Why not be a reporter ? ❆ Informations ❆

Day 2,778, 13:51 Published in Belgium Belgium by Ely.nea
I love write a lot of different articles, today i hope it will be informative for new players or maybe oldest ones.

Version française ici sur le forum eBelgium.

I see a lot of articles.
I'm not one expert of course but sometimes new players wanted to write and don't know how to do.

At first, i would like help the press in ebelgium sure, if any new ebelgian wants to become a reporter, he can make a private message to me and we will see about "2 golds" to make his newspaper.

let's go...

And you can combine them

Here [bold][italic]You[/italic][/bold] and [bold]Combine[/bold]

♦♦ ░W░E░L░C░O░M░E░ ON ░G░O░O░G░L░E░ ♦♦

Sometimes i use this site to have few special caracters but i'm pretty sure, you know well them.
•••¤» Line Art : ASCII art in one line

Few informations about pictures and links to add in the article :

◕…… You can't put the link of your picture directly from your computer you need a web host
---) I use this one : HostingPics but every gamer can make his choice about those sites.
!!! You must use the direct link !

◕…… Sometimes, several links from a site don't work because you have one "?" in the adress, or just erepublik doesn't like it (inside the game, we can have this problem, then you need to make a short link...
---) I use this one to make a TinyURL

Some other fonctions :

Ok, that's what you can do with what you see but there is more code that can be used.

You want to add a picture and when you click on you go on a website ?

I used that to put music for example :

Some other informations :

▲ Right : Write your text/show your picture on the right side

▲ Center : Write your text/show your picture in the middle

▲ indent: work a bit like the tab key


With this system you can organise your text as you want.
As long you don't close a indent, your article will continue on the same tab.

Superscript: - ) X2

Subscript : - ) H2O

Want to add some smiley's ? Here is the list.

To finish this article we must take care about :

If you have this message : "CRFS Attack detected" you can return to the previous page and try again.
Don't forget to "save" it before you publish (it's better] on "Word" and to make a verification about "faults" (for example).

- Admins can punish a person who doesn't respect rules about articles.

Why to write articles ? Because the press is an important part of the community.
If you make articles of quality you can have money with "endorses".

Why not put more activities in your community ?