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Win GOLD: the PDC's Lottery

Day 1,937, 11:53 Published in Canada Canada by SamLeVil

Vote Incentive Programme - EN
(Programme d'incitation au vote)

Dear eCanadians,

The French-Canadian press always suffered a great deficit in attention from the Canadian population for many reasons:
- Numerous English-Canadian articles are published every week and several of them are of high standards, sparkling great debates in eCanada and monopolizing public attention - proof of a strong(er than we think) eCanadian community
- French readership is low in eCanada, most French-Canadian either left eRepublik, moved from eCanada to eFrance, or are bilingual
- French journalists do not publish very often

From these reasons, it is hardly possible to distinguish the cause from the effect. Nevertheless, I believe eCanada is missing a good part of its potential with this deficit. Since the beginning of the year, I have been looking around for French articles and I found a few very promising journalists who, unfortunately, stopped writing anything, by lack of response. In the name of the newly reformed Parti Démocratique du Canada, I would like to present our latest initiatives to promote French journalism.

Announced on March 6th, 2013, the Francophone Journalism Grant Programme is designed to provide financial incentives for French authors. French authors can fill out this online form to get this financial aid.

Announced today, on March 10th, 2013, the Vote Incentive Programme (or V.I.P.) is designed to also provide financial incentives, but it is aimed to you, the reader. It does not matter whether you speak French or not: if you have any interest in our articles, we do have interest in you. This programme is for you.

The Vote Incentive Programme or VIP

French articles that present a good amount of work from the author, either by its content or by its originality, may present this banner at the bottom:

*here shown as an example only

When you read an article that is "eligible for VIP", you can enter the VIP Lottery!
To enter the lottery, simply VOTE and COMMENT the article!

Later during the week, we will declare a winner, using and the list of comments (the odds of winning are not influenced by how many times one is commenting).

EVERYONE can participate! Except myself, SamLeVil, as I currently administer the VIP.

*The aforementioned rules could change at any moment, without warning - but always to serve better the eCanadian population

For the interested authors,

Please visit this public forum page to learn more on how to get this badge on your article. Instructions are SIMPLE and EASY to follow.

Thank you for your time, and please consider Vote & Shout this article!




SamLeVil Day 1,937, 11:57

Please consider Vote&Shout this article! Thanks! : )

Win GOLD: the PDC's Lottery

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,937, 19:07

I'll keep an eye out. Maybe two.

Notorious420 Day 1,937, 21:49

Voted. Fingers crossed.

chriswen Day 1,938, 18:25

v12 s58

chriswen Day 1,938, 18:26

I see so the banner has to be at the bottom of the article.

SamLeVil Day 1,938, 20:11

Yep. This article only explains the rules of the game. I know a few French eCanadian are going to publish some articles soon.

Stay alert and check any French article to see if they have the badge.

SamLeVil Day 1,938, 20:12

I know that*

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