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Day 1,959, 18:08 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

Good evening fellow Citizens,

Tonight we have two updates for you, the first on the status of our American Gold Mine, the second, from the Department of Education.

Gold Mine Update:
Chief Economic Correspondent: Kemal Ergenekon
Chairman of the Economics Council, Kemal Ergenekon recently published an article entitled [Ekonomi Politik] Facts on Gold Mine Revenues and Depletion in which he brakes down the expected impact of the Gold Mines on the eRepublik Economy, the government, and the average citizen.

Using advanced statistical analysis he concludes the following:

The average citizen can expect between 1.15 and 1.27 gold (on average) each day that we have a gold mine.

The American gold mine will last between 25 and 27 days.

And lastly the eAmerican government can expect to gain between 7200 and 7900 gold in our country treasury

Department Update: Dept of Education
Contributing Editor George Armstrong Custer

The Department of Education exists solely for the purpose of helping players-- particularly new players, but seasoned players can benefit from the DoE as well. Mazzy Cat the current Secretary of Education, a top Cabinet position whose newspaper is linked in this and every official US Government newspaper. More about Mazzy in a minute.

Most recently, the DoE's newspaper announced a writing contest for new players. This idea was not born out of the Department, but of a good citizen with an idea and the drive and desire to help America. That citizen is Mercurius100, a man of many friends (over 33 thousand!) but few medals-- this is an indication of a player who is not in it for himself.

The writing contest is open to any players born after Jan 15 this year, and the topic of their submissions is: "What one trait do you feel is most important for a eUS President to have?" The best written article will receive an award of 10 gold. Multiple honorable mention awards of 1000 USD each will also be awarded.

I've personally seen some particularly insightful news articles written by noobs, I'm sure the judging won't be easy. Please have a look at the DoE article, "[DoE] Ebabies - Battle of Wits!", and encourage any noobs you know to participate in this contest.

Mercurius100 explains, "Publishing articles in the media is a great but underutilized way for young players to find their niche in the game and have their voices heard. We hope that this contest can encourage more young players to take up journalism."

Like many Cabinet positions, the job is what you make it. Mazzy Cat's pet project has been to bring together all the many resources available to players through the DoE to a single comprehensive list. New players have been led to an edition of Education Today which, while fairly inclusive, still lacks some valuable information. Watch this week for a new article which will have (I've seen the work in progress-- I'm not kidding) over forty links, broken down into groups by general topic, from which any new player can easily find every resource available to them.

Mazzy Cat explains, "New players don't always know where to look for info. This article will help to give them everything they could need to learn the basics, find a good MU & party, things to avoid, and more. Saving them time, and being less frustrating.

Southern Taiwan Resistance War
Deputy Secretary of State NewAzazel

A resistance war has been opened in Southern Taiwan. As a part of our Asian Peace Accord, we are returning this region to Taiwan. Please fight FOR the resistance war and not against it. Taiwan has fulfilled its requirement by returning the South Korean regions they aren't renting. Due to this agreement, South Korea is now a free nation and has access to all its resources again. Now its our turn to uphold our end of the deal, and return Taiwan. I thank you for your cooperation in these efforts. Be aware that there will still be one more resistance war after this that will return Taiwan's last region.


Shout this around:
Fight for ROC Taiwan
We're returning this region per contract.

Recommended Reading:

Dept of Education: [DoE] Library of Informative Links
This is the complete and comprehensive list of all resources available to US players.

| The President's Newspaper | Speaker's Word | DoD Civilian Orders | Dept of Education | Dept of Interior |
| White House Press Room | Pony Express | eNPR Radio |

Join a Military or Militia:
| US Civilian MU | Air Force Flight Training | Special Forces | Rogue Squadron | Ultramarines |
| EZ Company |SEAL Team 6 | | Sons of Liberty | Bear Cavalry | Pickle's Patriots |Cannon Cockers |



James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Day 1,959, 18:08

First reserved for Education!

inciyanbakar Day 1,961, 10:35

Comment deleted

Dogpyle Day 1,959, 18:20

Seconded for Special Education!

kavinaugh Day 1,959, 19:17

just what ajay needs lol

cc1432 Day 1,960, 02:56

= )) made my day

inciyanbakar Day 1,961, 10:36

Comment deleted

Vanek26 Day 1,959, 19:24


inciyanbakar Day 1,961, 10:36

Comment deleted

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,959, 21:18

I liked the second part.

inciyanbakar Day 1,961, 10:36

Comment deleted

Drew Blood Day 1,960, 03:24

Comment deleted

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,960, 03:25

Again, those numbers are at best a guess; this morning I got 40 gold...

My friend has collected 50.43 and I know at least one other citizen collected 40 gold yesterday morning, using the above numbers none of us should not have collected some much gold in just 2 days....

Oblige Day 1,960, 05:41

40+ gold rewards are "rare" - .3 is the average for the "common" distributions. Add them all up and that's how Kemal got to his averages.

ProShqipe Day 1,960, 13:43

omg give me at lest 20 gold xD i got 0.36 fist day and second 0.34 🙁

rakuraka Day 1,961, 07:40


Bosshawk Day 1,961, 09:06

ive never gotten higher then 0.4 and all between 0.3 and 0.4

inciyanbakar Day 1,961, 10:36

Comment deleted

Calvinhobbes Day 1,960, 03:37

will usa go for another gold mine after 25 days?

Jasher Day 1,960, 03:40

"The average citizen can expect between 1.15 and 1.27 gold (on average) each day that we have a gold mine."

1st day .48gold
2nd day .32gold

Not even close to 1gold, I must not be a average citizen.

DariusReg Day 1,960, 04:25


Oblige Day 1,960, 05:44

Over the 25 days Jasher - you might get a 25 or 40 gold reward and then you'd be at average.

Noablule Elubaon
Noablule Elubaon Day 1,960, 09:37

less than average am I as well... .41 and .50 respectively

2503830 Day 1,960, 13:57

1st day 1.45
2nd day 5.46
Must be your luck. I pray mine holds xD

dormeu Day 1,960, 03:48

what are the plans for airstrikes? me needs more gold!

LasAndrew Day 1,960, 04:16


DariusReg Day 1,960, 04:27

gold mine at 93% after a day and a half, so my guess is maybe it will hold 20 days

angky Day 1,960, 05:12

Comment deleted

biaxident Day 1,960, 05:15


Strength and Honour

Kodos Day 1,960, 08:01


Props to Mazzy and all the great DoE staff for their hard work!

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,960, 08:15


Crymtastic Day 1,960, 11:51

Got 40 gold!

Zheng He
Zheng He Day 1,960, 12:04

"The Department of Education exists solely for the purpose of helping players-- particularly new players"

Its biggest failure is that it doesn't help multis. They are left with no education 🙁

LordOther Day 1,960, 16:42

got 4.92 gold

andromedadeezter Day 1,960, 17:42


Chirrinchi Day 1,960, 18:03

noo why !! and the rubber ??????????

fingerguns Day 1,960, 18:29

I've collected almost an entire gold now over two days. wooooooo

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 1,960, 19:59

2 days, .39 gold each time

I've also noticed that despite the fact that I earn the max strength each day I have dropped 40 places over the last week int he super soilder rankings for the US.

I have to assume that is from an influx of citizens moving to the US and gaining citizenship and draining the mine quicker than this random number generator report suggests.

Paul 1988
Paul 1988 Day 1,960, 23:55

vote 1133

inciyanbakar Day 1,961, 10:36

Comment deleted

Maximilian Von Evil
Maximilian Von Evil Day 1,961, 11:20

Cheap Weapons - ePortuguese Market
✪✪✪✪✪ New Low Low Taxes in place!!!✪✪✪✪✪
Portugal a nice place to visit & trade. Come and Enjoy!!!

Pontifex Ward
Pontifex Ward Day 1,961, 17:08

Press for the press. They need to add a little kick to there daily monotone : /

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