WHERE IS SCRAB? || Croatia falls to PEACE, Administration Silent!

Day 584, 09:04 Published in USA USA by Nick Everdale
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UPDATE😨 After reading and commenting on this article, President Scrabman hastily posted a comment on Croatia

While Americans marched to the polls to contest Congressional Elections on June 25th, Hungary marched into Croatia with the aim of expanding their zone of interest through political takeover. The silence with which this blatant power grab was met - especially in light of the publicity from Croats - shocked many in government.

bbb_kambelovac broke the news of PEACE's 23-17 takeover of the Croatian government midway through American elections and urged Americans to move overseas in support of Croatian candidates. The deluge predicted by Croatian media moguls, however, turned out to be little more than a trickle.

What remains most shocking, however, is the silence of the Scrabman administration. Coming to the end of his third term, Scrabman has maintained a low profile over the past several weeks, deferring much of his administration's public policy to the Cabinet.

In a shocking and abnormal turn, the normally prolific media mogul Scrabman had no article in the Top 20 regarding the Croatian crisis during the election. The only major comment by an American government branch came from the Flying Unicorns, a military division, requesting troops move to Croatia and assist politicians there. Little is known of the success of this operation.

Opposition candidates accused President Scrabman of serving first as a leader for the USWP and only secondly as President of the eUnited States. They note that Scrabman issued several shouts directing votes to domestic candidates, but released no official shout urging the defense of the Croat government.

However, others agreed with Scrabman's neutrality, arguing that eAmerica's break from ATLANTIS ended our history of European intervention. Both sides received significant coverage.

Domestically, Scrabman's strategy proved a resounding success, with the United States Worker's Party scoring nearly 50% of Congressional seats. However, immeasurable damage has been done to international opinion of America, as the collapse of Croatia follows America's unwillingness to intervene during the takeover of our ally Germany.

This paper asks: Where is Scrabman?