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When CoT Took On TWO

Day 2,144, 11:25 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by CheetahCurtis

TWO is the superpower of alliances in eRepublik, and their main rival CoT is having troubles in the recent battles. Poland and Serbia are two of the largest countries in TWO, so CoT clearly have ideas of taking these down. While declaring these countries as Natural Enemy will help, there is a better tactic...

What Are Poland And Serbia Doing?

At the moment, Poland is on a conquest of North America . Poland is in battles with USA and Mexico at the same time, and is winning a majority of them. Not long ago TWO held an international conquest of USA, with the eUK included in the fighting. During USA's many attempts to free themselves, TWO countries have slowly left USA for Poland to take over the regions. It is looking likely that it will end with Poland in control of the whole of USA. Mexico are allies of USA, so declared Poland as Natural Enemy to help them out.

Poland looking good in pink.

On the other hand, Serbia are not up to much at the moment. They have no Natural Enemy so are fighting for their allies.

CoT Gets Revenge - Or At Least They Tried...

Poland have regions in many countries across Europe, and now in North America too. Serbia also have their empire spread across many regions. One function of the game known as the resistance war allows these conquered countries to try and free themselves from the conquerers, and gain back a region. This is what CoT recently used in the masses. 4 resistance wars were started against Poland on the 30th of September, and another 4 started on the 1st of October. With Poland fighting USA and Mexico at the same time, this meant 6 battles being open on both the 30th and the 1st. Any country would have problems fighting 6 battles, and if your allies were distracted it would be even harder. CoT saw this chance...

Don't worry guys, I'm sure your empires will survive.

Remember, Remember, 2nd of October!

At the start of the 2nd of October, CoT tried to increase their chances of success. To do this, CoT weakened the strongest ally of Poland, the country of Serbia. 6 more resistance wars were opened, but this time in Serbian held regions. With the Poland battles carrying over to the next day, it meant a total of 12 battles were being fought by Poland and Serbia! Surely this could result in a CoT victory? I guess CoT learnt a valuable lesson from this, don't take on TWO. Poland and Serbia won 11 of the 12 battles. Many of these battles were won with ease, and the power of these two countries is too great. Maybe CoT will try again soon, TWO can't hold on forever...

Poland are still fighting, but fortunately less battles are open.

This article was written by CheetahCurtis on the 3rd of October 2013. Please subscribe for more great tips and info.


Dranze R
Dranze R Day 2,144, 11:31


Kyronte Day 2,144, 12:23


mick cain
mick cain Day 2,144, 12:43

good imfo mate

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Alesis Bonte
Alesis Bonte Day 2,144, 13:18


NueveOcho Day 2,144, 13:25

Really good article!

Niemand Day 2,145, 00:27

CoT must take on TWO or it will have all members wiped.
Liberation of eNetherlands (after 8 months) and eFrance succeeded.
Not that bad result against a stronger alliance.

All can change, however we do not know when.


Jimbobfrey Day 2,145, 01:23

Great article 🙂

Spygon Day 2,145, 10:17

The easiest way for COT to beat TWO is to stop fighting the alliance.Give them some time and the lack of war and boredom will make members turn on each other.

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