What really is Erepublik? A game? A Social Network? You Tell Me.

Day 1,980, 12:47 Published in USA USA by Brandy123

When I play Erepublik there is one thing that has always bothered me: is it a game? Well I looked on the wikipedia and it says it is a "free-to-massive multiplayer online game." But is it really a game? Because lets all be honest with ourselves the first time we all started playing this game we couldn't ignore the social features that almost exactly match the most popular social network: facebook. The news feed system is close to the same and the chat system is exactly the same. When they created Erepublik I wonder if they were trying to make a new type of social network or an in depth political simulation game. Ask yourself: If this game was single player, would you play it? Of course you wouldn't! It is an mmo that forces you to socialize to be entertained. A game involves a player reaching an objective to receive a reward not crucial to the player's survival so I guess Erepublik fits the definition as in the goal being to become whatever you want. What do you think Erepublik is, a social network? a game? I believe it is a mixture of both. I think it is a highly social browser based MMO but I don't see it having any real strategy involved.

I would like you to leave a comment on what you think Erepublik is. A game? A social network? A hybrid? or something else?

As a final note: This is just my opinion so please don't get upset by it and if any statement in the above article is incorrect that isn't part of my opinion please message me. I am a Noob I don't know any better 😃