What this Game Needs

Day 4,399, 22:47 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Max Volumn

Bring back work skill(s). Get rid of Work as Manager.


There should be 10 Weapon Resources, 10 Food Resources, 5 House Resources, and 5 Aircraft Resources. There shouldn't be a reiteration of the 'Resource Wars' mantra but rather using logic the admins should place them in real life locations on the map.


With more resources there would likely need to be a slight increase in regions. Uruguay would be happy with more than 1 Region.

Nerf Rank, Level, and Strength

Make an algorithm that makes newer accounts more likely to be on par battle-wise with older accounts.

Get rid of Legend Bonus

The 10% Damage modifier has ruined Mutual Protection Pacts

Get rid of the Deployment via MPP

There should be more MPP's made in the game not only a handful.

Get rid of Airstrikes, replace with Right of Passage Laws

Airstrikes are foolish and unrealistic, replace them with a Law that grants an Allied nation access to the enemy that boarders another allied nation.

Get rid of Dictatorships

They are dumb.

No more pay-to-win

Re-institute a 7 day waiting period on Gold/Bar Purchases. Perhaps reduce the allotment of packs to only 2-3 sold in one month at a reduced price.

Add Mayors

Go ahead and add them in the following weeks.