You sold your soul to the devil

Day 3,236, 09:02 Published in Bulgaria Chile by Darth.Rev4n

I often have read the existing justifications for the current war on the Balkans. If I am honest, I like the Bulgarians and Macedonians or however you wanna call them (probably the entire article will focus on the stupidity of the name). I find that they´re  a warrior and controversial community. However, as perhaps we were captived by the devil, they have been even worse and this article will try to explain the reasons.

Chile helps its allies

Of the last major campaigns, there are several where we helped directly our allies. Successful or not, that is another matter, but the intention to do so was always there.

We attacked the US to help Indonesia, supported parallell by BG / MKD in closing it, while we could liberate our friends in Oceania. Chile supported Australia / New Zealand against Peru which reluctantly wanted to impose itsself on those regions, posing as big oppressor country (how funny lol).

Chile sent a successful AS in support of Italy, making Asteria to twist its arm and forcing Slovenia to sign a NAP and agreement with the Italians. I not even count the number of failed airstrikes, always done with good intentions, nor the many times we tried to help Croatia nor the attack on Finland to help Estonia.

In all interventions, I think of all our allies, we never helped Turkey or Georgia, but I have no doubt that in the future we will burn us trying to help in their release from the hands of Romania.

I remember endless campaigns against Argentina, who is now our ally, to free Mexico and Spain (or have they forgotten that?) and there are comming a series of memories.

The Ego of MKD / BG is stronger

Indeed our bad relationships come from some time ago, governments which didn´t tolerate each other and constantly threatened to cut the MPPs, while the population believed something different. A couple of years ago during the government of darth, Chile lost its colonies in Europe, leaving Asteria to act as they wanted; the campaign ended in a failed attack on Canada, where we all burned us thus MKD could have regions and could be save.

MKD and Bulgaria were attacked multiple times by Greece and Romania respectively, supported by Serbia, which took advantage of external conflicts associated with the RL between Bulgaria and Turkey.

The legend says that Chile signed its protection treaty with Turkey while Bulgaria still had bad relations with them ... that is a complete and absurd lie, like the supposed friendship with the terrorists based upon the idea of ​​not helping MKD in their liberation.

All this changed when Greece left Asteria and decided to go a new path, signing again with Croatia, a country that played a key role in what we currently see on the map. If somebody doesn´t know it: there were Bulgarian trends to leave MKD and to form EDEN again. Do you know which country always stopped this? Bulgaria? No, it was Chile.

Chile always refused to leave MDK, we protected them at night and were a headache for Asteria and Greece ... This was maintained over the time and gradually the Chilean community was dying, losing hundreds of players which no longer saw an interest in continuing to share minutes of leisure.

This made things more complicated. MKD didn´t have at its disposal the night damage to cope with Greece, with a static Bulgaria, not supporting them directly, even still aspiring in returning with its beloved Greece. But everything changed one day when Greece wanted to change the course of things, and in a stupid act, decided to attack Bulgaria in Summer 2015. This was the starting point for Serbia, acting directly behind scenes and signing a commitment for mutual protection ...

That was one of the reasons Argentina left Asteria together with Brazil, allowing deliberately the entry of countries like Iran and Peru, which are not relevant when it comes to fight on the battlefield, but they serve as puppets to keep quiet countries like Turkey and Chile.

War breaks out in defense of Argentina

It all culminates in a full-scale war with Serbia-Romania signing with MKD / BG to fight against the Turkish-Greek power, kicking the board and the pieces were rearranged ... however, and your allies Bulgaria?

We can see a practically wiped Spain, taken by Hungary and with Bulgaria/MKD, preferring to keep wiped Greece / Turkey.

Indonesia suffers the same fate, oppressed by the US without any chances, the same goes with the UK after the Swedish attack.

Did Chile make a mistake? Maybe..but we did not sell our soul to the devil, the MPP with Greece was just a defense strategy against Serbia

I can only say...

MKD and Bulgaria, you sold your soul to the devil ...

Spain, UK and Indonesia complain, Chile does too... I hope your new friends will be useful for you, after the 4 (Spain-UK-Indonesia-Chile) don´t have the same damage as before and became useless for you.

Good luck friends.