Why Rotterdam is better than Amsterdam

Day 4,262, 04:19 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by ElGorro
Why Rotterdam is better than Amsterdam

This is a shout-out to implement more cities in eRepublik. The place of your residence is an important part of your real life identity. The same goes for your eRepublik residence to be an important part of your ingame identity.

In the Netherlands, clearly Rotterdam beats Amsterdam (see link and link), but as both cities are in the same region there is no space for these rival cities. As it's impossible for me to choose Rotterdam as residence, I had to choose Amsterdam. For a real Rotterdammer, that's something unforgiven. I am sure it's the same for other countries as well. Comment them if you want.

At the moment eRepublik has four cities implemented in the Netherlands, one for each region:
Amsterdam (Western Netherlands)
Arnhem (Eastern Netherlands)
Groningen (Nothern Netherlands)
Maastricht (Southern Netherlands)

These are the so called capital cities of that region.

But lets have a look on the largest cities of the Netherlands
We see Amsterdam at #1, Groningen at #6, Arnhem at #13 and Maastricht not even in the Top 20. But what about all the 'forgotten cities'?

So let's call for the implementation of multiple cities per region.
Let the people choose the residence they really want!