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Why I am in the AMP

Day 1,850, 09:42 Published in USA USA by Syz2

When I joined this game some months ago, I really didn't know anything about the political parties. I didn't know who to ask, or what articles were most genuine. I wanted a party that could not only help me be prosperous and useful throughout all my time on the game, but a party who wanted new players and could help them get started as well. Back then I was struggling with money as it was when jobs started falling, and I struggled to complete my daily order within my military unit.

My employer happened to be John Largo. A great guy, though I didn't realize what a patriot and strong marine he was, and how much he serves the nation. But he was good in his salary, not dropping it as immediately as the job market was falling. I took a look at him, and noticed he is in the American Military Party. Perhaps this party could help me fight more effectively, as I was struggling to have enough supplies for Daily Order, as Largo has so many battle hero, campaign hero, and top fighter medals.

When I joined I saw many other new people, many asking for food and other help, and all the AMP members responded as helpfully as possible. If anyone needed anything, the party was there to help their members. Through my time in the party I learned that it isn't just a party just devoted to the military like its name might suggest. It is a party for everyone, whether you even fight or not, there is a place for you and your voice is welcome. The AMP wasn't just a party devoted to politics or the military, it was a place that helps players, new or not, to find supplies and opportunities they need. I had a slight fear that since it was the number one party and had many members, maybe I was too insignificant to be noticed beyond all the other players. I was wrong. They are a party for everyone, and its clear why they are the top party.

I soon directed myself to the AMP forums. I found everything I could ask from my party here. Here I could apply for free tanks, learn about politics, ask questions, vote for who I want to be party president and country president, and even just find a place to have fun and talk about whatever I want to talk about. Here everything I had questions on were now clear, I had a place where I could be useful, and I found a place where I could be listened to.

With AMP things started getting much better. I rose to captain, then second commander, then commander of my military unit, because AMP helped me get the information and motivation to be a leader. I became a round table deputy, being able to be directly involved in my party, helping to run the tank program and hopefully the internship program. And when real life gets ahead of me, I find a party full of people with the same thing, but who are motivated enough to get so much done without having the time to do it, and motivating me to do the same.

AMP didn't just help me as a beginning player, its still helping me now. The party wants to help, and will. We try to get new players into congress. Our retention department can get you an internship in a party department. If you have questions or just want to have fun, you just have to check out our forums and IRC; we often have game nights where you can win gold and tanks. The AMP isn't just a military party, it is a party for everyone, and we have whatever you look for in a party. We will get you where you want to go.

I'm a proud AMP member and I'm not going anywhere else.

You can check out our party page here:

Our forums are here:



emdoublegee Day 1,850, 10:54

Feel the AMPS! Stellar article syz,and we are glad to have you in AMP partying with us!

BeachBunny Day 1,850, 11:03


Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 1,850, 11:35

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

Kled Day 1,850, 16:22

Good Article

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,850, 16:45

You're doing good Syz2

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

Temiser Day 1,850, 17:02


✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

Haliman Day 1,850, 17:16

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

NueveOcho Day 1,850, 17:22

I joined AMP because I hate Serbians too!
And I also hate Hungarians.
Well, I have to go with my Albanian friends, we are going back to our cave and do Albanian stuff like killing innocent people for teh lulz
Hail AMP o/
Hail Elitism o/

Eric Vanderberg
Eric Vanderberg Day 1,850, 22:44

John Largo keeps cutting my salary but I still love him :3

Cholan II
Cholan II Day 1,850, 22:49

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

Devil.s.Dance Day 1,851, 23:40

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,851, 08:55

vote+sub good job

send please : (

HannyaTR Day 1,851, 08:59

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,851, 11:43

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

redbirdusa Day 1,851, 16:29

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

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