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What happened AFTER the IU party

Day 1,827, 06:30 Published in India India by Rohan AnanthaKrishna

We all know about the weed party of the India United Political party members. But after the ending of Khurram's party at the Khurram residency at Amsterdam, agent Rakr and Addy the Daddy had a huge fight. They quarreled at how useless the MU was doing in the nation. This intensified and finally as of The Hangover, both of them got blacked-out on what happened after. With only their dress and some remaining weed they got to survive the on-slaughter of the city. And hence they move out.

Back in eIndia Khurram and the party notice that both rakr and Addy the Daddy are missing. With fear of them being missing in the city after the incident(not gonna tell it, a secret for now until the end) they got missing in the slums or suburbs. They send a message to the Amsterdam police to help search for them.

Here again in Amsterdam both our duo are trying to find out what the people are trying to say after being still stoned(they take huge sacks of weed in a day) and hence with no use just leave. They find an illegal protection group who have cool gadgets and can hack the city's surveillance system. They find the 2 duo near the residency in a CCTV cam fighting. Later a huge fight starts and goes out of control as the entire neighborhood start fighting with each other for no reason(since they are stoned). Then the CCTV cam gets bashed with no feed entering. Later a huge ad-ware hits the computers after being hacked by the cops with a poster warning about the duo being wanted. The protection group thinking that they are thugs of some huge extent chase them down in the alleys of the city with their high-class guns. But with huge luck the duo escape.

Later they hire a cab and steal the cab driver's cash using a awesome hand-gun rakr stole from the group they we're chased by(he isn't an agent for no reason). Later with the money they use the bus to reach an old monastery in the outskirts of the city. They seek for refuge from the priests and nuns and they accept. But after a while the cops come there too and disclose they're info. Hearing this the duo run but are spotted. they find a secret tunnel beneath the Statue of Mary holding Christ and run for their lives.

After searching for an exit point of the tunnel the duo finally reach it but find out they are at the river bed of the river Amstel which separates the city into two. They find to the surface and find that they are near a huge bank. They try to go in there and get themselves recognized but to no avail. Finally after hours of talking but to no avail they get out of the bank but get surrounded by the police. They arrest them on grounds of making the police run around the city [img][/img]. (HELL, even the city corporation is always stoned) with a charge fee of 500 cc.

Finally after getting back to eIndia they are greeted by the party members and huge celebration is going around with weed imported from Amsterdam(with the help of the CP of course) and all get well until they get stoned again

This is an article written by The Idealists and it's owner Rohan AnanthaKrishna. It is not a copy but a continued story of the party at Amsterdam isued by Mr.Khurram. Yet is has no F*CKING copyright over this story (c)(r)



Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,827, 08:25

lol funny o7

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,827, 09:25


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Hem Sharma Day 1,827, 10:24


ShockWavve Day 1,827, 12:53

ShockWavve was here

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,827, 20:57


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