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WRM Donation Drive

Day 1,852, 07:56 Published in USA USA by Haselrig

Cockers, the MU needs your help:

As you likely know, the loss of our bonuses has forced us to cut back the amount of supplies we provide our commune workers. We have reached a point where it has become necessary for C4 to ask it's members to regularly donate W.eapons M.aterials to maintain the current level of supplies provided to our workers. All donations are voluntary and greatly appreciated.

How you can help:

To donate to the MU, we ask that you put your WRMs up on the market at a price of .51 USD then complete this form: inputing that price in the appropriate text box. Since WRMs cannot be donated directly to the MU due to a server issue within the game, we ask that you follow this method instead. After we buy the WRMs, we ask that you please DONATE ALL MONEY that you have earned for the sale back to the MU.

Thanks for helping the MU out Cockers!

Haselrig Sgt. (MU) 5th Regiment, C4
HEARMERAWR Cpt. (MU) 3rd Regiment, C4


Haselrig Day 1,852, 08:45

Special thanks to Hale26 and stylez of roman for their contributions to this project, thanks guys. o7

Dinnyin Day 1,852, 08:56

Well done Sergeant, well done! You're a credit to the unit! o>

HEARMERAWR Day 1,852, 10:45

V2 Sub 1

stunkcuf Day 1,853, 03:34

Voted and sub

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Day 1,853, 09:27

voted, we really need those WRMs, I give over 11k daily, but its not nearly enough 🙁

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