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Words I Thought I Thought: Best Reads of the New World

Day 1,847, 10:52 Published in India Canada by Alias Vision

We all participate and read the media for different reasons. Our choices on what to vote and who to subscribe can also be as varied as we all are. Personally my choices can be summed up as follows:

-I will vote and sub authors that publish consistently well written article pertaining to the New World. The articles themselves can be analysis, fiction, humour, information... the common theme is the quality of the pieces.

-I generally keep track of the papers of the Presidents of countries I've been a citizen of (Canada, US and India). In many cases I continue to pay attention after they leave office if they choose to keep writing.

-I'll sub any paper that runs a contest in which I decide to participate in. After all, I want to know how the competitions progress.

-Finally I keep an eye on the international media and pick pieces randomly for which the title catches my attention. Sometimes I find little gems and I'll subscribe. Usually I'm entertained and I'll vote.

My preference is always for the authors and papers that take the time to analyse this world we share and explain what they see in their terms for us to ponder and debate. If you make the effort to write something original, I will make the effort to read it and vote.

I'm constantly looking for new entries to add to my list. Below I offer to you my list of regular subs, guilty pleasures (I admit to visiting the Canadian media on Thursday), hidden gems and controversy. If you are subbed to a paper you think I would be interested in, please share through comments or private message.

Hidden Gem.

I know many authors are smarter than me. Part of the pleasure of reading is going down the mental pathways these people guide you through. They see connections you wouldn't normally see and the imagery they put together is often worth it by themselves.

In this category my favorite is The Shameless Plug by Plugson.

New World born: Dec 24, 2008
Currently: 977 subs

For my money, the best writer in Canada.

Snapshot New World View.

Staying in Canada but this time with an international flavour... one thing I'm always surprised we don't see more of is analysis on a global scale of the power shifts and wars. Part of the reason for that is that it takes a lot of time (I think foreign -to me- language authors tend to do a lot more of this).

There is one Canadian paper that does this very well. He has two primary offerings focused on the bigger picture; Weekly Power Rankings and Around the World. A Rookie's Foolish Ideals is worth the sub. Shoi12's paper is concise and easy to read with enough detail to sink your teeth into.

New World born: May 15, 2012
Currently: 702 subs


At one point in time you subbed Admin's Insider and then you subbed eWorld Trade Centar. dSoKre is still a good sub but he doesn't publish quite as often. For a very long time he was the best source to have things explained. He wasn't the first but he would analyse mechanics or situations better than most, or put together everything else that's been published in the best possible way.

New World born: Dec 11, 2008
Currently: 11,402 subs


He doesn't only write on the economy, especially now that there is virtually no economy to speak of, but once he was the guru I would refer to when I wanted to verify a theory or check if something had been done before. He also writes extremely well on all alliance and political themes. I'm referring to The Economist by Iain Keers.

New World born: Dec 18, 2008
Currently: 4484 subs

I've also been extremely lucky that another financial master was in my backyard (sometimes my boss) in Addy Lawrence. Again he writes on all topics and is experienced in every facet of the game as his 4 CP medals and GoW* status can attest to. Who's Your d'Addy is a worthwhile addition to any reading list. This is especially true if you work for him, share a political party with him and even more so, a political stage.

New World born: Jul 16, 2009
Currently: 1338 subs

Moral Compass.

This could also be classified as a hidden gem. North by Northeast is my moral compass. Rigour6's detractors would call him moralizing. I think of what he writes as the work of my philosophical (spiritual?) guide.

Many times I've tried to express a thought only to see it articulated way better than I ever could in Rigour's writing.

New World born: May 27, 2009
Currently: 289 subs

Battle Royale.

Finally I spend a lot of time in the US media in which there are a lot of worthy reads. Part of the reason is that it is one of the most active media markets in a language I understand. Part of it is that it is just so darn entertaining.

There are two authors I follow and I think you need to read them in tandem (although one writes way more). They are both controversial and public enemy number ones to a certain segment of the population.

One I tend to agree with, the other not at all... I won't say who as that would spoil the fun but those of you that know me can probably guess easily. Those two authors are:

Henry Pfeiffer Arundel and Ronald Gipper Reagan.

New World born Aug 22, 2009 and Jun 22, 2012 (though not really, check his profile for a partial explanation) respectively. They write Super Cool Name Here (currently 1195 subs) and The Reagan Revolution (currently 1539 subs).

You read those two and you will know where the battle lines are drawn. Then you can read all the rest of the US media to get the actual story and some perspective. 😉

As you can tell by the number of subs of most of the papers I've highlighted today, a considerable amount of readers have already chosen to follow them. I've been reading them a long time (in Plugson's and Shoi12's cases, since their very first articles). If you have any gems you wish to share, please do so. I'm curious to discover what else is out there.



Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,847, 11:02


Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,847, 11:07


Lonqu Day 1,847, 11:14


Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,847, 11:43

Voted and subscribed. I recommend your newspaper to others. Your writing is quality and a great addition to eindia's media. I shall definitely check out the papers you've mentioned. o7

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,847, 12:51

Nice reference list, thanks for the nod and more importantly thanks for recommending these other treasures to the eWorld, Plugson and Rigour6 are great reads every time.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,847, 14:07

Great choices. Happy to say that I am long-time subbed to all of these writers except for RGR -- he's just a douche bag.

Fighter100 Day 1,847, 15:18


Wally Cleaver
Wally Cleaver Day 1,847, 20:11

tl;dr but if you want suggestions, I recommend the steak, the fish wasn't that appetizing.

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,847, 20:19

in eIndia, I guess Alector and Sam's paper are decent when it comes to writing informative articles

Plugson Day 1,847, 20:30

RotL (not to be confused with LotR, though confused you will be) should be on anyone's sub list, too. PQ frequently offers a good read to wile away a Sunday morning:

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,848, 00:09

Nice article and these author's are well worth reading, even Reagan's

Zinaa Day 1,848, 10:08

u are still one of my favorite writers Alias o/

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,848, 18:41

good list... the Gipper saga is reaching its ocnclusion though... USA should be relieved - seems he will be CP v soon and then quit the game : D

No more stalkers!!!! and the world will be safe again : )

Have to admire his tenacity - some serious pestilence that! (and i did not mean persistence) : P

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