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Why You Should Join SFP/Answering to a Newbie.

Day 2,310, 14:54 Published in USA USA by Captain Recks

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So I put a newbie in as a undercover agent to ask the SFP Leaders what SFP can offer to a Newbie.
They had no idea that I talked her into working for me.
We met on the IRC and she was checking out different parties' channels and thinking about starting a up a Erep account again.
She quit a long time ago and was going to come back to Erep.
I told her my plan and what to say to the SFP Leaders.
So she contacted them and here are the results.

#1 Insane Kaleb.

Undercover Agent: Hello I am interested in joining SFP but I want to know what they can offer me.

Insane Kaleb: The SFP offers a place like no other. Even as a new member you have the chance to take a leading role in the way the Party moves forward. We have what is known as the Revolutionary Committee, a sort of board of directors, that allows for new members to help decide what moves we make each month.
If you need help with food and weapons there is currently a member helping to supply young players such as yourself with what they need to be successful. If you do decide to join us we also have our own Military Unit the Bear Cavalry You don't have to be a member of the SFP to join so even if you choose another party I recommend you still check out the Bear Cavalry.

Undercover Agent: Cool, Thanks

Insane Kaleb: Glad I could help. If you want to stop by our forum and say hi it is located here>

The next one is one of SFPs newer members that has a bunch of great ideas. Pilot Phil.

Undercover Agent: Hello I am interested in joining SFP but I want to know what they can offer me.

PilotPhil: I am a fairly new member myself, but was just recently asked to join it's Revolutionary Committee. The SPF but its a good group. The SPF along with our associated MU The Bear Cavalry are committed to freedom and liberty. We encourage Freedom Fighting and liberating others. New members get some welcome gifts of tanks and food, and daily you can request more. If you were to join I would suggest becoming a member of Bear Cavalry as well and we do most of our actions together. I will say that there are times when fighting for the liberty of others does go contrary to the goals of the current USA government. That being said, we are all patriots and realize that a strong USA allows us the ability to help others. Lots of members helped me a ton with advice and a few donations too. I am sure you would find the same welcoming response I did. Holler if you have any more questions!

Undercover Agent: Thanks, SFP looks like it might be my new Political Home

PilotPhil: Good deal!

Up next is SFPs grumpy old man.
Shiloh13. He's not really grumpy he's just SFPs old man.

Undercover Agent: Hello I am interested in joining SFP but I want to know what they can offer me.

Shiloh13: Hi Jane, We try to help out with new players all the time. We have a couple of programs where we help out with food and tanks, all you got to do is ask, if you joined the party. Actually right now the SFP has just entered into a new phase of player activity and there are a lot of plans in the works. But the best way is to head on over join up and check it out for a few days, see if it is to your liking. If you do and have any questions just put it out there in our Party feed, there is always someone that will be more than happy to answer any questions or help you out. Granted we are a smaller party but also one of the oldest in the eUS. I think there is going to be some interesting stuff happening for us over the next couple of months.
So come on over.

All the best,

Undercover Agent: Cool thanks

Everyone knows Phoenix Quinn and Our Agent is about to get some scoop from him on why Newbies should join SFP.

Undercover Agent: Hello I am a newbie and I'm thinking about joining SFP.
But before I join I want to know what they can offer me

Phoenix Quinn: SFP offers a welcoming community that is both laid-back and engaging. Also plenty of folks are willing to help answer questions, offer assistance, etc.

But whether you join SFP or not, I hope you have fun exploring this strange world of eRepublik and feel free to ask for help if needed.

Best regards,

Undercover Agent: Thanks 🙂

The newly returned Ghost of Tom Joad had a very different response than everyone else.

Undercover Agent: Hello I am interested in joining SFP but I want to know what they can offer me.

Ghost of Tom Joad: My favorite thing is the elections:
Most parties will have a primary, outside of the game. The elite can decide the outcome, before the election. If you decide to run against their Ringer, you may be accused of working with the enemy.
That has never been the SFP way.

Fair treatment for all:
Players are not treated differently, due to their age. The right to work, vote and military enlistment, are chosen by the game administrators. Each member acts on his or her own. But, the party does not intervene on these issues.

Lastly, I would say, "Inspiration"
I've been in a few other parties. But, my eureka moments always happen here. We started the Bear Cavalry. (Before the MUs existed.) We started the social welfare programs, Tanks for Tots, Government Cheese and Rainy Day food Reserve Initiative.

Introduce yourself to the party feed. See if you don't get a warm welcome.
We are all here, if you have any questions.

Undercover Agent: Cool.

Last but not least...... DeweyHaveanuph.
Lets see how he fell for it.

Undercover Agent: Hello I am interested in joining SFP but I want to know what they can offer me.

DeweyHaveanuph: The SFP is a great party! Some would call it the only party of true freedom. We have several programs to help new players get along in the eWorld, from weapon supplies to communes, vote programs to food banks, and hopefully soon, regular congress seats. We even have our own military unit, Bear Cavalry, where theres even more fun. Now is a great time to join up in the SFP as were going through a reformation of sorts, a revolution, and well need as many great minds as possible! The SFP also has a rich history as one of the oldest parties in the eUSA. But down to brass tacks, the reason I love the SFP and call her my party, is the community, the people. My words cant really do them justice, but you can check out our offsite forum, the links on the party page. Of course to get full access youll have to register but its a cinch. The SFP is really something different. Im biased but id say its worth a try. Join up, say hi on the feed and forum, chat up the oldfags, if you don't like it your free to leave. Follow your bliss, Comrade.



Undercover Agent: I will try it.
Thanks 😃

We also asked Jude Connors, MessianicNoahide and TheNorm.
But we were never contacted back by them.
Lol.... Pilot Phil was contacting me about a newbie who was contacting him about joining SFP and it was my little friend.
A Special Thanks to Jane Underwood for helping me with this little mission.
You SFP guys did great. Big o7 to all y'all SFPers who took their time to inform what they thought was a simple little newbie.

Aren't I a great PP. 😃

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Captain Recks
Captain Recks Day 2,310, 15:29

First Reserved for My Newbie Friend.
Good Job Jane! 😉

Code-Y Day 2,310, 16:19

Interesting test 😁.

Captain Recks
Captain Recks Day 2,310, 16:57


Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 2,310, 18:47

Lots of awesomeness going on in the SFP these days. Wonderful to see.

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,310, 18:47


By the way, she messaged me yesterday and I just got home from work. Just saying.

Captain Recks
Captain Recks Day 2,311, 09:33

Well I didn't want to have the article super long so I thought I would go ahead and release it.

MessianicNoahide Day 2,311, 16:38


Haselrig Day 2,311, 08:29

Hey, Tom's back 🙂

Tree Fiddy
Tree Fiddy Day 2,311, 10:41

lawl felt something was afoot, noobs typically don't ask such questions. I thought maybe an oldfag reincarnated

Captain Recks
Captain Recks Day 2,311, 11:08


Jane Underwood
Jane Underwood Day 2,311, 11:11

Hi guys

PilotPhil Day 2,312, 09:01

Hook, line and sinker...

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,312, 16:51



Tanishq Day 2,316, 21:09


An Anonymous Mess
An Anonymous Mess Day 2,331, 15:35



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