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Why America?

Day 1,779, 10:52 Published in USA USA by Duncan Crowe

With all the blatant lies and propaganda spouting from the mouths of The Gypper (RGR), Chickensguys, Hannibal LA, along with others in the AFA it's easy to forget why we choose to vote for America in the first place?

Why vote for Pfeiffer, Largo, or Potato? Why should we not vote for Hannibal LA or other fiends like him?

Well, I hope to explain why we vote for America. This article will be composed of two parts, one for explaining why not to join the AFA and parties similar, and the other part will explain why you should vote for America, and the ideals of uniting under a common banner.

If you already know how bad the AFA is, feel free to skip the first part and head right on to the second part.

Part One: Why not vote for the AFA?

First, Let's look at the alternatives to an American vote. The main forum for American dissent seems to be the American Freedom Alliance, or AFA, so let's saunter over to their hellhole and have a look at what they represent.

Their mission statement is, as follows:The American Freedom Alliance is the only party defending our country and what is great about America. The other parties are trying to surrender our regions and suppress dissent. Stand with the AFA. Stand for America.

Despite stating that they represent America, ergo a stand for them is a stand for America, this could not be farther from the truth. The party features members of many enemy and foreign nations, including SERBIA and HUNGARY.

To show this, I will choose the first 2 pages, of members. I will not hand-pick. Please, don't give me shit if your first two pages aren't the same as my first two pages. Deal with it. Also, the damage reflects damage done on Day 1777 of the New World.

Appendix A - Click Here

So, not handpicking members of the AFA, we still have 58% of their first two pages anti-America. If that standard holds true for the rest of the party, that means that 325 members of 559 (Last count) are anti-America.

Terrible for a party that seems to represent “American values”.

Additionally, let’s look at what happens when you do hand pick members. For this, I will link an article from Aeriala, another Fed. partier, which got major news coverage a week or so ago.

If this isn’t enough to convince you the AFA is up to no good with their “revolt”, have a look at what their congressman propose in the name of "freedom " and "American values"(Last Two Weeks):

Appendix B - Click Here

Based on their congressmen/women and their membership, the American Freedom Alliance does not stand for American values at all, rather the values of those that support them, mainly Serbs, Hungarians, and sometimes FYROMians.

Even their nominee for PotUS openly shows his discontent for America.


Additionally, Here's a post made by Cromstar, outlining the full story of Ronald Gypper Reagan.

Teh Post

The AFA is evil.

They do not stand for America.

They shouldn’t even be citizens.

So, the first reason to vote for America is that anyone that disagrees with the values of America seems to represent another nation’s interests and/or just wants to increase their own standing in American politics by falsely placing their claims under and thereby associated with the values of “America”.

Now that we’ve looked at why you shouldn’t vote for the major dissenting opinion, being the AFA. Let’s look at why you should vote for American values, rather than that of enemy nations and the propaganda The Gypper and Chickenguys spread.

I’ll highlight three major points: Brotherhood/Community, Ideals, and Pure Awesomeness

Part Two: Why Vote For ‘MURICA

Point One - Brotherhood/Community

In America, the sense of community and brotherhood is astounding, as the United States offers a community like no other.

For example, there are many forums where one can express their own ideas, and put them up for discussion. These include, but are not limited to, the United States National Forum, the AMP Forum, and the Fed Party forum.

I know what you’re thinking. So what? Other nations can have forums, and numerous means of communication.

However, the American forums feature well over 10,000 posts monthly, and the party forums just add to that count. Additionally, each official military unit of the United States Armed Forces offers their own section. Even private MUs have their own forums, such as in the case of EZC.

In my opinion, much of eRepublik is founded in the community and the players that you meet, not actually in the game itself. These forums offer a medium of communication for one to express each and every idea that they have, if they so choose.

While expressing views and getting involved, participating in American politics allows you to meet many new people.

Talk about being heard, talk about America.

Point Two - Ideals

Meritocracy -

The true power of America lies in the ability of its citizens.

While dissenters like to claim that elitist dominate the world, that is not true. Sure, they already have power, while you do not.

But, I mean, it’s just a game. Put some work in, show devotion, and a strong sense of work ethic and its very easy to rise to the top.

Of course it will take time, work, and devotion, but the reward is sweet. So don’t be bitter, work hard, and enjoy the meritocracy that the United States offers.

Prosperity -

Often, many people in this game forget that success in this game is not as objective as joining Congress or becoming President.

It’s about the experience, the thrill of victory after a struggle and/or defeat.
Whether it be in a MU or Party, America offers these experience.

If one so chooses and with a little perseverance, even a complete newb can rise up, gaining friends along the way, and experience the thrill of interacting with other people while completing a task.

In America, this thrill is palpable, but under the AFA not so much, as many seek only to improve their own goals.

Patriotism -

The patriotism of the average eRep. American citizen is astounding.

Joining in with this patriotism and seeing your country succeed, as America does, is one of the best feelings ever, and I hope that all of you feel the same. The feeling of accomplishment fighting for a nation consecrated by powerful patriots is astounding.

For example, when America turned the tide on FYROM and as a result they decided to end the war before they lost, was one of the best feelings ever.

Point Three - Pure Awesomeness

Let’s face it: Half of why we vote for America is because of awesomeness.

In truth, America is awesome. The people in America are awesome. When we combine together, we’re pretty damn awesome.

Such as when we wiped Serbia:

Or when Hungary was wiped:

Every Time the American people get together under one banner, one leader who seeks nothing but the best for America, epicness ensues.

Epic America = Your America

So, Don’t unite under false hope. Don’t unite under people such as Ronald Gypper Reagan, or Sidarta. These men/women/other do not represent true American values.

Stand for American values, not the values of the AFA.

If not for morality and integrity, at least stand for America.



This TL:DR is finally over. Hoped you learned something.

-Duncan Crow


One of my articles would not be complete without some mindless sex appeal, though I’ll put it at the end.


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,779, 10:57


Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,779, 11:00

We don't believe in cheap politic.propag.
There are 20-30 players/AMP,USWP,WTP,Fed P/
who want
all the polit.power in eUSA
and to be absolute masters of all players

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,779, 11:01

Says the serb^

Good article, very informative.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,779, 11:03

@JJ - Thanks!

@Sidarta - The irony of that comment...

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,779, 11:04

You are the 2nd in command in the government militia MU... yeah, real unbiased.

also, the Macedonians have almost all left, and there are only a handful of Hungarians. Romanians are another large foreign group we have, but you forgot that, and the dozens of other ones, including the substantial # of Americans, etc... but whatever.....


Voting for Pfeiffer is voting for losing our treasury

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,779, 11:23


Bah. There is hardly a bias in my article, though you are welcome to find it. If you notice, I didn't just say "Vote for America cuz we epic." I'm pretty sure I made a logical, cohesive argument and a fair interpretation of the AFA party.

Secondly, you are welcome to find the "loyal americans" in your party. Though, from what I have seen, they are very hard to find and you will likely have to handpick. Notice, I did not.

bigcdizzle Day 1,779, 11:30


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,779, 11:55

It is not fair.

It is a lie.

Everything I speak is the truth... like it or not.

NOTLD Day 1,779, 12:23

3 times banned orangutan preaching others?
and I thought I've seen all...

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,782, 16:14

I must admit it has all been very amusing. My problem is who the frack to believe?

dus_led Day 1,782, 22:01

republic of china same china????? lol
RoC is taiwan, not china. why prove your standard?

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