where shall I put my companies?!

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Hello All eRepublikians
As you know new update regarding to Resource war will be added to eRepublik on eDay 3145 and it brings an important issue with itself : “where shall I put my companies in order to make more profit?! “

(if you don’t have much time to read about countries then jump to the last part which includes the answer of this question)

There are some useful Articles and Docs about Countries’ ranking based on their performance in the tournament ; But all of us know these are just stats and what happenes in reality is different from this and will be affacted by many factors such as Countries military and political power

So I chose the countries which have the best combiantion of bonus arrengment + country power
Then I listed them as below :

1# USA

United States with having 52 regions could easily earn 19 bonuses out of 20 possible ones
They’ve also succeeded to set 2 full regions for each food and house industries.

The only thing that avoid them to became a unrivaled empire was their failure in earning Neodymium
Now we have to wait for Americans’ reactions toward 2 Neo around their borders in Canada and Japan
In the way of getting it , they'll definitly face tto Serbians and Romanians - 2 superpowers who have claims on these regions -

Country Bonus
Food 100%
Weapon 100%
House 100%
Aircraft 70%

2# Iran

Iran sets a nice arrengement of Bonuses in her core and after renting a region from Armenia they could reach full bonus in Food and weap
In the beginning of the year and after wiping Turkey out of map , Iran proved that they shoudn’t be underestimated
with joining to Asteria right before the tournament and signing a long term NAP with her natrual enemy in the area - Turkey , They’ve done a big job to keep their constancy

Country Bonus
Food 100%
Weapon 100%
House 70%
Aircraft 0%

If they can add Pakistan’s airplane bonus to their territories , it'll bring them up in this ranking.

3# Poland

In the rush hour of resource war in the middle of Europe , the country who could win both Rubber and Neo was Poland
The’ve set their food bonus in Germany and Titanium in Lithuania which provides a good condition for them
they have the chance to gain Iron from South Africa as well

Country Bonus
Food 90%
Weapon 90%
House 0%
Aircraft 65%

4# Russia

Currently Russia doesn’t see a big enemy in front of her face - if we don’t mind their last struggle with Ukraine
So with setting a good combination of bonuses they’re in fit
But if they could add 3 very common recourses by renting it would be great for them

Country Bonus
Food 90%
Weapon 90%
House 90%
Aircraft 0%

5# Greece

Greeks have set most of their bonuses in Saudia Arabia + renting an Oil from Cyprus
because of having strong enemies around her borders, so they ought to be careful about it ; any weaknesses can cuase losing these precious bonuses on SA's lands

Country bonus
Food 100%
Weapon 100%
House 25%
Aircraft 25%

6#​ Romania

Romania managed to set her needs in her core regions and neighborhood countries like Belarus(food bonus) and Ukraine (Magnesium)
they also rent Neodymium from Canada
the considerable point about Romania is laid on the combination of their bonuses in their core;
they've put 4 rare bonuses from each industry just in 2 regions ; this caused them losing full regional bonus(18😵
but on the other hand,if the industrialists -who has these two types- put their factories there , then they've paid less for moving cost and holding companies
(**In large scale of production and long term, I think region bonus is better than the mentioned costs)

Country bonus
Food 70%
Weapon 70%
House 70%
Aircraft 85%

as you can see if they get Rubber and Granite , they'll become full in weap and house;that's why they've attacked Georgia last month

7# Serbia

The strongest Country in erep got in the chain of radiuse which prevented them from setting good bonuses in their core
Serbians try to keep their privilege by renting weapon and house bonuses from Canada and airplane bonus from Japan

Country Bonus
Food 0%
Weapons 72.5%
House 62.5%
Aircraft 60%

Because most of their bonuses are not in their core nor connected to the capital , it’d be a good option to change the capital to Canada
If they do so , then their Country bonus will be :

Food 0%
Weapons 95%
House 90%
Aircraft 55%

As you can see they don’t have any food bonuses yet ; It seems Serbians gonna built their food facs in Jaaon
They can go for Italy’s Bonuses as well

8# Hungary

although they didn't have an excellent performance in the tournament , we can't ignore Hungary ,the country who's owned one of the most stable full bonuses since the last resource war
they rely on their military power as they've already gone for Spain's bonuses
Hungary also set some of her bonuses in Slovakia and Austria

the consequences of their attack to a country who is trying to be an Asteria fan will be considerable
it can cause them the same destiny as Argentina and finally they say goodbye to their Asterians friends or Asteria will abandon Spain!

Country bonus
Food 70%
Weapon 45%
House 45%
Aircraft 45%

9# Chile

Chile could earned all weapon's bonuses just like some other countries in South America
they wanna add food bonus from Bolivia to their territories and also have the potential to go forward in Oceania to get more resources

Country bonus
Food 100%
Weapon 100%
House 0%
Aircraft 0%

10# Spain

after the first resource war , Spain was under attack most of the time.
the reason was obvious : their attractive bonuses!
this time they do the same and put very nice bonuses in their core regions
so as it was expected, they received attacks from 4 sides but this time very soon even before the new resources become available.
that's why they degraded to this rank in my list !
I think the only way than can help them to get rid of this problem is laid on diplomatic affairs
After dropping some of their old MPPs,will they be accepted as a part of Asteria or not?!

Country bonus
Food 90%
Weapon 90%
House 90%
Aircraft 70%

- Croatia, Portugal, Argentina, Peru and Turkey are Placed in 11# - 15# of my ranking but I give up the list up to here to avoid talkativeness

From now on,Citizenship is no longer needed if you wanna put your companies in a country, So we have to consider and involve some other factors except countries themselves :

If you have 4 type of industries and want to earn the highest productivity with the lowest work tax and moving costs and the most stability of country bonus , so take a look at my ranking :



If Serbia moves her Capital to Canada or Canada liberate her regions , then these regions will be added as well




Big wars will come ; countries attack each other to earn bonuses and this causes serious changes in the formation of Alliances
In this story , I think Pacifica plays the biggest role ; both Asteria and Anti-Asterians want to keep/bring them on their side
We have to see who acts intelligently to win this war!

At the end Thanks to all guys who helped me to gather this information
Maybe it has some mistakes
You can message me to fix them.
(Day 3146 : info was updated/fixed)

Truly Yours,