What would I change in erep?

Day 2,445, 05:09 Published in South Africa South Africa by Caoimhe80

Dear eRepublicans, Dear Plato,
I was planning to write somethings to express my opininons about the current boring situation of the game. I saw there is a contest about ideas. The contest is not reason of this article however it accelerated 😃.
It would be better to go there to see what other people are thinking.

Here is the ideas,
1- Removing Work as Manager : This is not only conflicting with real life, but also ruining the game. Overproduction in one side, on the other side some people spending huge amount of FFs to produce raw materials which makes impossible them to fight.

2- Diversityty of products : Bringing back houses is good step, at least tickets should come back. Why should we get them as a part of reward or weekly challenge. I donot remember what was the reason their removal. Forcing people to suplly only two products is another reason of overproduction.

3- Secret voting system : Like in democracies not in Dictatorships. (wikipedi: The secret ballot is a voting method in which a voter's choices in an election or a referendum are anonymous, forestalling attempts to influence the voter by intimidation or bribery)

4- Putting in charge qualified MODs and giving worhty answers to tickets.

5- MU production : Like with ORGs, good old times. Now it can be MUs. It will make MUs stronger. The stronger MU, the better battles.

1- Showing also total damages beside ratio in the battle screen. To allow people how much damage needed to win battle.
2- Improve rankings page and putting some statistics. Really. Some tools and external websites and programmers offering very good statics using YOUR API. I do not think you can not do. (i.e. Damage Calculator, Next Rank...)
3- Improve news section. Put International at least.