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WHPR 2129 - Huge eNPR Show; ATO Wrapup; English Letters; War Map

Day 2,129, 00:21 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room
WHPR 2129 - Huge eNPR Show; ATO Wrapup; English Letters; War Map
Literary giant Phoenix Quinn and Great Ape Colin Lantrip ponder the state of America today.

Dateline: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 (Day 2,129)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: eNPR Tuesday Night Review
:: 1a: First Guest Colin Lantrip
:: 1b: Last Guest Ajay/RGR
:: 1c: eNPR Wrapup
: 2: ATO Action: What's Next
: 3: English Letters
: 4: War Maps & Analysis

Editor: Co-SecMeds Melissa Rose and Custer
Contributors: Staff Writers Bucephalus92, Mourning Star, Phoenix Quinn, and Guest Writer Talostastic

eNPR, Your Oval Office Radio
Tuesday Night Host and Co-eNPR Director Talostastic

Excerpts from the Opening Segment with Colin Lantrip

In the opening segment, Colin sold it to us straight. “The push to remove Poland isn't going well, and it was made a measure more difficult by the Epic tournament, though it may not have been going too much better without. The appearance of the Tournament wiped out about 2 months worth of progress, on nearly every front except Macedonia.”
He added, "Our success has been short-lived. As soon as they catch on, they're going to be beating us into the ground again."

"Short of, you know, millions and millions of CC, I don't see a way out of it [...] That's TWO in general, not just Poland."

The Great Ape summarized the current situation with, ”The bottom line was something major needs to change, be it with Taxes, how we utilize our Damage and Combat Orders.”

Either way, there will be tough times ahead.

Excerpts from the After Show with Ajay/RGR

After an opening salvo where Ajay informed us we were “wasting our time”, Custer fired back that the battle of Morale is far more important than any long-term success or lack of the monthly PP PTO might bring us.

After “The Gipper” promised us he would eventually reach a point where we would need 5 anti-Ajay bodies for every body the AFA has, to even have a chance to freeze them out of Congress.

The allegations of “Dead Player Resurrection” were discussed, and the lack of evidence presented by Ajay/RGR in his recent article. His points were that many dead players returned to life on the 15th, and the jump from “barely over 6000” US players to our current total of around 6800. The massive Baby-Boom of the AFA on the 24th was also brought up, though Ajay/RGR at no point directly answered the allegations.
At this point, the show begins to become a little chaotic. As long as Ajay/RGR wanted to rant, I tried to be as calm of a moderator as possible and give him all the rope he needed.

Of course, at one point, Ajay/RGR decided to take that rope and hang himself with a public admission, (two separate times) of having Bots under the AFA’s control.

Melissa Rose and Ajay/RGR then had an exchange about his habit of posting players’ personal information publicly, where he repeatedly deflected the question. He continued to attempt to bring the conversation back to blaming Melissa Rose for “forcing” her daughter to join the AFA and spy on him, completely ignoring the statement that it was an independent idea and not any sort of “mission” planned by Melissa.

Of course, Ajay couldn’t go the entire broadcast without saying something totally nutty, so his final line as part of the Aftershow was “But, um, here is [...] the solution to solve all this. Now, what we can do is stop PTO’ing my party, let me be President, agree to be an American-Serbian colony, and everybody wins, how’s that sound?”

I dunno, America… how’s that sound to you? Sound like a plan?

eNPR Wrapup

Host Talostastic and Co-Host Melissa Rose kicked off the Tuesday night "straight show" with special guest Colin "The Great Ape" Lantrip. Further guests included Mazzy Cat, Fed PP Tyler Bubblar, Danish CP Ilphen, US CP Oblige, CoT SC potato134, UK DepPrime Minister Chew Chew Shoe, and Special Aftershow Guest AFA PP Ajay/RGR.
Topics covered during the Live portion of the show were: the war to remove Poland, Denmark’s commitment to eUSA’s war, ATO, a bit of CoT talk, and the awesomeness of Google Documents.
Ajay/RGR joined during the aftershow, and after he left there were still more hot topics discussed.

Listen to Tuesday's Show On Demand, at your leisure.
You really, really should check it out. Front to back, it's an excellent show.

Join Custer, Melissa Rose and the WHPR Press Corps next Friday night at 18oo hours for some unchained eNPR madness.

ATO Action: What's Next
Mourning Star

Stand fast, be ready...

Okay ladies and gentlemen,
Ajay/RGR was successfully and forcibly removed from his twisted herpes infested throne atop the pile of active Serbian and US non active players that make up his constituency... but don't let out a sigh of relief quite yet. No, no, no. You cannot get rid of the vile disease that has plagued our lands for far too long THAT easily.

Despite the sound advice his own wife, Nancy Davis Reagan gave to him, the Gipper is at it again. This time with a slightly used party re dubbed, but of course-- the American Freedom Alliance NEW. In the hours after the recent elections, funds were transferred, bots were moved, red telephones answered with shrieks of anger, and RGR was already rebuilding his evil empire. One that has ballooned from a mere 26 members a few days ago to over 130 members and a place near the top five biggest parties. So make sure to gear up for another round of "Don't let Ajay/RGR ruin this nation" ...again.

I am also reminded to let those heroes and villains who participated in the ATO/PTO efforts and are still in AFA will ALWAYS fail know that it is time to move back to your home Parties and get ready for more ATO action… even if that means most of the enemy within are going back to Serbia or Poland-- eUS prevails, Ajay forever fails!

I was once shooting the McDoodie with Socrates. This was long before he was forced to drink the e-hemlock. Whilst I myself was enjoying a non-alcoholic cherry juice, which soothes my achy joints, he'd of been into his cups. I was quizzing him on whether players have an essential character, or if everything about a player is ultimately just an accident.

As an adherent of the Middle School, I was splitting the difference. "Isn't it the case," I asked him, "that players must accept the cards that eRep life deals them? But once they are in hand, each player alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game?"

As he was wont to do, Soc went all zhizzy on me and blustered: "Well, duh! Phoenix, you know as well as I do that the somatic construction of reality will always fiercely critique essentialist biases. But we'll tumble right into an argument by prestigious jargon and other errors if we try to deny somatically constructed human universals."

He had me there, especially with that "prestigious jargon" jibe. It reminded me of the time that sexy comrade-citizen Bayer, who was a bit of a philosopher-trickster, asked me on the morning after: "Is that an aspirin you're taking, or an atypical elephant?"

War Map & Analysis
Staff Writer Bucephalus92

Greetings, bros! Despite our best efforts our advance against Poland was stalled and we have been subjected to a vicious counter attack. As a result of this counter attack we have lost the states of Alabama, Louisiana, Wyoming, and Colorado.
As current NSC head HeapSeppo recently published this change of fortune was heavily influenced by the introduction of the Epic Warfare Tournament, due to the fact that a higher rate of energy recovery favors the nations of TWO. Unfortunately, this has meant defeat for us and our allies on several fronts. However, with this Tournament over we can return to a (slightly) more even playing field and resume bringing the hurt to TWO across the globe.

But remember, our advantage over TWO is our willingness to coordinate damage and make sacrifices for our allies, so always make sure your fighting in the right place at the right time.

Plato's ill-timed tournament has cost the U.S. several states, however resistance cells from all over the country continue to carry on the fight.

Sir Winston Churchill once said "The longer you look back, the farther you can see ahead".
When I look back, you know what I see, America? A nation that has experienced some of the most large scale invasions this game has ever seen, and has come out stronger than ever. A nation whose community has weathered one of the largest and most malicious attack on a nation in the history of this game, and continues to hold out day after day, despite this assault. Looking back makes it clear that if there was any nation that could withstand these onslaughts then it would be the United States, so let's come out swinging.

"To survive is to endure and prosper, and we have most certainly survived."

George Armstrong Custer -|- Melissa Rose
"I would be willing, yes glad, to see a battle every day during my life."

Staff Writers Irule777, Mourning Star, Bucephalus92, Phoenix Quinn, and Guest Writer Talostastic

WHPR Day 2129
Huge eNPR Show; ATO Wrapup; English Letters; War Map

Voice of Circle of Trust
The Best The Brave and The Fierce

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James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Day 2,129, 00:21

“But, um, here is [...] the solution to solve all this. Now, what we can do is stop PTO’ing my party, let me be President, agree to be an American-Serbian colony, and everybody wins, how’s that sound?”
~~Ajay/RGR, on eNPR

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,129, 23:57

After reading through the comments, I have deduced that you all take this game too seriously. Come hang out with my party (pfffft) and get on TeamSpeak with us and have a good time with music, fun, and eRepublik!

D.AMBRIZZI Day 2,130, 07:57

We should do something to stop the players who are using bots on wrm market

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,129, 00:26

Biased much?

Talostastic Day 2,129, 00:30

Hard to be bias when we're quoting you directly.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 2,130, 08:59

Umm, he has a point. How is it bias to quote you accurately and directly?

James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Day 2,132, 03:27

yes, Ajay... the official White House newspaper is biased.

Oblige Day 2,129, 00:28

Voted for eNPR!

Geronimo100 Day 2,129, 00:30

back to reading

Talostastic Day 2,129, 00:31

Voted for Talostastic.

That guy is awesome.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,129, 00:41

No he is not.

Yamisuke Day 2,129, 07:17

Yes he is.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,129, 13:24

if he wasn't awesome he wouldn't be writing for this paper.. we've got a rule about that.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 2,130, 09:01

He's not awesome. He's Epic.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,129, 00:42

The great nations is only a joke in this game.

HeapSeppo Day 2,129, 05:18

Hungary weren't so cocky when they were wiped by Romania for 1+ month, I'd really be quiet if I were you. Erep isn't a constant world, it varies 24/7.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,129, 09:47

Lol we deleted romania like 50 times : D

HeapSeppo Day 2,129, 09:51

Where in my comment did I argue that? I thought my comment only implied that Romania had you wiped for a month. Weird, my English must be getting worse.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,129, 09:55

Lol dude nobody could wipe us more than 2-3 days. And coming with the admin country full of test gold and game developer help is not a good example i think. Last time i checked Stoich newspaper said the same. They are cheaters and thiefs just like irl.

HeapSeppo Day 2,129, 09:57

And now they are proTWO, just not proHungary.

Still does not remove the fact that they had you wiped for a month.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,129, 09:59

Just tell me when. Because i dont remember but you the 1 year old account know it for sure -.-

HeapSeppo Day 2,129, 10:09

Last year when ONE was getting smashed. I was vCP of a ONE country then and fought to get Hungary back on the map.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 2,129, 02:18

American Serbian Colony? Sorry but NO. The AFA should be always thrown under a big bus until they get rid of the serbians and the infamous Gipper!

Justjosh Day 2,129, 05:41

I guess "Duty. Honour. Country," wasn't referring to USA under Ajay but instead to Serbia. Really the specification isn't there. Except in his articles, those do try to pan out to American citizens, but this American-Serbian colony thing is going to blow up in his face. You could just send that out to all of the REAL American citizens that might find themselves mixed up in the thick of it and immediately strip Ajay of legitimacy.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,130, 10:37

Says the guy who has no democracy in his country

Justjosh Day 2,130, 10:45

I'm unaware of the politics in my enation. I'm not fluent in Russian so that makes it difficult. Misdirection doesn't disregard anything I said and it doesn't discredit me. Facts are facts and anyone is able to point them out. Deal with it.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,129, 07:14

I have a solution...stop letting him on radio shows, it's the equivalent of sucking him off. He likes the attention. Christ. Are you guys really that short of guest options?

Wait nevermind.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,129, 13:35

are you kidding, Bia?
the Tuesday night "straight show" always has a primo guest list, and the "freeform" Friday show can run with no guests at all.
Ajay is very seldom a welcome guest on eNPR-- Tuesday night he was invited, but relegated to the aftershow-- after Mazzy Cat, Fed PP Tyler Bubblar, Danish CP Ilphen, US CP Oblige, CoT SC potato134, and UK DepPrime Minister Chew Chew Shoe. what part of that indicates a shortage of guest options?

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,129, 14:01

inviting that schmuck on indicates a guest shortage.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,129, 14:02

or desperation to try to get anyone to listen, regardless of whether they are pieces of crap sociopaths or not.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,130, 09:18

I have to agree, allowing RGR any air time was a mistake; one of the reasons I liked Northern Exposure was the point/counter point round table format and early broadcast time -EST I believe....

Grant van der Merwe
Grant van der Merwe Day 2,129, 13:49

I have to admit this was my intuition too. "Don't feel the trolls" and all that, right? Internet goons usually give up quickest when they're ignored.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,129, 14:24

Kelley, this is not the case, here. Ajay/RGR is not merely a loudmouth troll, he is actively engaged in overt actions designed specifically to undermine the government-- just for starters. huge difference in the nature of these beasts (trolls vs usurpers), huge difference in handling them.
Bia... that's like saying mother's milk leads to heroin addiction. it just doesn't connect. you choose to ignore the fact that the Tuesday eNPR has never been short of quality guests since Cerb took it over six weeks ago. nor is eNPR short of listeners.
however... had your assessment of why I would want to have Ajay/RGR on the show gone toward "sensationalism" I would have agreed with you right from the start. if dancing clowns juggling chainsaws on fire become available, I will book them on the show.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,129, 20:59

well Custer, just know that you guys and your incessant need to put forth "sensationalism" over player safety has a direct impact on our game "society" and hence the retention of a large number of players who stop playing, or limit their playing, because they are either stalked by this freak or just get sick of the entire game being about him and his type of player constantly. I'm starting to think he's got a multi in the media department to be honest. If you allow behavior like his and constantly feed it, it becomes acceptable and DESIRABLE to those who have a need for attention.

Behavior like his should be shunned. You should be outcast if you treat people like that. It's not like you guys are selling this rag on the end of checkouts at the market. You aren't getting paid per newspaper bought here, nor by vote, so why is this sort of sensationalism necessary? Because a couple of teens thinks it is funny?

Let him stalk YOUR girl/daughter/wife/mom for awhile and see how goddammed funny it is.

He really isn't that interesting and I wish you guys would pull your heads out of his anal passage. Do we really need "sound bytes" for weeks to come? Are we all 15 years old now?

I will NOT listen to this show while players like him who actively harass other players are welcome. I make the choice to put the good players first and, 99% of the good players I know don't want to listen to his stupid crap while trying to enjoy gaming time.

Bia Pandora Day 2,129, 21:06

Comment deleted

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,129, 09:02

"... let me be President, agree to be an American-Serbian colony, and everybody wins, how’s that sound?”

And that sums up pretty much the whole political platform of AFA.
I think we had about enough of RGR for 2013. Let's ignore him from here now on!

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,129, 13:29

Ajay/RGR is not the kind of troll who goes away by ignoring him.
he's the kind of usurper who gains strength by not answering every false allegation and false self-promotion he puts forth. he's the kind of dog who cannot be turned loose on the community.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,129, 14:05

if they ignore him, most of them won't have anything to scare the masses into giving them positions with and might have to develop likeable personalities. (except custer because he was an awesome writer even back when they all treated him like shit)

Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Day 2,129, 17:33

and you know as well as I do that ignoring him does nothing. It actually makes him worse

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,129, 20:46

it has worked for me, he moved on to other people finally.

Tenshibo Day 2,129, 14:44

Voted. You go Gurl *snap snap*

Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Day 2,129, 14:51


MazzyCat Day 2,129, 15:05

Great show, and.. interesting aftershow. 🙂

Meow! ♥

Dalan Di Celes
Dalan Di Celes Day 2,129, 15:15

I am going to disagree to a degree what Ilphen said on NPR and what Bia is saying above. I remember back in the spring when the AFA was constantly the top party in the eUSA. There were so many new players who flocked to the AFA because they didn't know any better. I haven't seen any of those around for a few months now that we have been on the offensive against the AFA. I think that is very important.

That being said, it could be possible to ignore RGR the person but still aggressively fight the AFA. Perhaps that could be the best route.

I am not sure if "not feeding the troll" is the best route, however. There are some interesting articles on whether it actually is effective or not. Here are a few:

Some pretty relevant stuff there. But it is hardly definitive.

BTW, that was my first eNPR last night. I had a pretty great time listening and participating in the chat. Next time I have a chance I'll do it again. Thank you guys for your continued hard work in getting info to the masses. It is appreciated.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,130, 09:27

I thought I had already posted a reply here, but I guess not.
thank you, Dalian, for those two links. both those articles were well written.
from the first article:
"Yes, silence is a reaction, which is the third problem with the feeding metaphor. Not only is it behavior, but it is highly rewarding behavior to trolls. The important thing to remember about trolls is their purpose. It isn’t to get attention for themselves per se. It is to control the conversation. "

Talostastic Day 2,129, 15:52

It's pretty hard to not mention Ajay -and- fight him, since to right him we have to continually rally people together to go against him.

We have to keep the AFA off the top slot. We have to keep trying to keep them out of the Top 5, since they use their support to breed more support. The continual cycle of ATO'ing them does damage to their support every month.

As far as Ajay on eNPR... we filled an hour with 2 of the 3 segments I had planned... and less than 3 minutes of time-killing at the end, short of some initial confusion at the start of the broadcast.

Ajay on the aftershow was a brilliant idea. It was one of the more interesting aftershows, and it gave us delicious soundbytes for weeks to come.

Custer, let me know when you figure out how to get (dancing clowns juggling burning chainsaws / burning dancing clowns juggling chainsaws) on the air, I will -happily- broadcast that during one of the shows.

Talostastic Day 2,129, 15:54

Fight him* Damnit.

Kaczyk Day 2,129, 17:06

Nope, Serbian Colony wont work here if there would be no Americans regions 🙁

But ...
lets think ...
maybe ....
Polish Colony ? \o/

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,129, 21:25

I fucking love this guy! seriously, he's a political and warfare adversary I can respect.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,130, 01:05

Meh, you guys need to help then 😛

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