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Winter Skypevision informations and Greatvision informations.

Day 2,180, 10:04 Published in Japan Japan by Lukas Arrav

Great Owl Alliance song contest 2013 (so called Greatvision) has brought 5 nations to participate. Representation of Hungary has won with the artist Deadalone and song called "Rise",progressive metal singed in english. I'm aware that the song is not yet uploaded in the internet, but you can see the whole contest with the song here: . The next contest will be held next year so if you are interested wirte to me.

Skypevision song choosing contest autumn 2013 was won by japanese song of Perfume band called "Light Beam" .

Skypevision song choosing contest winter 2013. You can still sign into the contest, the song choosing is up to 1st December and the contest will be held on 1st December. The rules are simple, you have to choose song of your nation and send me the link for it. Dependent regions and nations can also participate.
All informations about upcoming contest here:



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