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What I accomplished as President and What is more to come

Day 1,781, 19:07 Published in Pakistan Poland by Mohammad Bilal

Dear ePakistanis,


It was a busy month for all cabinet members, they worked hard to complete their tasks and some of them accomplished it while some work is still in progress.

Work Successfully Completed

Defense Ministry was given task to collect military data, organize Captain Elections and to organize regiments division wise.

They did their best to complete these tasks; Captain Elections were well organized for first time. Only active players were elected as Captain and main problem of setting Daily Orders was finally solved. Regiments were re-arranged division wise, to calculate our influence division wise and to check which division needs more attention. They succeed in this task too. They tried to collect military data through a new way and they succeed in it as well but there were not many articles of Daily influence record because Cluster Storms had to contact aVie directly to get this information. All in all Defense Ministry gave its best this time.

Foreign Affairs:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs focused on establishing good relations with new countries and establishing good relationship with our existing friends. We decided to ally Pakistan with an alliance and during this term we accomplished this by joining the CTRL. This has been after fall of Peace GC that we became part of an Alliance.

Sparkfyre did a good job educating new players through private messages, IRC chats and articles. She worked with Media & Culture Ministry on a tutorial video about eRepublik.

Media & Culture:
We tried to keep media active in this term, as it keeps the game interesting for everyone and creates some competition in media. This was probably the first time that MoM&C at least worked.
Noshal & Muz97 tried to keep it active. They published some funny, serious and interesting articles. Muz97 worked with Education Ministry on a tutorial as well. Well done guys.

Internal Affairs:
They started an application system for citizenship requests, to investigate about incoming requests and deciding whether request should be accepted or not.

Where We Tried To Success

We knew that this term was going to be a struggle for economy because we already had budget deficit and we were unable to make any changes in taxes due to no Congress. And Dodial could not work as Minister of Finance due to real life commitments and we had to pick new team.

So we picked a whole new team in this term. We had to teach them about economy, to progress in tax collection and about bots. Unfortunately, Bots are not buying goods any more so tax collection was very limited and seeing State Bank status we were unable to start any project to cover the tax collection that would require money.

All in all St0L3n struggled a lot to collect tax.

Retention Program & Tackling Unemployment:
Like I stated in Economy issues, Bots are not buying goods any more so we did not have enough funds to start such a program.

BabyBoom team:
TheJakal was offered Head of Baby Boom team position, he confirmed that he would be able to do fair job but later he said that he can not work on this. And then we were busy in Foreign Affairs so we did not have much time to appoint someone for this job. So, not much work was done this time.

Special Advisor: A big thanks to my Special Advisor Ahsan bhai, he helped me a lot by advising on important issues Internal & Foriegn.

This was one of the term's that enjoyed a good team work, was well organized and everyone worked hard to achieve their targets. However, there were some conflicts due to some misunderstandings and I think the issues were cleared on ePakistanis Official Radio.

I am standing for re-election, as I wish to continue with the work I have been doing. I believe that I have undertaken my role to the best of my abilities, although I would leave that to others to judge.

I would like to say Thanks to Pakistan Revolutionary Front for nominating me once again. Also I would like to say Thanks to Democratic Party of Pakistan for the support. TheJakal & Rafay Ahmed are both good candidates and I wish them Best of Luck. I hope that whoever wins will be someone that cares as much as I do, and works just as hard on the behalf of you guys.


Very Truly Yours,


LogicIsEveryWhere Day 1,781, 19:35

BabyBoom is an ever failed program, no matter what Govt or CP comes. : D

I have figured from other articles that there will be a burst of people bashing you Mr.CP. So i put my first comment as :

Thank you very much for all the time and efforts you put into this game where population is almost nil. : )

hazem95 Day 1,781, 20:34

o7 on Behalf of MoLA of KSA

Last Son of Krypton
Last Son of Krypton Day 1,781, 21:47

logicIsEveryWhere +1

vrsoldiers Day 1,781, 22:41

good 😒 voted

Rider of Darkness
Rider of Darkness Day 1,782, 00:42

Voted.. You have done your Job as CP and I hope you accomplish more in future

TheJakal Day 1,782, 00:58

blah, i would have wanted to see a CTRL article...

Chaudary Muhammad Azwar
Chaudary Muhammad Azwar Day 1,782, 02:41

great job
and u can never satisfy *public*.

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,782, 04:43

gud job

pakistanii Day 1,782, 06:01

lol u and senate successfully fu***ed epakistan,one month ago there were 500 active pakistanis and now check this and soon there will be only senate and cabinet . btw bilal tumhari GOV aur zardari ki gov main kuch ziyada fark nahi .blkay yahan to sub dar k tum logon k khilaf bolty bhi nahi kahin tum ounko ban na krdo epakistan channel say

vrsoldiers Day 1,782, 06:17

@pakistanii.... yaar bolna hai to bolo... kar dain ban epakistani channel say game say to nahi nikal saktay na...

Osman Hameed
Osman Hameed Day 1,782, 07:12

Woaahh!!!! 500 active Pakistanis??? in erep??? When did this miracle occur?? Seriously, we should do whatever the hell was done back then!!!
Seriously mate, too many excuses for being allowed to sleep peacefully, and then making a huge ruckus at a turning point in government. Grow up mates.

ecoo36 Day 1,782, 13:07

criticism makes you better, and i see very less of it 🙂 However good work and thank you for your time and efforts.

Ther0n Day 1,782, 14:09

the truth is every pakistani is leaving this game and if they don't want to leave the game they are leaving epakistan as i did . just because of their shitty policies.......

ecoo36 Day 1,782, 14:55

Theron easy guess for me sadly, I saw many article which are actually all about Blame Game 🙁 nothing productive in there

TheJakal Day 1,782, 17:11

blab blah blah all you guys commenting now and hating now, where were you before? Sleeping...

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