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Xeroccona followup.

Day 1,813, 15:01 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Alphabethis

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- Venezuela and Spain are allies, Venezuela gives away Guayana and NorthEastern Venezuela.

- Spain is in war with Portugal.

- Madridista1991 is the new ePresident of Spain.

- First priority is fight in Alentejo, second one is to fight in Guayana.

CoT challenges:
- Stablish alliance military priorities. Mexico, Peru and Paraguay are the CoT strongholds in America, since Chile is in Oceania.

- In Europe , Switzerland, Belgium, FYROM, Moldavia and Bulgaria are the European CoT members.

- In Oceania: Japan, South Corea, New Zealand, Indonesia and Chile.

So the strongest CoT area is Oceania, then Europe, then America, and the least

CoT priorities is that every member has congress. The second priority is to have a fair system of delivery of damage.

The Challenge of not repeating other alliance's mistakes:
- Having a common set of MPP.
- Avoid power fights , like in ONE.
- Fairness and equality, to prevent small countries from leaving the alliance, like EDEN.


CTRL has failed , reasons:

- Not common MPPs, with two separate blocks (USA-Brazil and Spoland )

- Lack of constructive dialog.

- Lack of common strategy.

- Internal problems of some countries, like take-over in USA.


EDEN crisis due to:

- many small countries unhappy and abandoned by Superpowers ( Croatia, China and Romania ) .

- some other countries are unhappy and they plan to leave the alliance.

- superpowers are losing their bonus in Oceania

- unfairness in damage and priorities, issues of Portugal- Romania.

- some countries unwilling to fight, like Greece in Europe, scared of Serbia, FYROM and Bulgaria.



Kravenn Day 1,813, 15:51

it is macedonia and and f*rom

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,814, 02:24

Cheers for the updates Alpha O7

K R I L I N Day 1,814, 13:49

Good iniciative, could use some work tho

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