Who is this DannyOceans?

Day 730, 16:59 Published in Australia Australia by DannyOceans
I am a very important person.
I've acquired a genetically altered handshake capable of speeds up to 30 mph.
Hair arranged by the most advanced landscape surveillance operators our
Company can afford.
I have a very expensive pen.
I use big words quite often in substitution for semantically equivalent words.
I attribute this success to my professional demeanor and my strong stock
Though it may not appear so, I am quite comfortable in my surroundings.
There is a great possibility for political sponsorship if you're willing,
I am sure we could synchronize agendas.
We could form a strong strategic partnership capable of overcoming sensitive
And adverse predicaments which will be discussed at the next goals assessment
Meeting. Thank you.

UPDATED 12/17/09

Any dealings with Brazil and her Allies =

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> We NEED more!

Like our Department Of Defense Weapon companies who supply our army with weapons, us eAussies should consider making a similar program but for Defense Systems. I don't know about you but I lose sleep at night knowing our border territories are NOT properly defended. I think after the Brazil invasion this Government funded ADP(Australian Defense Program) should be implemented and heavily considered.
If anyone interested in hearing my ADP objectives, please do not hesitate to Private Message me.


Lets face it there is HUGE communication gaps between eAussie citizens. My first month or two of playing eRepublik I had NO IDEA what anything was, had no friends, was miserable, lonely, depressed, you name it. People would speak of forums and IRC's and I would sit back and be flabbergasted. The only socialization I had briefly was being bombarded by Paul Hamon and some PaPP propaganda, remember that? Even though the PaPP took a very aggressive approach I enjoyed talking to a Human being at my lower levels that wasn't PLATO!

So I want to initiate a Friendship Project for eAustralian citizens, and the best part about it is the COST!
There is none!

Communication is key, I believe, in the prosperity of a united strong eAustralia.

If anyone interested in discussing my Friendship Project further, please do not hesitate to Private Message me.