Who would be the new eSwiss president?

Day 664, 14:10 Published in France Switzerland by Himgadril

The eSwiss government in exil's electing a new president. It's an historic day because the new president's gonna chose the new government. This new government will have the power in eSwitzerland because Hungary is going to liberat the country. An historical movement's happening:
Clifford Burns :</strong>

I was one of the first Swiss, who went home after the Swiss Independence War in December 2008 for the rebuilding and as the owner of Burns Biohöfe I made of the enterprise the second largest employer of Switzerland.

In January 2009 was Switzerland aggressively taken over by the theocrats and all resistance was in vain. Thereupon organized Billy Bob Joe with Romania a PTO in Pakistan, the original homeland of the theocrats. On orders of Billy Bob Joe I flied to Pakistan and was elected to the Pakistani congress in the fight against the terror (Operation Great Justice). The operation was in our interests a big success.

To free Switzerland of the theocrats, I organized an own PTO in Switzerland. In constant contact with the former German president Starkad Rorlikson, he authorized the engagement of 30 soldiers of the German Federal Armed Forces, whose travel costs were totally paid by myself and who were coordinated by Chicco. Billy Bob Joe organized after these good news some 40 citizens more, who didn't appear on the D-Day for unexplained reasons, For a long time the future of Switzerland remained uncertain, until the LFS gave us a new hope. Since Hungary occupies Switzerland and the theocrats reside in the Nirvana is the time for a free Switzerland better than ever.

I've organized someone who would assume the costs of a RW and maintain them cheap and I coordinate at that time the diplomatic relations with Hungary and France. For a fast dialog with the Confederates and allies I campaigned successfully for an IRC-channel on the Rizon-servers and I get involved with a quintillingual Switzerland, nobody should feel discriminated in his linguistic identity. That's why I translated 9 tutorial pages in the official eRepublik Wiki. I stand to 100% for the liberation of Switzerland and I think I could prove it with the mentioned actions.

I'm for a neutral Switzerland and candidate today for the Swiss presidency elections.

Thank you for your support.

- Eleriel :

I started playing eRep in November 2008. I started off in the eUK, and like most beginners I didn't pay much attention to the game. By the time I had really understood how the game works and was really getting into it, eSwitzerland had already been taken over by the theocrats. I therefore promised myself to one day free eSwitzerland. From there on I did several things: I was part of the eUK Government, I was congressman, I was a Soldier, I owned companies. This allowed me to gain a lot of experience in various fields. At the same time I put all the money I could in an Organization with the utlimate goal of freeing eSwitzerland.

When I had started to create enough contacts, and put enough money aside, I decided to try and do a Political Take-Over of Switzerland. This Take-Over failed miserably, mostly due to my lack of experience and lack of coordination with those who were willing to help me.

1 Month later, I decided to try again. This is when I met Andreas Baader and the FLS. This attempt was better organized, but a last minute ban by the admins of me and my brother made things impossible to coordinate, and we were missing candidates. Therefore the attempt failed....again.

I had spent a lot of money into those attempts, and my character was banned by mistake from the admins. But I still believed in a free eSwitzerland. So I created a new character, started all over again, and I was biding my time. I was then told to come to this site to check it out, which I did. Since then, I have helped in any way I can, offering advice and sharing my experience to anyone who asked.

The Swiss Times</strong> for eSuisse