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Why I Should Be a Part of TC!

Day 1,763, 13:28 Published in USA USA by Samoht Resyk

Being in TC is more than just being part of a Military Unit, it is being apart of a Family Unit. You have seen what Life in the Day of a TC Soldier is like. Now I will explain what are some of the benefits of that life.

Today we will talk about one of the most important parts of this game: Supplies. Wars are fought by soldiers with supplies.

Note*All the data present is based on the average TC soldier who has a wellness capacity of 300, who fights three times a day. The prices of materials and wages are based on the data available at the writing of this article
08:00 Sep 17 Day 1,763 of the New World

To fight you need food and it does not hurt to have weapons.

Before I explain the benefits of working in the commune lets see what it is like not working in the commune.
It is just you verses the world. Are you ready

You start your day by working and training. You have a good boss and make $51.11 before taxes. You also have a food factory and weapons factory giving you 200 Q1 Food and 20 Q1 Weapons. You also product 40 extra food raw and 135 weapons raw. You have now worked and trained which brings you down 60 health, given you 240 left.
Let go to the market and make some more money

You sell your 40 raw food material at the rate of $0.02 giving you $0.80 bring your cash on hand $51.91 (I am not taking out taxes just to make it easier)
You sell your 135 Raw weapon material at the rate of $0.12 giving you $16.20 giving you a grand total of $68.11. Now we will need 900 food units to make it through the day. We already have 200 so only 700 more needed so we will buy 70 Q5 Food (makes math easier). That cost us $24.50 and we have all the food we need. The rest goes to WEAPONS

We have $43.61 to buy tanks which will give us 4 Q6 Tanks (that is the tanks we normally give out.)
That is not very many tanks…

Now how about working for the TC Commune.

In order to work for the TC Commune you need to work for the mighty warrior known as GENERAL BRAD GWATNEY.

You are only paid Minimum wage but you are now part of the commune. Contact Gen Brad with any questions about working for the commune.

***Hold on a second please…

I had a little something on my nose I had to get off.

I am back

Supplies are given out on a daily basis. You may request food, weapons and USD. The follow is a little FAQ about supplies.

Where do I request supplies?
If you are working for the Commune you just need to fill out this form.

How often do I get supplies?
If you are working for the Commune then you are eligible to get supplies once a day. However, the supplies are not just given out to everyone working in the commune. You have to put in a NEW request in each day.

How many supplies do I get?
Supplies are given out, as they are available. There is no set amount you get but there are some things that are factored in. The amount we have on hand, your strength/health, and time with TC. If we are low on weapons you may be a smaller amount. There is nothing you did wrong we just cannot give out more then we have.

How long do I have to wait to get supplies?
I fill Supply Requests through out the day every expect Saturday. Like when the children of Israel were in the wilderness you will need to get a double portion on Friday if your request is made before 1400hrs eRep time.

*Bible Reference
If for some reason you are not able to get your supply request in by that time on Friday I normally get to request Sunday Morning. If you need supplies before then you will have to ask a Senior Officer on IRC.

In most cases you will never wait more then 12 hours for supplies and if it is going to be longer I will post in the in-game MU message board, like this:

What happens if I am already working for someone and have three days until I can start working for the commune?
You may still request supplies if you are going to work for the Commune. Just let me know that is your plan in your request.

What happens if I don’t have enough storage space?
Then you will not get as many supplies. I will message you letting you know that you got only a partial fill. You will get more details in your message.

Do I fill out a separate form for requesting USD?
You should put all your request into one form. It makes it easier for me and ensures you get what you need. If you make one request for supplies then later request USD make sure that you put a note about that in your form. If not I may not fill it. It will show up as a double order and I deny those.

Wait you mean you will give me money (USD)?
Yes, if you need money for moving then yes. However, you are only given money for deployments or approved moves. If you see an order to move in the JMO or TCO then you can request funds to move. If an Officer ask you to move to do a battle then you can request funds.

If you move to fulfill the DO order (when it does not match the JMO or TCO) your request maybe denied depending on funds available. If you are moving to get a BH or another personal move your funds maybe denied. Funds are first and foremost for fulfilling Orders. You may still request fund but do not abuse the system.

You may also request funds if you need to buy or upgrade your factors and such. Just because you put in a request does not mean that you will receive it. But if funds are available then you may get it.

Do I get more weapons if I do not request food?
No. If you request weapons and not food you will get the same amount of weapons if you would have asked for food.

Could I do better just working for someone else for a higher pay?
As you saw early you would be hard press to get more then 5 Q6 Weapons and 100 Q5 Food. The lowest ranking player working in the commune normally gets around $200 USD worth of supplies daily and some of the older higher ranking players get around $725 worth of supplies. Which one do you think is better?

The Commune is made of AWESOME SAUCE!!! How do I join?

All the information on joining can be found here Logistics - Commune and Supply Information or you can message Brad Gwatney

Sam I am signing off!



Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,763, 13:38

Good article, go TC!

Adiath Day 1,763, 14:24

Great article!

Samoht Resyk
Samoht Resyk Day 1,763, 14:24

Thanks Bia and Adiath. And a big thanks to Adiath for proof reading it!!!

Silmarilliony Day 1,763, 20:51

Perfect article, dude.

AlexOsbourne Day 1,764, 01:14

Extra spicy awesome sauce!

darksrevan Day 1,764, 04:25

Join TC!!

jadiv Day 1,764, 06:02

good article

ChubbZilla Day 1,764, 06:04

Nice article, voted and subbed.

Spamgobbler Day 1,764, 06:36


seeker1 Day 1,764, 07:11


Edison~Trent Day 1,764, 07:18

Very good! GO TC!!!

jmurrib21 Day 1,764, 08:43

Great article 07. Even with the little something on the nose. 🙂

Verdugo22 Day 1,764, 11:32


kitmen Day 1,764, 12:15

Oh TC... You so crazy.

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 1,764, 12:43

Quite a good deal right ther

Tornok Day 1,764, 16:21


clevin Day 1,764, 17:29


BMai Day 1,764, 21:24

>.> Something doesnt look right here...

Gryphon Skull
Gryphon Skull Day 1,764, 21:24

Join TC for the cookies and cake!

Heather Fuchs
Heather Fuchs Day 1,765, 00:29

I highly endorse and/or approve this message....

except - needs more pie.

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,765, 02:57

Semper FI !

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Day 1,765, 03:02

extra hot awesome sauce

LeeDO Day 1,765, 05:06

great article


DisturbedReflection Day 1,765, 07:56


snake dr
snake dr Day 1,765, 08:01


fingerguns Day 1,765, 09:35

I love TC!!! You guys totally helped me when I came back to eRep. Love forever.

Oxy744 Day 1,766, 15:38

/me gives TC even more pie

Cbowmom87 Day 1,769, 08:36

Awesomesauce!!! goes well with pie.

Nicholas Leimenstoll
Nicholas Leimenstoll Day 1,771, 11:18

good article

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