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Day 1,978, 20:34 Published in USA USA by Azazel Romanov

Been a bit since I wrote last. Wanted to give it a few days before writing again. We have some interesting new developments in the world and at home, so we'll see what we can discuss.

So the training war with Mexico ending up going perfectly. Now we are beginning a training war with Indonesia which I hope strengthens our relations with them and provides some more fun for Americans to battle. As stated in several government articles, we still have our NE, which means we can still act upon any threats during the training war. We've also regained several important MPPs and lost our gold mine, so our moment of vulnerability seems to have passed. However, there are many opportunities and possible challenges waiting for us, so we must remain on guard and watch international affairs carefully. Serbia has already stated its strong opposition to us joining CoT, and they may want to act on that frustration. Given Serbia's current MPP proposal with Romania, looks like things are changing quicker than expected. I'll wait a bit longer to comment on this so the situation can develop further.

Congressional elections are on the horizon as well. I hope all the parties pick capable congressmen with an eye for letting some fresh blood in. Though I predicted a slow month, this month of congress had quite a few important votes and proposals. Despite what you've heard, congress is actually a place of fairly serious discussion. It's a good place to have people hear your thoughts, get yourself noticed in a national setting if you lack cabinet experience, and contribute to the official decisions of US domestic and foreign policy. Serving this month in congress has shown me that there is still quite a lot of value to the legislative branch, whether it's voting on MPPs, NEs, or accepting citizenship. If this sort of activity appeals to you, consider running in the future.

Lastly, presidential season is right around the corner and I expect it to be a very interesting election. Vanek's two month term has allowed for some candidates to prepare, and we should see of important issues both domestic and foreign highlight the campaign. I'll likely be remaining neutral as is my custom, but I'll be sure to comment and give opinions on the different platforms and policy goals.

I'll write again soon to discuss the foreign developments more in-depth, and give some recap on congressional elections. Until then, stay informed.



Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,978, 20:43

Voted cuz Naz is cool like that~

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,978, 21:01

Voted cuz this article is awesome

Dogpyle Day 1,978, 21:03

Voted cause it makes me feel good.

That, and it was a good article.

Keep 'em coming. I love your paper.

fingerguns Day 1,978, 21:29

Voted cause I love you so much.

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