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Day 393, 06:23 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

The New World is expanding. Researchers plan to welcome a new country every month, offering more residence choices to the citizens of eRepublik. Even more, a development program has been launched in order to create a multi-language support.

If you want to contribute we would be happy to receive your help.

If you have fought, worked or trained lately you have probably observed a new link on the page where the answers to the questions are shown. Click on it next time. You will access the “Suggest Trivia Question” module designed for citizens who want to be a part of the development program and help eRepublik progress.

You have a trivia question based on history, art, politics or geography that you'd like to recommend? Submit your suggestion and its correct answer. Remember to also give three incorrect answers - depending on these alternative, incorrect answers, the question could get more or less tricky.

The more questions that are suggested in a certain language (other than English) the faster that language will be implemented.

More suggestions concerning this module can be accessed on wiki : http://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/Submit_trivia_questions/Submit

A taste of what you can do in eRepublik

How is your career developing in eRepublik? Where do you see yourself 5 levels from now? Tough questions? Not if you check out the new career path page. Access it now from the “Bio” tab in your profile or by clicking here.

And just in case you have decided to develop a career in the media and become known as a Media Mogul, we have opened a contest.
Provide coverage on the current war in France, post a link to your article in this forum topic, and then a secret prize will be offered for the best article by the end of this year.

Good luck and thanks for your involvement,
The eRepublik Team

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