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Your Guide To Cutting eRepublik links

Day 2,297, 09:40 Published in USA USA by Haselrig

» So you’ve written a brilliant article and want to share it with the world by posting it in your friend’s feed. Depending on what key words appear in the title of your article, you may be confronted by this little gem: « Link removed. Exploit detected. » For anyone who’s ever run up against this security measure, it can be more than a little frustrating. One solution is to use an external URL shortening service like TinyURL or Both are fine solutions and will allow you to work around the problem. The downside in relying on one of these services is that anyone clicking on the link will be confronted by this message:

which may turn more security minded readers back before they’ve had a chance to read your article.

Another solution lies in cutting down the eRep URL to something more manageable and less likely to contain any offending keywords. This can be achieved with a couple deft surgical cuts. First, select the portion, usually the title of the article, that you want to cut:

Hit "Delete":

Now, in a move more for brevity than security reasons, and hell, you're already here, highlight the www portion:

Hit "Delete" for a much shorter, cleaner & unlikely to trip any security alarms link:

Now you're ready to post:

There you have it. A couple easy options for avoiding the terror that is Exploit Detected 🙂

✍ Haselrig



Haselrig Day 2,297, 09:43


Captain Recks
Captain Recks Day 2,297, 10:13

Thanks. 🙂

JNJK92 Day 2,297, 10:20

You can also cut out the /1/20 part too.

JNJK92 Day 2,297, 10:20

And the exploit detected happens when you have words like "vote" or "gold" in the link.

Haselrig Day 2,297, 10:25

I know "train" is one as well.

Haselrig Day 2,297, 10:23

Even better 🙂

Disco Musolini
Disco Musolini Day 2,297, 22:18

Nice! Didn't know you could cut out the 'www.' as well.

Haselrig Day 2,298, 11:52

Thanks, I didn't know the /1/20 part could be cut either. Learn something every day 🙂

Tanishq Day 2,298, 09:01

Good guide.

Haselrig Day 2,298, 11:52

Thank you.

El Che G
El Che G Day 2,307, 07:44

v+S 272
good luck

Haselrig Day 2,320, 03:14

Thanks o/

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