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Why I'm Voting We The People

Day 1,923, 00:02 Published in USA Ireland by Mercurius100

When casting votes for Congress this month we voters are asked to choose between four legitimate eUS parties and their portfolios of potential representatives. We can vote for a ticket because of a specific person on the ticket that we like, or a specific person on a rival ticket that we don't particularly care for. But party philosophy is also very important. When looking at how a group acts towards its members, chooses its leaders, and the philosophy it will bring to leading our government, I find one party that stands out as who I want to lead our nation.

I'm voting We The People on February 25th.

What I see in WTP that I feel is important for our country is an unequaled openness to new and differing ideas. I don't always agree with the opinions of other players, including many WTP members. But having a group of leaders that encourages new and different ideas is what our country needs to move forward. Far too often we as a people are dismissive of any opinion that is not in the majority, declaring those who disagree with conventional wisdom are radicals who are ignorant of the true facts and do not understand how the world works. As a result our country becomes stagnant, stuck in the philosophy of the past while the world leaves us behind.

New ideas are needed to create the future the eUS both needs and deserves. The creativity of our citizens is unparalleled and can make the eUS the eWorld's leader once again. But we need to encourage all citizens to bring their ideas to the table, and we need to actually listen.

WTP offers us the most diverse array of voices of any party ticket. And they'll freely tell you about those very diverse beliefs, a valuable leadership skill in itself. But even more important than the individuals and their views is the leadership philosophy that will embrace diverse viewpoints and doesn't stifle ideas that differ from the consensus.

WTP offers a ticket combining old and new players. Not dominated by old players who have been in office since laws were written on stone tablets, nor filled with token new faces to blatantly pander to the younger eRep generation. Because both old and new players can be great leaders. The next great idea can indeed come from a new player. It can come from an old player too. We need leadership in government that will seize upon the ideas that will make our country greater, not dismiss ideas because the person suggesting them is too young, or too old, or too radical, or even a little too annoying. WTP doesn't just pay lip-service to these principles, they have shown it in action in choosing their own leadership and in nominating people to be leaders of our nation.

Several days ago when talking with fellow APP member Contrajuras he reminded me about the articles I wrote when I first began my own lone term in Congress. In the midst of World War III, I went to Congress representing enemy-occupied Vermont. Even while facing enemy invasion from all sides, partisanship in the government was at an all-time high, so I wrote this:

I believe that there is a better way to conduct politics in the eUS. We need not assume that only the party we belong to can come up with the best ideas for our country. We should not be shouting down others because we came up with an idea so we must be right, and they didn't so they must be wrong. We cannot claim that a proposal is the correct one if only one party crafts an idea while shutting out input from the rest of the country, even if they have the power to force their proposal through.

We shouldn't be asking what proposals are the best for myself or my party, but what proposals are best for my country. To do that we need to be able to work together, to debate towards creating the best ideas for how to advance our country, with input from people of all political viewpoints.

I still believe those words, and I believe they are just as important for the eUS today as they were in 2009. I believe our country cannot stay still, cannot remain as it is today. Nor can we sit and wait for a better time, when things are better or when the admins have added new changes to the game. We must move forward, and lead the eWorld forward with us. To move forward, we need ideas. We need ideas from everybody, new and old, mainstream and radical, and everyone in between. And we need leaders for our country who will not only encourage new ideas but will listen and honestly consider them based on their merits, not based on who says them.

I look at all the legitimate eUS parties running for Congress this month, and one party stands out from the others as qualified to provide the type of leadership the eUS needs today. One party who can bring honest inclusiveness, an openness to new and different ideas, and a willingness to listen to all points of view. They've done it in their own party, and they can lead by example with the attitudes we need for our country to move forward and succeed.

That party is We The People, and that's who I'm voting for on the 25th.

President of the American Progressive Party
Former Recruiting Director, Director of Elections, 5-time President of America's Advancement Party
Former Congressman for Occupied Vermont



Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Day 1,923, 00:12

Very good article!

JyM23 Day 1,923, 01:43

Big vote!

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,924, 09:47


Thern alpha
Thern alpha Day 1,952, 00:07

nice article sorry for the late vote

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