WHPR 5599 National Initiative #3, +Xtra Quinn

Day 5,598, 18:15 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room
WHPR 5599 National Initiative #3, +Xtra Quinn
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Dateline: Monday March 20, 2023 (Day 5599 )
Location: James S Brady Press Room, The White House

In Today’s White House Press Report:
:1: National Initiative #3
:2: Repair Yard : Double Dose

Editor’s Note: Go to the #grab-bags channel on eUSA on Discord.
See the pinned message there.

National Initiative #3
Press Corps Writer Custer

Let’s wrap up National Initiative #2 first.
You may remember the goal— to raise 2.5 million for GIMP.
At editing time, we’ve donated a total of half a mil, and most of that came from a few big donors.
No Victory flag.

Even as Initiative #2 was swirling the porcelain, those same few big donors and myself put together a game in which you are to be rewarded anyways.

But… and this is an important “but”...
It’s gambling, so not only are we not doing it on eRep we’re not even going to talk about it on eRep. Or link it.

Go to the #grab-bags channel on eUSA on Discord.
See the pinned message there, or the header line, for instructions.

Initiative #3 launches at 12:00 Noon eRep time (US west coast) on Monday Day 5599.
A future International Initiative will happen at a more convenient Euro time.

Press Corps Writer Pfenix Quinn

Sure, everybody knows that clicking the fight button, building an empire, and hanging out with a bunch of bozos on Telegram and Discord bus playing war is a real hoot. But eRepublik also offers you a chance to inspire others with words, music anda art. It's called the media module. Use it only for good!
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to reamin an artist once you grow up.

You're prepared. You're armed. You know to chop of their heads. But also remember... Wear gloves when chopping down zombies to avoid a nasty bite!
Make no mistake. Zombies want your BRAINS!!

Kickstart the media. Every keystroke counts.

WHPR 5599 Initiative #3, Xtra Knowledge

Your White House Press Corps Writers Today,
Phenix Quinn, and Custer.