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WHITE HOUSE PRESS REPORT DAY 1,948 - Guerrilla Fight Guide

Day 1,948, 20:59 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

My Fellow eAmericans,

It's been an exciting week for our proud eNation and with the introduction of a new feature: Guerrilla Fights, President Vanek has asked me to briefly conversate with you, nation, about the new module and how it works. The module itself is fairly complicated, but hopefully should shed some light on the questions players have.

So first an introduction:

The new player versus player (PvP) module allows you to fight (in real time) another player.

It's only available during direct wars fought a country's full mutual protection pact (MPP) stack. This means you won't be fighting in them during resistance wars. It also isn't available when one side has more than 1400 victory points. Additionally, the fact that it's real time means that you can only enter PvP combat when there's a player on the other side of the battlefield for you to fight.

Now, to get started with PvP the first thing you need to do is equip yourself. As you may have noticed there is a new button on the battle screen; in the lower right hand corner with a "new" flag draped over it you will find an icon with a human silhouette on it. Clicking this allows you to enter the inventory screen of the new module.

As you can see there are numerous types of equipment available for purchase. There are the weapons: pistols, shot guns, submachine guns, rifles and grenades. As well as armor: helmets, boots, and body armor. All items are available for purchase for under 10 dollars, with the exception of two special items, a rifle and a grenade, which are available for purchase with gold.

The weapons are what you use to fight your enemy with, and each comes with a limited number of rounds and reloads; they also have an optimal range and deal varying amounts of damage.

The equipment on the other hand modifies your armor, accuracy, and agility.
- Armor: allows you to receive an amount of damage equal to the Armor rating before starting to loose Energy
- Accuracy: modifies your chance to hit your target
- Agility: determines the distance you can move in one turn. The default value is 200m.

Now that you're fully equipped, you can start hunting for a fight. Get five kills in any MPP battle and you can enter the queue for PvP.

Once you're in the battle you'll be presented with a few options as to what to do next, as well as a real time status indicator in the upper left hand corner with the past several actions of the battle and a status indicator in the lower left hand corner with your energy and armor.

As for what to do next, you will have 30 seconds to either: fire your weapon at the enemy, move forwards or backwards, defend / throw a grenade, change your weapon, or, if you're out of ammo reload.

Ponder your actions carefully, because above the fire button is your chance of hitting the enemy, above the move buttons is your current distance to enemy, and above the defend button is how much defensive damage you will deal.

So, now your objective is to kill your enemy or to at least deal more damage to them then they do to you during your twenty terms.

Strategy: is still in development for the module, but the most important thing is to make sure you have the right weapon equipped for your current distance to target, or to adjust your position appropriately.

After the battle is complete you'll get the following screen explaining your victory or defeat:

Our last item of news this evening is a Change in Command for Rogue Squadron! Long time Commanding Officer potato134 (batata134) has retired, leaving the branch in the capable hands of new CO (and former XO) NAMWON and new XO Brave Fighter.

President Vanek, Secretary of Defense Cromstar and the rest of the administration would like to wish a heartfelt congratulations to the new RS leadership team and wish them the best of luck as they take the eUS' premier D3 Military Unit to the next level.


This is America's #1 elitist signing off. See you on the Battlefield America!

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White House Press Report
Guerrilla Fight Guide

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James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Day 1,948, 20:59

First reserved for the great leadership team in Rogue Squadron!

Kooguy Day 1,948, 21:05

nice job

Oblige Day 1,948, 21:12

★★ GO ROGUE ★★

Great job RS Command Team o/

A V C Khalifa
A V C Khalifa Day 1,948, 21:14


Gnilraps Day 1,948, 21:26

PvP = Rock - Paper - Scissors

ligtreb Day 1,948, 21:28

Good info.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,948, 23:05

good tutorial, Oblio.
I'm already 2-and-2 in Guerrilla Fighting, thanks to this guide!

PimpDollaz Day 1,948, 23:06

Inventory screen looks a bit different, and the price for super items is also different (at least the cost is on mine) Where is this shot from?

Oblige Day 1,949, 22:04

It's from Beta :>

The Mike
The Mike Day 1,949, 08:26

Nice. Thanks, Oblige!

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 1,949, 08:41

If you want a real guerilla fight that our "allies" in Spain don't want, check out this one:

The Hard-Headed Canucks did pretty well in liberating the 2nd largest province in Canada, Quebec, yesterday.

There is a closely fought battle for Ontario, the largest province in Canada in which we, I mean, many pro-Canadians saw great success.

please, let's keep it going.

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,949, 08:48

Thanks for the guide.

i still think PvP in this game is dumb, though

potato134 Day 1,949, 12:16

★★★ GO ROGUE ★★★

Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Day 1,949, 12:18

★★★ GO ROGUE ★★★

IGMO Day 1,949, 12:20

★★★ GO ROGUE ★★★

o Gravy
o Gravy Day 1,949, 15:46

★★★ GO ROGUE ★★★

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,949, 17:04


Ingame54 Day 1,950, 06:39

new CO huh? I may have a shot in joining now xD

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