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What I did with the robbed money...

Day 2,388, 00:32 Published in Austria Austria by Harzakc


I think it's time now to tell what I did with the robbed money.. I cannot keep it for myself any longer.

I... BUILT... some HOUSES! (yeah right, virtual ones)

Click HERE to view it!




gerrytd Day 2,388, 03:19

now i wanna see sbdy talking about that money would not be spent for the good of austria ;P

wschwabe Day 2,388, 03:32
I´ve also made a my little castle.
The money is from, you know where.

capoqwer Day 2,388, 05:20

I actually don't know,... but maybe Eheslo can tell me?

Eheslo Day 2,388, 04:19

You are funny, thief liar!

Harzakc Day 2,388, 05:28

+ PTO robber gang. please don't forget these words! THESE are really funny 😃

Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 2,388, 16:43

I feel like a rabidy as* gangsta 😃

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