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Who loved Winter the Dolphin?

Day 1,539, 08:38 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Department of Media Fraud
Day 1,539 of the New World
6 February 2012

Did you "Love the Winter Dolphin"?

More than 1000 of you did, that's for sure.

And 16 Shells would like to congratulate eRepublik's newest (and youngest!) Media Mogul General Cartman Lee a.k.a. Pizza the Hut (I and II).

In his latest article published just 10 hours prior to the publication of this article, General Cartman Lee promised to award 1 Gold to every subscriber as long as certain terms were met, including his achieving the Media Mogul, and his subscribers post their shout/subscription numbers in the comment section as well as shout the article.

All night Shouts went out about General Cartman Lee's article, so much so that it was an eInternational Viral Sensation. Never before have we seen so many subscribers flock to a new writer so quickly!

In addition to the promise of 1 Gold to every new subscriber, GCL also promised a Q6 tank to anyone who included the phrase "We Love Winter the Dolphin" in their shout or comment. Naturally most subscribers did.

16 Shells was fortunate enough to get screen captures of the article and the first 7 pages of comments before General Cartman Lee took his article down.

It would be too much to publish all 140 screen captures here, but they are available for anyone who wishes to see them. Instead I will merely reprint for you GCL's article and some selections of screen captures.

I look forward to hearing the reports of all those who receive their Gold.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking


Gnilraps Day 1,539, 08:40

Another 30 minutes and I'd have had the rest.

Bogdan Armand Sibrand
Bogdan Armand Sibrand Day 1,539, 08:44


Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Day 1,539, 08:46

What's funny is that even Serbians got screwed, Serbians who were apparently best friends with Pizza. At least now there is even more people who hate the pathetic fat bastard and will keep him out of power. 🙂

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,539, 08:46

You're a god. However, 140 screens, meh, nothing to do today?

BlasterXL Day 1,539, 08:47

i beg you put all the screen shots at least their links, i don't want him to be able to say a single sing to lie his way out of this

Gnilraps Day 1,539, 08:51

Actually I just counted and there are 133 screen shots.

It will take a while to upload all of them. Does anyone know a service that can do it in large batches?

Damien Wolf
Damien Wolf Day 1,539, 08:54

flikr has a large uploader iirc. Photobucket can do bulk aswell

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,539, 09:05

We Love the Winter Dolphin

Nosyt Day 1,539, 09:10


General Cartman Lee
General Cartman Lee Day 1,539, 09:10

I did NOT lie.... the article was DELETED FOR SPAM by Admin. If you want, I will screen capture this so you can see it.

Also, for someone who likes to attack Serbs, you sure speak English worse than them. The dolphin is NAMED WINTER.... so "We love the Winter dolphin" is horrible english Gnilly.

Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Day 1,539, 09:11

'Deleted by admin' how convenient for you not to pay the 1000+ subs.

Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,539, 09:12

This shall be interesting 🙂

Gnilraps Day 1,539, 09:15

Heck if I know a Winter Dolphin from Winter the Dolphin.

Fixed anyway.

Now about that gold...

pearlowl Day 1,539, 09:16

from my personal archive;

if you willing to pay 1 gold, I have screenshot of every page and every subscribers of that article 😃

eSupernova Day 1,539, 09:17

What Pizza says is probably true.

Why ?
Because admins really consider lotteries as spams :

" Spam
Spam cases include, but are not limited to, the following cases:
. lottery / betting articles. "

pearlowl Day 1,539, 09:21

It was not a lottery. he promised to give everyone 1 gold. if it was lottery he promised to give gold only to winners of the lottery.

RsAD Day 1,539, 09:31

bottom line is... he ows 1g to over 1k people and he must pay or else......harrrrr

biaxident Day 1,539, 09:32

lol he's gone eGlobal in scamming people. ahahahaha

Norbengo Day 1,539, 09:34

Haters gonna hate

Hail Pizza :😁

General Cartman Lee
General Cartman Lee Day 1,539, 09:40


Pfeiffer. Day 1,539, 09:54

are you really surprised? it's not like he hasn't done this before.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,539, 09:55

"You should feel tankful to have the chance to sub his papers without paying him." x2 xD

Thedillpickl Day 1,539, 10:06

@eSupernova, it is not a lottery to have a "give away" contest. Though I've not done it for awhile, I have ran several contests in my paper and have never once be so much as contacted by admins about it. (Also, I have ALWAYS sent every thing promised and then some.)

What a turd. Ajay no longer amuses me. Any sympathy and hope I had for him has faded into disgust.

General Cartman Lee
General Cartman Lee Day 1,539, 10:13

You should feel tankful to have the chance to sub his papers without paying him. x3

Pfeiffer. Day 1,539, 10:24

iNCi was here

Thedillpickl Day 1,539, 10:32


pearlowl zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

XxBusinessMogulexX Day 1,539, 10:38

"I did NOT lie.... the article was DELETED FOR SPAM by Admin. If you want, I will screen capture this so you can see it.

Also, for someone who likes to attack Serbs, you sure speak English worse than them. The dolphin is NAMED WINTER.... so "We love the Winter dolphin" is horrible english Gnilly."

I hate when people can't defend themselves with words so they start calling on the "grammar card", I personally don't give a damn how someone's grammar is. And Pizza if you are such a stunning linguist why don't you come and sell that cr*p to me so we can see who speaks more languages.
Btw I speak 5 different languages. You are a liar and a scammer and for once in your life you should admit it.

Thedillpickl Day 1,539, 10:41

"I did NOT lie.... the article was DELETED FOR SPAM by Admin. If you want, I will screen capture this so you can see it."

Yes we would like to see some of your best PS work.

pearlowl Day 1,539, 10:44


my pleasure panpas

new pm;

he is thinking for a reason

Animis Day 1,539, 10:59

Smells like if he fails to pay out that gold he violated this TOS section:

6.8 The following is a partial list of the type of Content that is prohibited on the Website. Content must not:

6.8.4 deceive or mislead any person and/or entity;

pearlowl Day 1,539, 11:01


me again

incoming transmission

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,539, 11:05

Lmao at the 1000+ idiots on this game

delete this
delete this Day 1,539, 11:06

Articles published under "social interactions" do NOT get deleted as "spam."

pearlowl Day 1,539, 11:08


it was a setup. people subbed and voted him so his hypocrisy would proved.

hoperise Day 1,539, 11:15

To General Cartman Lee: "That's all regarding the promises, it was a beautifully organized thing: written an article about free gold for everyone (I don't know who would give 1000 gold for a 5 gold worth MM medal), more than 1100 comments with sub and vote numbers, and now everything if forgotten, if it would have never happened. What a pity!

I don't care if your sub number falls below 1100, it can fall until 0 by my side. Good luck. Unsubbed, friendship cancelled.

Oh and it's not about the one gold for me, it's about your moral. That's all. I would have subbed and voted without anything in charge, but I don't make promises if I can't fulfill them. You should learn this too."

BlasterXL Day 1,539, 11:27


now how similar is that xD

ur like my brother from another mother xD, even the same bloody words xD

another add up is i hate it very much when people can't reply they use the "bad spelling" reply so i get mad and flame them as well xD

Hurricanee Day 1,539, 11:29


Radu Pangaiu
Radu Pangaiu Day 1,539, 11:41

use Dropbox for a shitload of pictures

Boza Kamdzija
Boza Kamdzija Day 1,539, 12:23

v s

John A Kelly
John A Kelly Day 1,539, 13:28

Upload to a new DropBox account then publish the gallery.

GoddessOfDesire Day 1,539, 14:23

@Pthut Gnilraps has all the screen shots I'm sure he would be happy to give you them so you can pay.

Animis Day 1,539, 14:27

TBH, what disturbs me the most, and I mean RL disturb, as in my female intuition/radar was totally on high alert the minute I saw this; was PtH's choice of photos. He did not simply choose pictures of a dolphin, he choose pictures of a boy and a dolphin; two of them. This is a very disturbed and, I will never stop saying it, dangerous person. He is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

XxBusinessMogulexX Day 1,539, 14:27

lol, your first comment was epic! xD
Pizza is a scumbag...

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,539, 15:16

No shocker here.

Uhriventis Day 1,539, 15:26

I want my money Pizza. Don't make me come after you. Remember last time???

And who is this winter the dolphin?

Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Day 1,539, 15:55

Man, eff that dolphin I'm on a boat.

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