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What's eJapan's Problem?

Day 2,448, 05:46 Published in USA USA by Logan Hyrozek

So, for the past eternity, eJapan has always been trying to free itself from American influence. Considering how long this has been going on, it is in my best interest to say that they should just give up. They've failed on more than one occasion, to the point of which it's amazing they never gave up themselves. It's also impressive that eUSA has been able to keep that territory for this long. But one must wonder why eJapan is trying so hard for a lost cause.

Independence is always nice, but some countries aren't just going to get it. It would be a service for us to put that inside the mindset of every Japanese citizen. What else would we do? If they don't learn this time, then they won't get the message at all. Perhaps they'll learn if we take all of eJapan. But as usual, I don't expect our leaders to listen to the people. It happens to be a contagious and fatal flaw.

But until Judgement Day arrives in the Land of The Rising Sun, let's all become cheerleaders for the new eChile Empire! They are holding up a marvelous offense against eFrance, and that just makes me happy. Even if we must wait a while until Paris crumbles, at least we have this to satisfy us. For the time-being. This is where I give credit towards eChile for having ambition, the will to expand beyond their given limits. We should feel inspired.

Hopefully President dmjohnston will slap the president of eFrance with a baguette. Then we can call it even for the New Jersey Incident. Seems fair. Once my self-fulfilling prophecy is completed, one can wonder if "Citizen's Daily Quote/Opinion" will be added. I'm not going to stop mentioning it until someone contributes to it. Seriously.



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