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What now? [competition]

Day 1,874, 09:47 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by perilouspanther

This week I am running a competition!

In order to win you must send me an idea on what I should write on next.

The best one will get a prize!

Just message me an idea and it could come through next week in the press!

The prizes are:

1st place is GOLD

2nd place is Q7 WEAPONS

3rd place is FOOD

So start messaging me now!

You will probably not win if its normal!

Yours sincerely,




surferdude Day 1,875, 18:44

Your next article should involve Batman. You can never go wrong with Batman.
Because he is Batman. dada dada dada dada da Batman Batman.
Maybe a comparison of Batman vs. the Darknight.
Penny for my thoughts.

DoveOfPeace Day 1,876, 08:58

v17 s49 sal

prostokreten Day 1,876, 10:10


Lista1 Day 1,876, 14:15

I think you should write about how to to maximise your training without spending gold for new players, it is taking me a long time to get to adult and I could do with the help! Ty 🙂

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