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Your objetive in this eLife: Be eHappy (Thanks to our friends)

Day 2,006, 01:30 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) France by ReMiiX

Hi eWorld,

After 36 days, I will publish my new article. Here I´ll talk about the most important thing for stay in a game.

I want ask you, why you stay in a game where the objetive is: "WTF" (Work, Train and Fight)

Everyday the same, there aren´t important changes, always doing the same... isn´t boring?

I know why we stay here. We stay here for our eFriends. We have a good time with them, in chats, in the shouts wall (eR), in skype, or teamspeak.

You can talk about films, sports, culture, religion, and more...

And have fun with unkown people 🙂

We all are together in the some eWorld and we should help between us. If some player is scammed, we should help him, because if he lose 500 currency, everyplay can give him 20 currency and isn´t so difficult for us ( because everybody has 20 currency )

I hate alliances. I don´t fight for or agaisnt an alliance, I just fight where I want. I love eTraveling, and I will show you some pictures 😛

I have visited a lot of eCountries, fighted for them, and I had fun. When you travel you meet more players, and you should know that there are awesome players that you don´t know. SEARCH THEM 🙂

Sometimes, players ask me: "ReMiiX, why you change your citizenship every month? Are you TOer?" And I reply them: "No, I just like traveling and meet new players for have fun and don´t leave from this game".

I was from eUkraine, and now I moved to the "enemy" alliance, CoT. Now I´m in eMacedonia, and I´m good here. Some players say me: "ReMiiX TRAIIITOOOOORRRR!! You helped eGreece and now you help to eMacedoniaaaa :OOOO"

When this happen, I really get sad for that #~@#~#|#! player. Don´t mix real history with eRepublik history please... I´m living in Spain and thats not a reason to hate eFrance, or eLove Portugal, or hate eMorroco. Please, before saying this kind of things, use your brain.

Lets go be a team, don´t mixing real history.

Please, listen John Lennon-Imagine

"Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

You, you may say
I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You, you may say
I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will live as one"



Super.Soldier Day 2,006, 01:32


Super.Soldier Day 2,006, 01:33

اصن ببین امام سوپر:| چکار میکنه!خخخخ
Vote and Shout

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Day 2,006, 01:36

v + shout! already sub

Shanix Day 2,006, 01:39

"I know why we stay here. We stay here for our eFriends. We have a good time with them, "

V / old Sub

Alfadi Day 2,006, 01:39

IF you dont wanna mix REAL history with EREPUBLIK history call eROM or eFYROM not eMacedonia.

in the GAME you dont wanna mix with REAL LIFE, MACEDONIA is a Region of GREECE with "Fruit" as bonus.

bojanvrangeloski Day 2,006, 11:27

dada majkata da ti ja ebam grcka pizdo edna smrdena

Alfadi Day 2,006, 13:09

I dont speak monkey.

bojanvrangeloski Day 2,007, 05:10

i dont speak Impearist

Staniskov Day 2,007, 15:51


Maxymillian97 Day 2,006, 01:49


elMengu Day 2,006, 04:37


kb1992 Day 2,006, 04:38

Voted hard o/

AlexMCS182 Day 2,006, 04:41

V + agreed

kokan p
kokan p Day 2,006, 04:47

o7 Welcome in Macedonian Army

I'm glad that you're part of our Army 😁

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 2,006, 06:10

aww I love this article and "I want ask you, why you stay in a game where the objetive is: "WTF" (Work, Train and Fight)" is hilarious.

I totally agree we shouldn't mix RL history with the game 🙂

Archibold Day 2,006, 06:17

Yup yup... someone takes this game too seriously, let me repeat my self GAME !
Nice article ❤

Zoran I Makedonski
Zoran I Makedonski Day 2,006, 12:56


alvazna2.0 Day 2,006, 13:00

Otro que se fue a por la triple barrita al tener DO

Aspadora Day 2,006, 13:33

jakoo bravo

United Macedonians
United Macedonians Day 2,006, 17:41


GGoxyto Day 2,006, 21:05

Hey ReMiiX, I wanna bite your nose. : 3

ReMiiX Day 2,007, 03:55

My nose? Hahahahaha why?

GGoxyto Day 2,007, 03:59

Because that's what I want. : )

ReMiiX Day 2,007, 04:00

I´m a bit scared!

GGoxyto Day 2,007, 04:07

You shouldn't be.

B u z z
B u z z Day 2,007, 00:58

Too shame that once we accepted you in Cyprus..

ReMiiX Day 2,007, 04:26

Too shame that once I fighting for eCyprus.
Too shame that you auto-vote your comment.

B u z z
B u z z Day 2,007, 04:28

Go back to Korea.. Spain isnt for you

ReMiiX Day 2,007, 04:36

Go back to the street. You should know that there are life out of erepublik. Find a girlfriend and do other things 😉
And eRepublik better than your country, you should know it.

B u z z
B u z z Day 2,007, 04:39

I have a girlfriend and shes 10 times beautifuler than you. go back to asia

poletarec Day 2,007, 07:15

Sweet y,all greeks are resists,remember that, the paradoxical thing in this is :as the matter of fact they belong to Asia and Africa as well,regarding their DNA,not saying that it is embarrassing,Weare all humans,but don't be upset if you find another "freak" insulting you,most of them are same..

From Macedonia with love ❤

ReMiiX Day 2,007, 04:41

You haven´t seen me, so you can´t say anything.
I would like go back to Asia, of course, would be nice.

B u z z
B u z z Day 2,007, 04:43

Dont be so sure. I have seen your pictures.

ReMiiX Day 2,007, 04:50


B u z z
B u z z Day 2,007, 04:52

Look, little girl. i am old player. i left this game one year ago. and now i started again. ok? i know that you are asian and family from spain adopted you. ok?

ReMiiX Day 2,007, 04:53

Everybody knows that. But just 4 or 5 players have seen my real pictures 🙂

B u z z
B u z z Day 2,007, 04:55

i'm from that 4-5 players. couse when i was playing with my old account we were 'friends'

ReMiiX Day 2,007, 04:57

If thats true, tell me your old name acount in private message.
You can´t be my friend because you are insulting me right now 🙂
I think I know who you were 😉

B u z z
B u z z Day 2,007, 04:59

i will not. you insulted all Greeks & Cypriots by calling FYROMians MACE....

ReMiiX Day 2,007, 05:03

I said to not mix real history with erepublik history. You should learn this article.
And I will not talk with you more if I don´t know who you are.
So, bye.

B u z z
B u z z Day 2,007, 05:05

ok, so bye. just to inform you. Greece is everywhere.

poletarec Day 2,007, 06:23

Dear Buzzp,i think that it is you Insulted all greeks with presenting this attitude to this nice and cute girl...would you insult 6 000 000 000 people in the RL for calling us Macedonia and Macedonians?!

Greek story about us false,there is proves for that in our museums ..but the real face of the 'nice greeks' is something which you cannot hide it...
Just calm down and stop insulting My Friend ❤
Bit of love from one honest Macedonian.

B u z z
B u z z Day 2,007, 08:04

epic *facepalm*

AlexSkopje Day 2,007, 03:00

= V =

poletarec Day 2,007, 07:18

❤❤❤ Macedonia Loves You:heart:❤❤

ReMiiX Day 2,008, 02:33

I love more to eMacedonia ❤!!!

warriorMKD Day 2,007, 12:03

ReMiiX you should not explain to anyone for your actions (especially not to some greek - the whole world knows who we are and do not have a problem with us).

Welcome in Macedonia. I hope you won't leave us, after the end of the 7 days of the MU competition.

ReMiiX Day 2,008, 02:34

Oh no no. I will not! I´m so happy in this MU. Nice players and nice country.

oliver nastevski
oliver nastevski Day 2,007, 15:01


Janko Fran
Janko Fran Day 2,007, 16:26

Vote! Happy and with friends!

Ice Killa wrote 4 minutes ago
Intervju z Argrobom!

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