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Why food is the best weapon!

Day 1,087, 10:10 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by ePocalypse

For an example of food used well in battle click here.

Now, joking aside, in eRepublik you are able to use 300 wellness of food per day. That’s 30 fights worth, assuming you start the day with 100 wellness and finish the day with 100 wellness.

Food is cheaper than weapons. At current prices, it costs about £2.60/fight to regain wellness from food. This applies whether or not you use a weapon.

If you are going to fight 30 times or more, then that’s the only time you should really be even considering using a weapon. This is because it is cheaper to fight more times with the use of food alone and do more damage than if you had spent money on weapons.

This is easily proven with some basic maths.

Take my damage as an example:

Taken from my damage calc spreadsheet

For 1 fight

Barehanded will do 186 damage and will cost me £2.60 to regain lost wellness. That’s a damage of 71.5 per GBP spent.

Fighting with a 20 damage, single use weapon (Q1), I can do 223 damage but it will cost me £2.60 plus the price of the weapon. The cheapest at the time of writing is £4.50.
So 223 damage for £7.10 is 31.40 damage per GBP spent.

Barehanded is therefore 228% more efficient than fighting with a weapon.

Now most people don’t fight just once. Some people, however, do fight just 5 times or so and those that use weapons for those 5 fights are wasting a lot of money.

For 5 fights

Barehanded will do 930 damage and will cost me £13 to regain lost wellness. Still a damage of 71.5 per GBP spent.

Fighting with a 20 damage, single use weapon (Q1), I can do 1115 damage but it will cost me £13 plus the price of the weapons (£22.50). Again 31.40 damage per GBP spent.

Now some of you will say that you do more damage with the weapon so it’s worth it but let’s look at the alternative. In this instance I would have spent £35.50 on fighting. If I spent that same amount on barehanded fights, I would be able to fight 13.65 times. Lets round that down to 13 to be on the generous side. In 13 barehanded fights, I can do 2418 damage. That’s well over double the damage from spending the same amount of money and the gap gets even wider when you look at higher quality weapons! Even with Q5 weapons, you can only do double the damage that you can do barehanded and the price of them means a very low efficiency.

Weapons are clearly overpriced due to the production or damage formulas in the current system.

No-one with any sense should be using a weapon unless they are going to fight around 30 times or more. Even then, they should understand that it is an inefficient way of fighting and that they would perhaps be better off saving the money for an important battle.

Of course there are times when we simply have to put down the most damage possible and if London were to be invaded I would recommend not only that everyone fights 30 times or more but that they also invest in the highest quality weapons that they can afford. Weapons offer the extra damage that you need for important battles where you should be fighting as hard as possible.

I don’t know what our current army system is but I hope it’s not simply issuing 3 or 4 weapons and a bit of food and getting them to fight 5 times. If it is, we’d be much better off issuing more food and saving the weapons for major battles (whilst increasing food production and reducing weapon production). The same principle applies to the militia’s that seem to be trying to start up. If you want them to be self sufficient, issuing food rather than weapons is the key to putting down the most damage as a unit for the least expenditure.

Dan Moir.



Tomazim Day 1,087, 11:12

I do agree; the army should concentrate on food more than weapons atm.

sqpusher Day 1,087, 12:10

Brilliant article.

TemujinBC Day 1,087, 12:53

Don't bother fighting with weapons. It won't make any difference anyways. See you in London!


Skillz88 Day 1,087, 14:18

I wish we had a hat like the Americans. Votato!

The Home Guard
The Home Guard Day 1,087, 15:13

Should be making use of this; HG soldiers will be supplied with 8xQ3 food per day now.

helia 14
helia 14 Day 1,087, 15:40

thats true! though my q2 foods are cheaper !! lol

Marko MK
Marko MK Day 1,087, 17:19

@skillz88 It's called scotland, when it's ours.

Apollon the Magnificent
Apollon the Magnificent Day 1,100, 05:10

awesome. thanks. v+s

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