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You shall not Pass

Day 1,815, 11:25 Published in South Africa South Africa by Badger06

This was a true showing of what South Africa is made of and what we can do in this game.

After seeing Grimstones CH the day before Crumoet was inspired to get his own, here is how it went down.

You shall not Pass

From the first minute of Battle 1 Crumoet commited dropping 9.7 mil to claim the BH

After recharging he came back in battle 7 and claimed that BH as well with 8.3 mil damage

Battle 12 was an epic show down. Crumoet stood his nerve and bettered his opponent Cruel Destiny.

Some weren't happy but then again some are never happy

We defended our Hero against this slander

Battle 13 rolled on with both throwing it all for the CH

Crumoet smited all that came and claimed his prize

A glorious CH, that will forever echo in South Africa's history.

60.5 Mill is pretty insane !!!

Sorry Cruel Destiny but

(゚、 。 7
 l、 ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
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Crumoet Day 1,815, 11:38


Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,815, 11:44


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,815, 11:45

Well done

sikor3k Day 1,815, 11:48


Steven Bosch
Steven Bosch Day 1,815, 11:48

well done

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,815, 11:49

Hehe, nice story! You deserved it Crumoet! o7

Hamilton Moore
Hamilton Moore Day 1,815, 12:33

Loved it!

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,815, 12:33

You shall not pass Luna

AdUnit Day 1,815, 12:49

Dang, good work guys

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,815, 12:49

I threw 500k into that CH only to have Crum come and steal it from me. Bastard!

Gambit LeBeau
Gambit LeBeau Day 1,815, 12:59

Nice one! o7

LiquidIce Day 1,815, 14:18

Crum stole it from me, I was only 59mil short. I was sooooooo close!

Well done Crum, show them how it's done. You got it fair and square!

Ejdatful Day 1,815, 15:40

I am wondering what was your business out there? An observer or a provocateur? Why did you publish this article?


Ejdatful Day 1,815, 15:42

Btw good job guys

Badger06 Day 1,815, 20:22

@ Leon , i was respecting his BH, only finishing of my DO.

@ Ed####ful as he is my RL brother I am celebrating his victory

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,815, 21:15

Definite facepalm..
@Luna: I am impressed with your ability to restrain yourself.

Vanessa1309 Day 1,815, 22:08

If Crueldestiny had taken the battle and Crum had just missed it as Cruel did then all would have been well I suppose. Better luck next time

Awesome damage to you both and well done!

Lion of Deserts
Lion of Deserts Day 1,816, 00:52

I've sent him message and congratulated him. What are you discussing about?

Badger06 Day 1,816, 00:58

No discussions, congratulations to you both, was epic to watch.

Crumoet Day 1,816, 01:37

o7 And well done to you too sir... Cruel Destiny hit 2nd most damage in eRep yesterday. I did 6th some good hitting all around 🙂

kuckuck Day 1,816, 02:33

Congrats both, that was an epic duel

Nickerball Day 1,816, 03:28

That was a well deserved CH. Only in my dreams will I ever reach that
Congratz Crumoet and crueldestiny, it was a close one.

Angelique.A Day 1,816, 04:52


Brenda Black
Brenda Black Day 1,816, 05:06

Well done Crumoet!! Theres no such thing as stealing a BH, If you want it, FIGHT FOR IT!

atrawall Day 1,816, 07:53

The problem with the article is that it "doesn't" celebrate the victory of Crumoet and CruelDestiny. By including the comments that were made after the fact, you turn this into your own personal agenda, which you are smart, and know full-well. Without the shout-wall comments, the article is great. With them, it's not a celebration, but a Leon smear campaign.

I agree, there are no BH thiefs in this game. If I lose, I lose. That's the nature. Good fighting both of you.

Vanessa1309 Day 1,816, 08:18

CruelDestiny, you fought a good battle and were a gentleman about it. If only more were like you.

Congrats again

Rexdeus Day 1,816, 08:49

Clearly this was not for the CH medal (much cheaper CH's around) nor for eSA (eSA did not need 120mil influence), but none the less Mastercard want to thank the both of you : D

Don Vin
Don Vin Day 1,817, 23:30

hahahahaha i like rex comment he jst changed my perspective on the issue lol

congrats crum it was a good watch

Congrats both, that was an epic duel

Marduk303 Day 1,817, 02:00

The first over the finish line is the winner, doesn't make him a thief

Congrats to both

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