finance and both Home or Foreign Affairs.

If you’re looking to get involved, the larger ministries are always looking for people to help in their running, from messaging to distribution.


From political debate and satire, to an imaginary travel programme around the eworld, a mouth piece for a political, military or economical organisation to a sports book. With 2 gold (2G) any player can create their own newspaper and venture into the media, expressing opinions or spreading fun.

Useful subscriptions:

Useful links

If you decide to get more involved with politics, Every Single One (ESO) is a party that believes in developing and promoting enthusiastic new players (5 of the 6 current congress members are first timers) and doing things for the good of the nation, not the party. All with a sense of humour.

If you would like to meet some of the members, they and Kevin the ESO trivia goat can be found on the ESO IRC channel (clicking the eUK IRC link above will instruct you how to get onto IRC), to access our channel type:
/j #ESO when you are connected, everyone is welcome.

jamesw and Kevin await you.

If you like the people and what we're about you can join ESO and help to make us into the best party we can be.

Even if you don't, you can regularily get free food or weapons from:

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Asid250 Day 1,901, 01:55


Asid250 Day 1,901, 01:55

Who is the boy with the sheep?

Othere Day 1,901, 01:55

Welcome to the New World! o/

Ullok Day 1,901, 01:58

Pictured: jamesw (Party President) and Kevin the ESO trivia GOAT 😃

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,901, 03:35

Voted, great article as always Ullok

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,901, 04:44

Bunch of monkeys on your ceiling, Ullok?
Grab your eggs and fours and let's get the bacon delivered.

Horice (:

Ullok Day 1,901, 04:58

Sorry old man, we don't understand your banter.

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,901, 05:08

It's perfectly ordinary banter, Ullok. Bally jamews ... pranged his kite
right in the how's yer father ... hairy blighter, dicky-birdied, feathered
back on his Sammy, took a waspy, flipped over on his Betty Harper's
and caught his can in the Bertie.

Horice (:

Ullok Day 1,901, 05:26

No, I'm just not understanding banter at all well today. Give us it slower.

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,901, 05:33

Banter's not the same if you say it slower, Ullok.

Horice q:

On Guard

WayneKerr Day 1,901, 07:27

'The Legion is the eUK’s official MU and controlled by the Ministry of Defence'

Takes its Daily Orders from MoD, nothing more...

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd Day 1,901, 07:59

you forgot to put "abused slave" into your groups of people along with another group "the crazies".

Jny123 Day 1,901, 10:41

i think horice is suggesting james treats his sheep like the welsh are said to

Ullok Day 1,901, 11:03

@Douglas Mckeever
10,000 damage x 3 hits = 30,000

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd Day 1,901, 13:45

they may be our ex gf's but atleast they taste nice by time you eat em 😉

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 1,902, 00:59

'The Legion is the eUK’s official MU and controlled by the Ministry of Defence'

Takes its Daily Orders from MoD, nothing more...x2

BTW, if you mention The Legion isn't the article supposed to be apolitical? The party political advertising at the end implies The Legion is still linked to ESO .. tut tut

Carlini8 Day 1,902, 01:16

Anyone can mention The Leigon. Of course that isn't the rule, and you know it.

Legion recruitment articles or damage articles etc can't be political. You are free to mention The Legion in your UKPP articles just as Ullok has done with one of his personal articles.

Ullok Day 1,902, 01:35

@"The Legion is the eUK’s official MU and controlled by the Ministry of Defence'

Takes its Daily Orders from MoD, nothing more"

As Legion has its orders dictated by the MoD, it is controlled by it. Unlike any other MU which only has DO's recommended and could set battles against eUK interests IF they so chose.

@Neil Lewis
If this was a Legion article you would be right, but this is an information article for new players, I would have mentioned any official MUs in it, were there others. Mentioning two things in the same article is hardly linked, I mentioned the MoFA as well so does that imply that ESO and the MoFA, or the wiki and a sports book are linked as well?

jamesw Day 1,902, 01:57

Implications of an implied possibility in theory. The implications you make, are not necessarily ones which the author intended for you to make. If you want to see a link between the legion and ESO - you are free to think such a link exists. I can tell you that it does not - they are separate entities. ESO will have its own Military Unit soon - if we were planning this, wouldn't it be somewhat foolish to do so, and undermine The Legion? (Assuming we had links with it, of course)

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 1,902, 06:57

if this is for new players it is also a blatant ESO recruitment drive and, for balance, you should note that other political parties are available, e.g. UKPP, New Era, One Vision, PCP, WRP, GBDP, The Real Spammicans, etc, etc .. erm, am I missing anyone? 😛

Ullok Day 1,902, 08:08

Yes, hundreds probably, added a link to the ranking page which shows the top 10.

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